Conscious Transition

Hello to myself … and to all my loved ones who will read this if / when the time is right.

I’m typing this note in my Gmail account – not in a word document – so it is preserved and accessible to all who may want or need to know … on one of the Google servers in the “cloud computing” of the New Millenium. Since it “lives” as an email sent to myself … its lifespan transcends the machine on which it was created, as well as the person who typed the words. It will “forever” be accessible through the vast data banks in the sky.

THE IDEA I’m going to tell you about may be shocking to some – and sad – but it is divinely-inspired and actually feels exciting, congruent and purposeful to me.

THIS IDEA was “hatched” during a solitary walk at about 6 a.m. on Thursday, May 27, along Butterfly Beach here in Santa Barbara, where I often walk at night or in the early mornings. During the walk, I felt a very strong presence of the Ashtar Command (divinely guided beings who have been hovering above the Earth for several decades, lovingly guiding and directing activities on Earth to be in alignment with and fulfillment of the Divine Plan). The sky was full of heavy, gray clouds which the Ashtar Command often uses to cloak its spaceships so they won’t frighten humans with their presence.

OK, now the skeptics already think I’m crazy … and I’m not to the “crazy” part yet.

Thursday, May 27, was the start of a new cycle in the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which I have been working with on a daily basis since Dec. 31, 2009. Every day, I look up the meaning of the number and the image (star-glyph) for the day in the Mayan Oracle (Spilsbury & Bryner), and write what I’m Guided to put down as “Galactic Energies” for that day. It has been a very rich and rewarding experience … seeing the unique energies that come through for each day in the 260-day cycle. (13 numbers times 20 star-glyphs = 260 days compared to 365 in the commonly used Gregorian calendar).

Thursday, May 27, was especially important as the start of a new cycle in the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

For some time, I have been in a place of equanimity regarding my current life:  Am I going to continue in this body and this lifetime on Earth? OR … is it time for me to transition to another reality / experience / method of service? I feel in a place of equanimity regarding this question because I truly know that we all are – at essence – consciousness which transcends the body. Our eternal SOULS have one experience after another, and this current life on Planet Earth is just the most recent “personality veneer” – like a suit of clothes, really – on the eternal expression of consciousness we humans commonly call soul.

I have thought for some time that I would like to make it to the “end” of the current cycle of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which is popularly regarded as Dec. 12, 2012. But, my current finances will only take me through Oct. 2011 … and no other sources of income are readily apparent on the horizon.

I AM open to more abundance, support, opportunities and experiences on Earth.

I could teach seminars on key skills for successfully making the transition to 4D.

I could publish books, art, photos, cards, posters, etc.

I could do “traditional” writing or consulting … though that doesn’t feel right.

I could do any type of job or activity that FELT RIGHT.

I would ENJOY having a new intimate partner with whom I could share my life and soul’s journey.

I would LOVE to live in one or more homes that fulfill my wishes and dreams.

I would LOVE to travel, live, experience, share more … and continue to be of loving service to humanity, Earth and the Divine Plan.

I am open to those possibilities … BUT …

THE IDEA that came through to me on my morning walk on Thursday, May 27, 2010 …. was for the peaceful transition of my SOUL to a new reality toward the end of 2011.

It came to me very clearly that:

IF new sources of income, partnership and support have NOT come into my life by May 2011 …

THEN … when I reach my 60th birthday on July 2, 2011 … I am to make a journey across the U.S. and the world … ending at the South Pacific Island for which Sirius is the pole star … and take a “final exit” from this physical body and this human lifetime … walk into the warm water … breathe deep … let go …

I vividly see my body gently floating down into the ocean where it can peacefully be recycled as “fish food” … and my spirit floating up into the stars.

This will probably seem very strange to my human family (mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephews and others)

BUT … In no way is THIS IDEA a form of suicide … ending this human life out of a sense of despair, loneliness, etc.

It is the conscious choosing of a peaceful transition to whatever reality and experience is next.

Jill Mara in her book Keys to Soul Evolution channels information from a collective of seventh-dimensional beings that call themselves Simion. On pages 255-257, she talks about afterlife options including 3D worlds, 4D Earth, other planets, future worlds and ethereal realms. I don’t KNOW where my next “assignment” will take me … but every time I read that passage in her book, I felt an “energetic hit” on her description of future worlds (p.256) … so, my sense is, my next level of soul service will be in some future world. (Just so you know … no mouldering in the ground for me! 😉

I am absolutely certain that each one of us (whether we know it or not) … is spirit having a human experience. I am clear that I am a soul in service to fulfillment of the Divine Plan. That is my intention in this lifetime, and it is my intention for my soul in whatever form it takes next.

THE IDEA came to me on the morning of May 27, 2010, very clearly, with a tentative schedule for the last for months of this human lifetime. And – more importantly – the feelings and energy that I experienced about the idea were positive and enthusiastic, with a settled sense of RIGHTNESS about it all.

I AM open to new opportunities for continuing to live on Earth as long as I am in good health and have abundant resources for living.

BUT … I AM looking at the prospect of architecting my own soul’s transition … and JOYFULLY walking toward my own death … consciously savoring each moment and relationship and experience … and creating a transition that is beautiful, smooth, purposeful, creative, celebratory and adventurous … with maximum spiritual benefit for all.

I know that this can be one very great benefit of this idea = modeling a new approach to one’s own death.

Approaching it consciously … joyfully … intentionally … with a sense of completion about the current soul “assignment” … and eager anticipation of what lies ahead.

May 27, 2010 = Second Harmonic Convergence

When I got home from my walk on May 27, I sketched out the “transition” plan that had come through, right down to the tentative schedule of activities from May through October 2011.

Then, I took out two of my reference books on the Mayan Calendar, and started to research the significance of the 260-day cycle that was starting that very day. I was AMAZED to discover in Carl Johan Calleman’s book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness that May 27, 2010 was considered by Calleman and other scholars as a “Second Harmonic Convergence.”

The first “Harmonic Convergence” (in August 1987) was celebrated by New Agers all over the world as a special opening and activation of celestial energies in support of our ongoing evolution. In his book, Calleman said (on p.145) that this Second Harmonic Convergence marked “the first experience of a galactic pulse of cosmic consciousness.”

The fact that the above IDEA would come through to me on this very day – amplified by incredibly powerful, enthusiastic, creative and supportive energies – was amazing to me! And – in my mind – it lent weight to the idea itself. To receive this idea on the exact day when humanity would have the first experience of “a galactic pulse of cosmic consciousness” was truly extraordinary and deeply significant to me.

October 28, 2011 = Completion of Creation

As I continued to re-read Calleman’s book, looking for information about this new “year” in the Mayan Calendar, I came across another amazing Revelation:

On Page 126, Calleman wrote: “Through fairly extensive research, which is outside the scope of this book, I have come to the conclusion that the correct date for the completion of creation is October 28, 2011, a day that has the energy 13 AHAU. This 13 AHAU, which is the last day of a tzolkin round (260-day cycle of the Mayan Calendar), is when the light will pass through all Underworlds without any obscuring filter of darkness blocking the contact between humankind and the Divine.”


The “end of the world,” which has commonly been regarded as Dec. 21, 2012 … is really the “completion of creation,” culminating on Oct. 28, 2011.

This is 14 months earlier than anticipated (October 2011 instead of December 2012).

This is the exact month through which I currently have resources to live.

This is the exact time frame in which – just hours before – Spirit had guided me to plan out my “final exit” from this human lifetime.

And it is to be viewed positively: not as an apocalyptic end, but as the “completion of creation.” I love that!

There is much more … so much more … but it will be continued at a later time.

Love to you all,