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Some reflections on:

The Future of Love … Men and Women … Joy & George’s Messages … 2011 World Trip

The Future of Love

Forms of Love – From Thomas Fleming’s The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers (Harper, 2009). Not as exhaustive as the ancient philosophers’ perspectives, but an interesting window into the mindset and experiences of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

  • My Dearest Friend – In the closest marriages, love rose to the level of friendship, such as that experienced by George and Martha Washington and John and Abigail Adams.
  • Romantic Love – 48-year-old Ben Franklin’s attraction to 23-year-old Catherine Ray (who later charmed George Washington as the wife of General Nathaniel Greene). “Romantic love … was just beginning to emerge in Europe as an experience that plumbed the depths and heights of human emotions and sometimes involved the surrender of a man or woman’s soul.” Franklin’s relationship with Caty involved many ardent, eloquent words but “actions were firmly within the bounds of propriety.” (p.82)
  • Amitié amoureuse – The art or game of friendly, playful love that 70-year-old Ben practiced with Madame Brillon and Madame Helvetius in France.
  • Conjugal love – Happy marriages were characteristic of 18th Century America, but not France.
  • Eros – The “grand passion” experienced by Alexander Hamilton for his wife’s sister, Angelica. The Greeks “saw it as a force that virtually annihilated the self while simultaneously expanding it to mystical dimensions.” (p.232)
  • Life Tribute – Madame Brillon wrote what it meant to be a friend of Franklin, this “amiable sage who knew how to be a great man without pomp, a learned man without ostentation, a philosopher without austerity, a sensitive human being without weakness.” (p.121)


In The Future of Love: The Power of the Soul in Intimate Relationships (Broadway, 1998), Daphne Rose Kingma articulates an eloquent, compelling and expansive view of emerging possibilities in the dance of romantic love and intimacy.


In our own small way, Joy and George are modeling the possibilities of Multi-Dimensional Intimacy including communication, co-creation, intimacy, sexuality, ecstasy and conscious emanations and contributions at global and cosmic levels.



Women and Men


In reflecting on Cheryl’s interactions with the young women lawyers in Cambridge on March 30, it may be that the younger generation doesn’t carry the same wounds that American women in their 50s and 60s do. And how wonderful is that! They didn’t have to suffer as we did, especially as female pioneers in the legal system, corporate America and other professions relatively new to women in the 1970s and 1980s. If the younger generations don’t look for wounds, slights or exclusion, then they’re less likely to attract or reinforce those negative perspectives. Let’s hold the intention that ALL perspectives will be clearly heard, valued and integrated into powerful, positive decision-making as Unity Consciousness becomes a reality on Planet Earth.


I embrace the greater wisdom of the new generation of women and men who – working together in positive ways – are ALL equal, powerful, credible, impactful, self-responsible and mutually respectful … harmonious in seeing and valuing all differences … ascending to ever-greater heights together in harmony and joy, peace and love, forever and always, in all ways, all realms and all realities.



Joy & George’s Messages


We are enjoying an exquisite exploration of sexuality, intimacy and ecstasy … but our Relationship is so much more than that! We are asked to think of ourselves as a powerful binary transmitter being moved around the Globe like a mobile power unit, Receiving and Transmitting energy and information, creating a Center Point for any geographic region we visit. Our key messages include:

  1. Masculine and Feminine United in Harmony, Love, Self-Responsibility and Mutual Respect Emanating Powerful … Benevolent (Loving) … Well-Balanced Energies
  2. Multi-Dimensional Relationships can include communication, co-creation, intimacy, ecstasy, and global and cosmic emanation
  3. Joy & Freedom … Peace & Prosperity for All … especially relevant to Political, Military & Youth
  4. We are One Human Family Sharing One Home: Planet Earth
  5. It is Time for the One United Earth and the One Human Family to take our place in the Galactic Community. What peaceful, positive role will YOU play?
  6. In the Eternal Now, we don’t have to die to be together with the ones we love
  7. It is Time to Embrace Death as a Conscious Transition … “Dancing through the doorway of death to the next Evolutionary Adventure.” Consciousness does not die. Spirit Endures.



World Trip 2011

  • CANADA … Since February, I have displayed an altar including the Canada map … Canada-US-Mexico-South America alignments revealed in May 2010 … and the Diamond Light Map of North America revealed Sept. 4, 2010. In January, I experienced an Ecstatic Orgasmic Response to intentions to visit Orion, Alberta, and to drive across the country west to east. This Journey is being largely accomplished energetically.
  • INDIA – Since March, the “21 Georges” have been displayed on an altar with the map of India.
  • AFRICA – Africa and Iceland were two key spots on the original World Trip itinerary that came through on May 27-28, 2010 (the “Second Harmonic Convergence”). On March 21, 2011, the same day I ceded South America images to Gloria & Santhan, I began getting “hits” on Africa:    1) Watching the movie Out of Africa repeatedly with special emphasis on music, romance, flying and nature. 2) Buying Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible 3)Watching the original Tarzan movie 4) Movie Tarzan and His Mate 5) Tony Bourdain in Ghana (Africa as cradle of civilization) 6) Blue whale documentary … surrounding Africa with their Love and Light 7) Through culling, unearthing my own original insights about the World Trip in May 2010 8) Disney’s African Cats movie to open soon 9) Of Gods and Men, award-winning documentary filmed in Algeria.
  • WORLD – Map of ocean floor more compelling than political divisions map
  • ORION’S BELT on EARTH – Perfectly spaced, equidistant: Fiji Islands … Tikal, Guatemala … UK

Insights 2011-04-12 in 2011 Letters                                                                                                             April 12, 2011


On Leadership and Governance



Personal Reflections


Joy has always been a leader:

As a child … winning a beauty contest, cracking perceptive jokes, excelling in school, music and dance.

High school … piano, oboe, voice, band, choir, woodwind quintet, jazz band, girls’ triple trio, madrigals, accompanist, co-editor of the yearbook, drama, graduating 9th of 169, and the only student from her school ever to compete in forensics at the state level all four years.

College … student government, newspaper staff, first oboe in the orchestra, double major magna cum laude

Journalism … promoted into management at age 26, with 25 direct reports

IBM … five promotions in seven years

The community … starting organizations, running conferences, heading groups and communities


In 1983, Joy was Guided to step away from many things she had started in Dayton, Ohio, but was tortured by pleas and exhortations to continue in key roles. She poured her heart out to a Quaker minister friend and asked: “Did I do the right thing?” In one of the greatest gifts she ever received, he handed her power right back to her, saying: “Anything I could say would be filtered through the lens of my own journey. Only you can know what’s right for you.”


Even now in her largely invisible life, Joy continues to play a leadership role in many ways: her relationships with the stars and the orbs … her travels … positive intentions and emanations … in deeply exploring “Death as a Conscious Transition” and making the step-by-step literal journey to that eventuality … and in her multi-dimensional relationships which began in May 2008 and have reached such a beautiful flowering with George.



Hidden Perfections


Doubts, aversions and resistances may not be emotional blocks to be healed and overcome. They may be feelings that need to be consciously uplifted (Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House 2004). Or, they may be a unique personality signature, custom-designed to shift one’s direction toward a more perfect alignment with the Soul’s True Intention and Commitment for this Lifetime.


For example, it’s Joy’s belief and experience that there is a hidden perfection even in our “flaws” … our likes and dislikes … our attractions and repulsions … our skills in some areas and notable lack of them in others. What if ADD is a Perfect Pointer toward a different Life Trajectory in some way? What if Doubts are not fears to be uplifted, but mid-course corrections pointing in a new direction? Could there be a hidden perfection in people and situations that are less than pleasing or even disagreeable? In areas where Joy lacks certain skills and interests – such as social media – it’s been clearly shown to her that, if that’s on her Life Menu, skillful partners will emerge to collaborate with her.



Transfer of Power


The Transfer of Power … passing the baton … has been a theme in Joy’s Guidance since early 2010. Actions to support this much-needed release of control to the new generations have included:

  • Letters of gratitude and support to Kerry and Kevin Sweeney
  • An altar with fetishes representing two of Joy’s generation and three of the next generation, blending and amplifying our energies, and encouraging the Future’s rise to power
  • Conscious positive messaging to her nephews and other young people
  • Conscious support of the 19-year-old next door who is an Indigo, but would not be recognized or supported as such by his family
  • Ongoing support for the Freedom Seekers in the Middle East and throughout the world
  • Embodying a fearless approach to death … calmly and positively planning the Transition … and Feeling Joyous Anticipation of the opportunity to “dance through the doorway of death to the next Evolutionary Adventure”



Personality and Soul


RE: the wounds that many of us bear from unpublished words, unheard music, unseen art, unappreciated support, etc: It’s the personality level of ourselves that hungers for recognition and reward. The Soul sees the bigger picture: the contribution these creations make in the larger context of Infinity and Eternity. In the end, the one essential question is: Is this activity in alignment with my Soul’s Mission and Purpose in this Lifetime? If there is ANY doubt, fear, resistance, reluctance, etc. … that’s a clear signal that the answer is no, or not now, or not in this way. And as long as the answer is YES … it doesn’t matter if anybody else sees or knows or appreciates. You have fulfilled your Soul-level commitment by taking this opportunity or completing this assignment.





This came through from George on Monday, April 11: To the conferees at Asilomar May 12-15 … the most accurate way to think of ourselves and our relationship to one another is: One Human Family Sharing One Home: Planet Earth. We need to create self-directed and self-managing organizations for the good of All. To do that, it is helpful to answer three key questions:

  1. What are those values? (“the good of all”)
  2. How will we know when they are present?
  3. How do we handle fairness and exceptions to “successful self-management?” How do we instill self-responsibility and mutual respect (the two values that Joy has long held as fundamental).


From Joy & Geo:

According to the US Veterans Administration, 6,500 veterans commit suicide each year, including 1,800 under VA care. That’s 18 young men and women a day who are so damaged by war that they cannot bear to go on living. (Time magazine, March 7, 2011, p.50) How can we help uplift these tragic feelings of despair in every moment and with every breath? Humans must stop hurting each other! We must NOW live, eat, breathe, sweat, smile and radiate love, forgiveness, peace, prosperity and freedom for all in every moment, every thought and every interaction.

That is the key question: What systems can help create freedom, peace and prosperity for all?




George Washington was a symbol, inspiration and rallying point for colonists during the Revolutionary War. Now, all humanity … all Earth … needs a multiplicity of heroes. Not the shattered survivors of war, but young people who are courageous in a deeper, truer way than being willing to kill a fellow human … leaders who are visionary … tech-savvy … collaborative … warm-hearted … capable and skillful … inclusive. Old and young … left and right … rich and poor … ALL need to be united in service of the greater good for ALL.


It is time to re-read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and apply those ideals and precepts to ONE SYSTEM that embraces ALL. It is time to Evolve to that Reality. And it is time for Earth and Humanity to take their place in the Galactic Community. Now, ask yourself: What does that mean? What unique contribution can Humanity make? To earn our place at that table, we must end the greed, manipulation and killing that have devastated and destroyed much of the Beauty of the Earth, and have caused so much suffering to humans and others with whom we share this precious planet.


It is time to think in multi-dimensional terms and multi-species realities. It is time to make our daily choices and decisions in the context of Infinity and Eternity. We are Called to Recognize the Truth of:

  • Individual Sovereignty
  • Self-Governance
  • Interdependence
  • The Inclusion of All


Just as there is no place on Earth to ship your trash that doesn’t impact someone else, the same is true of the Cosmos. There is no “out there” anymore. It’s all right HERE … right NOW.



One Family = One World = One Consciousness


Here are some ways in which this Awareness can be embodied on a daily basis:

  1. Embracing “Strangers” – For example … Joy spending Christmas alone and giving a glowing letter of recommendation to Maria, the gracious, sweet-natured donut lady … Recognizing the Magnificent Presence of Joey the homeless guy and considering him “my esteemed colleague” … Responding to an unexpected flat tire in Oakland by Realizing that Joy was to provide a career boost to an extraordinary young desk clerk at Motel 6.
  2. Appreciating Everyday Moments – Listening to the voice of the ocean and acknowledging all the places and people touched by these waves’ journey … Loving the care of the school crossing guard for the tiny Hispanic girl with the glossy, swinging ponytail, holding her mother’s hand …
  3. Transformational Intentions – Mons Mirroring Moorea: Activating the female pleasure center as a mirror and transmitter of the profound Divine Feminine energies anchored in Moorea, nexus of the Unity Consciousness Grid … Conscious Bequests, such as sending sacred altar items to Cheryl and South American art and artifacts to Gloria.

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