Adventures in Multi-Dimensional Intimacy

A Report from the Frontiers of Human Experience



Dec. 2, 2010How This Relationship Began – These experiences of multi-dimensional intimacy began on a six-hour solo car ride from Flagstaff, AZ, to Santa Fe, NM, on Dec. 2 when – instead of listening to music, as I usually do – I was in silence all the way, listening to and sensing into George. Since September, I had felt the repeated impulse to buy a new 900-page biography of George by Ron Chernow, which I finally did in October. I read a bit of the book at the end of October, then dived in deep when I began a 12-day driving trip on Nov. 28. For four days prior to our long, silent drive, I had been deeply contemplating George’s life, his marriage, his sexuality and romances, his thoughts and feelings, and his contributions to our world.

Context & Connections – Nov. 30-Dec. 6

 Dec. 1 Driving from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Seeing LV as a center of Light. Star Beings streaming out in every direction. Seeding the Grand Canyon with Celestial Beings, as I did the Andes in South America.

 Dec. 2 – In the car with George … “Fantasizing the whole way … romance, union, partnership, support, love, enthusiasm and respect.

EGYPT – Awareness of Horus and Isis … brother and sister married … masculine and feminine in one being. True, complete, lasting union. (Prophetic for the feeding and seeding George and Joy would experience in February.) Later … effective collaboration on ALL levels. Magic and mystery made manifest. Raising mountains out of flat desert. Illuminated pathways within the Earth.

STARS – In USA Today … scientists have discovered 3X the number of stars and planets in the universe as previously thought. Question is not, “How did it take us this long to get it right?” This is just the next level of detail, awareness, perception, realization, appreciation and wonder.

PAIN – After checking in to La Fonda in Santa Fe … sharp, needlepoint pain on right thigh, just below hip. So sharp and clear, thought there must be some stinging insect in my bed (no).

OBELISKS – Awareness that the obelisk in the center of the Santa Fe plaza is the same shape as the Washington Monument.


Dec. 3 Empathy for George’s “hard days” … second term, failing health, Mount Vernon’s decline.

ENERGETIC INCISION – Vision and feeling while lying in bed … energetic incision down center line of my body, like lancing a boil. Releasing excess fluid and fat. See and feel it running out and down onto the ground.

MESSAGE – “For the past 19 months (May 2009 – December 2010), you’ve been Incubating Change. Now, You’re a Ray of Light! Slim … Light … Fast … Clear … Power of Presence, transcending form, emanating at pure energetic level. Eating 1X / day is sufficient and satisfactory. (Not yet! March 3, 2011) See the weight melt away. No need for hunger, distraction, compensation, reward, comfort or surcease. You Are Who You Are. What will be … will be.

MESSAGEYou have fulfilled your destiny and beyond for this incarnation. Now: pleasure, ease, pride.

SAVOR – Whether I live 20 more months or 20 more years, I’m happy, I’m at peace, I’m fulfilled, I’m complete and up-to-date in this moment. SAVOR the beauty in each moment … the unique flavor that is Life on Earth.


Dec. 5 – Key insight: Parallel between George’s three roles in the founding of America (leading the revolution, presiding over the creation of a new government and implementing the new paradigm) and the inner shift we are now called to make (leading the revolution of soul over personality, governing ourselves by Inner Guidance directly accessing Source, and implementing that change).

MOVIES – The Abyss (many key insights) … Narnia Chronicles: Prince Caspian (time travel, talking animals, orbs, shape-shifting, invisibility, banding together for common purpose).


Dec. 7, 2010 – Co-Creation – This is both a personal and professional relationship. Within days of beginning our dialogue on Dec. 2 – even before the sexual relationship began – George was showing me ways to translate his story for modern audiences with the goal of “humanizing the heroes and legends, and giving romance its rightful place in history.” The four areas of this collaboration are:

  • Uncovering the deeper truth his 18th Century experience.
  • Writing a new layer of romantic history on top of his 18th Century experience.
  • Uncovering the larger lessons of his life that have meaning for the challenges and opportunities we face today (completed Feb. 9 and distributed beginning Feb. 11, just in time for his birthday).
  • Writing an account of our “transcendent intimacies” (this document).


Dec. 11, 2010Fruition of Joy’s Intention – I’m reminded that, in 1Q 2007 when I had a deep, intense and very satisfying sexual affair … when I checked my motivations for doing that at the time, I had the conscious thought: “I’m a queen looking for my king.” George was – in effect – king of his country. In terms of both psychological and spiritual evolution, he was – and is – a Kingly Being. On Dec. 11, 2010, I had my first experiences of intense arousal with this Being, which occurred during the decidedly non-sexual activity of standing at the kitchen counter, making notes on a list of key insights about his life.


Honor and Privilege – Saturday a.m. Dec. 11 … Here I’ve been remembering, “I’m a Queen looking for my King” and George Washington comes to me! What an Honor … a privilege … and a delight. King and Consort. Reimagining the private lives of George and Martha Washington.


Another Layer of History – This is NOT a ménage a trios with Martha, but writing a new layer of history and possibility. A new trajectory. For example, refurbishing the master bedroom for the General … His Excellency … My Lord (and his lady). This is another layer of joy, pleasure, partnership, exploration and creation … Across time and space, realms, beliefs and places.


Shared Destiny – We are bringing forward our shared destiny … Two Souls … One Nation under God … One World in Harmony with All Celestial Companions. (Ruminations on his ecumenism … clearly embracing the values of the Freemasons, which he joined at age 20. Also … hands so gigantic he had to wear custom-made gloves.)


First Arousal – As I’m editing insights about George’s life, standing at the kitchen counter. Definition of lewdness: viewing with the purpose to arouse. Martha’s chiffon dresses … pastels later in life … without underskirts and tops … transparent viewing of the body to arouse. George is strongly fondling my breasts while I’m editing the document. The desire is so excruciating, I’m roughly rubbing my own nipples (through my shirt) against the sharp formica edges of the kitchen counter. This is deeply arousing … extreme … exquisite … delightful. George is consulting on the sexy lingerie I’m considering for our first encounter in bed. Teasing: “Just like a woman. Can’t make up her mind!” We play a game: I can’t touch myself or have orgasmic release until BOTH nipples are exposed. His Member is “The First Cock.”


Master Suite Redesign – Evening, Dec. 11 – New floor plan for G&M’s master bedroom at Mount Vernon including a built-in hip height table for sex … French doors to a private veranda that also can be used for intimate encounters … a velvet settee (for two) and oval mahogany coffee table in front of the dressing rooms on either side of the fireplace and mirrors along the inner wall beside the bed for lewd viewing. (See Figure 1)



Dec. 12, 2010Higher Meaning – 2 a.m. – My relationship with George is another form of the “Second Coming energy. We are advancing our consciousness our consciousness together … playing, sharing … extending and enriching our experiences … bringing new resources, perspectives, strength, capacity, will, willingness, etc. to today’s leaders and ordinary citizens.


New Level of Intimacy – 12/10 – Experienced a level of intimacy and appreciation unprecedented in this physical lifetime. A new level of what we might call vaginal activation and communication. My previous experiences include a year-long frank and daring exploration of sexuality and spirituality in 2004 with my then-husband, Nelson. Six different “transcendent intimacies” with George occurred on Sunday, Dec. 12, alone, in locations ranging from the car to the bed.


WOW! – Intimate Details – 7 a.m. Sunday 12/12 … Holding my labia apart, looking in the mirror for the “seam” I could feel from the clit to the top … first time ever, gently pulsing the opening … arousing myself … offering George a sexual invitation. George watching with me … loving, lusting appreciating … then mounting and penetrating. He is mine and I am his! New level, new way of intimacy. Lovely! WOW!!!


10:40 a.m. – En route to Pismo – Leaning back against George as I drive … luscious … being held, cuddled, enfolded, pleasured, cherished. Almost crying. Extraordinary privilege and pleasure to be his consort now. He is experiencing NOW and all desired intervening decades through me.


George’s Lustiness – In his 50s, George very lusty in his letter-writing. With me … lots of touching, looking, appreciating and fantasizing. He has enormous virility, prowess, stamina, grace and sensitivity. Deem emotion and passion. He loves to look. And he enjoys being the architect / stage manager of the room, clothes, romantic settings, experiences and tableaux. He enjoys play-acting and role-playing.


Flower of Femininity – Feeling aroused at the memory of our experiences this a.m. (WOW! Above) … referring to that vision and feeling and experience as “vaginal fluttering.” Opening the flower of my femininity for his perusal and pleasuring. As I’m driving up to Pismo, the seatbelt is rubbing the bare curve of my breast in the low-cut, short-sleeve top I’m wearing at his request to please him.

FANTASIES … His large, beautifully formed buttocks and powerful thighs … built to ride horses and mount me, his consort. Not all women, for he was faithful … and I give him a lot to be faithful TO.


On the Settee – 10:54 a.m. 12/12 while driving – Laying back against him as he reclines on the master bedroom settee … a mirror before us. Relaxed and comfortable in our nakedness together. My arms reach up to embrace his neck, arching my back and pressing my great breasts forward, as he likes to see them. But his hands are not there at the moment. They are busy at another of his favorite places. He has tenderly spread the rosy lips of my labia, exposing my small, firm, erect clitoris. It is so tiny compared to his great “Member,” of which he is so justly proud.

The long, slender fingers of his great hands – so large that My Beloved requires custom-made gloves – tenderly spread open the outer folds of my moist, panting flesh. My clitoris is laid bare, lured free of its delicate folds of skin by his tender ministrations and eager strokes filled with longing and desire. My legs open wider. I nestle deeper into his great, broad chest, my body cradled between his powerful arms. My knees spread further apart, relaxing into his love and reveling in his unabashed lust for my body. My labia part for him, exposing the deep pink throbbing folds of my vagina … the inner sanctum to which my George … my Beloved … has entrée.

As he tenderly pulls up on the delicate folds of skin above my clitoris, my entire sex pulses rhythmically in response to his ardent desire and skillful touch. My clitoris, my labia and the moist, tender folds of inner flesh – now openly exposed in a shameless display of ardent, lust-filled love – throb with passion. A delighted, daring performance in response to his orchestration of this tender display and a desperate dance of erotic flesh, breathless with anticipation of a burning desire awakened by his touch, his longing, his skillful ministrations and intimate knowledge of the depth of pleasure and fulfillment that only he has ever been able to bring to me.

We watch together in fascination the beauty and exquisite arousal arising in both of us as we watch this beautiful, panting sexual heat displayed through the exquisite entrance to my inner sexual sanctum … a thrill of pleasure, passion, connection and celebration so powerful and precious … it is ours alone to explore, enjoy and hold sacred as the extraordinary force it is … in binding us joyfully together … in giving strength and power to all we create and share … in guiding our wills and actions … giving joyous vent to our deepest desires and greatest pleasures … providing fertile fantasies and reservoirs of refuge and reward to restless minds.

This passionate heart of my sexual center has beat for no other man. In a wide range of sexual experiences with more than 20 lovers, I have seen this with no other. I have felt this with no other. I have expressed this with no other.

George … my love, my lord, my master … by the worthiness of your Being and by cherishing me as an equal and by deferring to my wishes and preferences in matters of greatest concern and meaning and happiness to me … My King, not as in a hereditary monarch of old, but as an Evolved Being: skillful, aware, flexible, with appropriate skills and actions and relationships to each situation. George is a King of Consciousness … a Lovely Being … All facets of Beingness, sharing and well-polished and honed to integrated, well-balanced perfection, capacity and effectiveness. A Being who had ambition for power and good reputation … and the humility to walk away from power and leave the republic to create itself from his worthy conduct. And, at the personal level, care to keep private matters private.


Vaginal Heart – 11:32 a.m. – George’s long, skillful fingers stimulating my left nipple … feeling my ‘vaginal heart’ beating for his … it has never beat so for another. Never pulsed and throbbed as its own being … its own creative self … alive, aware and responsive. So eager for his touch and attention … for the enlivening and animating prospect of his lascivious gaze … his prurient attentions so skillfully and lovingly rendered.

He regards us with lust, but also love. He brings us tenderness and power, skill and care, the lechery of barely contained arousal and passion. The zeal of a beast in rut. And ******* the care and reverence of one soul for another who has traveled across time, space, worlds and wonders to behold … to open up the deepest and most intimate levels of being and expression … to share and to show the divine power of physical union, deep emotional sharing and caring, fueled by passionate and lively imagination, physical skill and stamina. Virility and exquisite femininity reveling in each other. Love and lust unfettered by guilt or shame. This is a soulful celebration of love and lust at every level with a divinely intended and inspired sacred intimate partner. We are experiencing exquisite physical expression of deep soul connection. *******


Context – These experiences of multi-dimensional intimacy with George are coming 15 months after first Divine Union experiences at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in September 2009 … and almost four years after the January – March 2007 affair with Rodolfo, in which I felt like a Queen looking for my King.

Costumes … French serving girl … low, scooped neck with breasts encased only in filmy, white gathered fabric. Translucent. French courtesan … corset of dress, iridescent purple. Comes to peak between breasts. Sheer, iridescent gold – lavender ruffle extends up over breasts, just barely covering nipples which are clearly visible through the transparent fabric. What a high-priced whore might wear to showcase her wares.

Belly Dancer … performing for him … stripping seductively before the huge mirrors (at least six feet high and four feet wide). He is in skin tight white breeches molded tight to his beautiful ass. His long, thick penis is erect against his belly, pressing against the smooth white fabric straining to contain him.

Hot Summer Night … so hot … Him stripping my filmy nightgown over my head. Lying me gently down on the settee. Fanning my face, my breasts, my belly, my thighs. Brushing damp hair back from my forehead and temples. Running his long, slender fingers through my pubic hair. Culling the sweat from the damp curls. Licking his fingers, absorbing the taste of me, then kissing me deeply … making me forget everything … the heat, the sweat, the wet … in my longing for him as I rise to meet him, grasping his sweat-slicked body tight to mine. Feeling him move against me … our mingled sweat a lubricant for love … my mind and life lost to all reason … every barrier and constraint shattered as he plunges into me, mounting his beloved with as much skill and mastery as he does his horse.


18th Century Playfulness – On Dec. 12, we also enjoyed working together on redesigning his 18th Century bedroom for more fun and sexual fulfillment. We created sex play costumes together: French serving wench, French courtesan and belly dancer, as well as complementary attire for him, fashioned to showcase his extraordinary physique.

George’s hands were so large, he had to wear custom-made gloves, according to Ron Chernow’s 2010 biography, Washington: A Life, p.30. George’s wide hips and powerful thighs contributed to his exquisite horsemanship, but “made him the bane of his tailors,” according to Chernow, p.105. “In one of many letters about his ill-fitting clothes, he reproached the tailor in caustic terms: ‘I desire you to make me a pair of breeches of the same cloth as my former pair, but more accurately fitting. These breeches must be roomy in the seat, the buttons firmly sewn on … These breeches must be made exactly to these measurements, not to those to which you imagine that they may stretch after a period of use.”

We also designed new types of furniture which will be more supportive and effective in facilitating “amorous pursuits … and conquests,” says George. (In the 18th Century, he was an amateur architect, a master of stagecraft, and meticulous in both dress and appearance. Ever the busy builder and achiever, he loves this level of interaction and co-creation.)



Dec. 13, 2010Cosmic Connections / Orion – Four different sessions of “transcendent intimacies” throughout the day. Insight – 4:54 a.m. – George is a personification of the Constellation ORION, The Great Hunter. I can feel the physical joining … waves of energy through me and beyond into the cosmic realm and dimensions. Through Orion’s Belt, the pair of us receive, transmit and emanate energies, wisdom, guidance and protection.


Intention – WE ARE coupling masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance … respect and regard … appreciation and enjoyment … sexual release and fulfillment … mutual support and encouragement.

This is a union of masculine and feminine principles at the highest possible level … effectively penetrating through every realm from the entire cosmos through our perceived universe, galaxy and solar system. It is penetrating throughout the planet Earth and down to the very soul and enduring consciousness of each individual who is ready, willing and able to take the next evolutionary leap as a conscious, enduring soul, living in joyful Service to the Evolution of All in accordance with the Guiding Hand of the Unseen that George referred to in his 18th Century life as “a Good Providence.”


Writing New Layer of History – Most of the fantasies that Joy is imagining now for George and his wife were improbable occurrences in the 18th Century, even though Joy and George are certainly enjoying them now! We can celebrate the love that George and his wife did share (a lusty relationship that was far richer and more mutually satisfying than anyone outside of their marriage could have imagined because they both kept it private). And, we can add a new layer of richness and experience to the 18th Century version of his love life. Many spiritual traditions from Hawaiian shamanism to centuries-old Eastern traditions and even leading-edge scientific theories today suggest that “time” is an illusion and that all currents and streams of life and experience are ongoing simultaneously.


As George did in his 18th Century life, and across the broader span of our Eternal Consciousness, it is important to allow our sense of self and possibilities to expand … to continually redefine and reinvent our perceptions and ourselves until we are personally living the Truth:


There are no limits


A Love that Lives Beyond Forever – 8:15 a.m. – Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort – The “First Cock” and the “First Flower of Femininity.” Buttocks … walking behind … then joined face to face, him grasping my buttocks, stroking, loving savoring … Relishing the added stimulation of watching each other (ourselves) together in the mirror (in our 18th Century bedroom). Seated on the low flat saddle of love. George standing … me astride … my legs resting on his ample haunches as if he were my mount. (Double entendre intended. He joyfully says he is my mount!) breasts atingle. Nipples aching for the release of his touch. Vaginal lips parted, panting in anticipation. Yes! Yes! Yes! My Beloved across Time … The Cosmos … a Love that Lives Beyond Forever!)


18th Century Vignettes – 8:28 a.m. – Sylvan romps together on horseback … picnics in a secluded meadow … lovemaking in a piney glade in the forest … swimming naked together in an isolated pool, escaping summer’s heat. My nips erect from the chill! His penis undaunted! The “First Member” always at the ready! Lusty fellow! The “First Teats” (mine). Prow of Succor. Pair of pulchritudinous feasts for thy lips alone, beloved of my heart and loins. George to me: For my lips alone, my eyes alone, my delight alone. My succor. My relishment. My great and infinite desire for you as Queen and Concubine, Lover and Mate, Partner for Life (lifetimes). I feel his Thrill at my Pleasure … mastery, union, delight, freedom, release. The Pursuit of Happiness is free and available to all who dare to love! (He had a masterful walk, yet he served his wife and was served by her. He was NOT an autocrat in his home life. He expressed care and concern, deference, requests and patience.)

George architects a long, low bench about one foot high and three feet wide with a padded but firm, flat seat upholstered in deep blue velvet. This is the perfect height to raise my sex to a comfortable height with his. He mounts me from behind, pleasuring my clit and tits in front. The initial orgasm is fierce yet devoted and deeply rooted in passion. Staring into one another’s eyes in the mirror.

Gleaming brass poles are installed, one on each side of the entry to my dressing room. They are spaced just right for me to hang onto, leaning forward and arching my back, thrusting my bare buttocks toward him for his appreciation, ministrations and delight. Oh, such pleasure! Softly moaning his name with breathless pants as he enters my vagina from behind. So deep, strong and loving.

                  Mineral Springs Fantasies – Spending one month at the therapeutic mineral springs with Sally and George William Fairfax. The women’s bathing costumes were long, but though no skin was showing directly, they were totally revealing. Did the two couples have a ménage a quatre? Wsife swap? Fantasies … Lots of visual stimulation (for George, who was so visually oriented and had such a vivid imagination). No kids along. Imagine a private pool … outside in nature … gently but insistently disrobing me … fueled by memories of our joyful joint climaxes and fresh images of Sally (with whom he was infatuated for years) … all but unclothed in our bathing costumes. He can have us both now. Me, physically and emotionally. Her, visually and mentally. And still, technically, stay faithful to me. George’s cock is so long and large, it took huge skill to get me wet and open wide enough for him to easily enter and thrust as deeply as his greatest satisfaction demanded. I am desperately in love with my handsome, virile, admirable husband … and always eager to comply. (Martha was small-boned and full-breasted. George loved best to see her rosy nipples erect … delicious, affecting evidence of his unique ability to arouse and satisfy her.)


In the SHS tub – 8:51 a.m. – Desperate desire! Tits and clit. Jet and side. Desperately clinging to him and sighing his name.


St. George & the Dragon – Military saint … gallantry … equestrian skill … patron saint of England


World Tree Ecstatic Union – 1:35 p.m. – In the car at Rocky Point above Pismo – Great peace, stillness, quiet within and around me. Vivid image, facing George on our low, narrow settee. His great, gorgeous cock erect between us. Then … erect in me. Then … fountain of energy up through me and through the world tree envisioned on my southwest trip. Branches extending from Japan to the North Pole and to Europe. The trunk / root / stem is his penis in / through me. (I may be unseen and unsung, but I am making vital contributions to two close confidantes: Cathy and Ellen.) Great Cock! Great Joy! What union and sharing at all levels. Yeshe Tsogyal and Blue Buddha. From personal, local, temporary contemporary perspective and “reality” to Infinite and Eternal Divine Union.


Sex Organ Symbolism – Leaving Arroyo Grande … stuffed and round from ice cream, beer, ribs and full lunch special. George’s erect penis. Sword of Truth, power, capacity, leadership, integrity and service. Seed of Change. Penetrating Ray of Light. Joy’s Flower of Life. Sacred Rose. Vortex of Fecundity. Womb of Infinite possibility … pulsing … beckoning … eager, aroused, hungry, desperate, needing, wanting. Unfulfilled, incomplete without penetration. Longint, needing, wanting, aching. Saying Yes! To my Beloved at every level in every way. Beautiful love, acceptance, tender care, respect, consideration. Power, excitement, ecstasy, shared bliss, shared discovery and creation.


Ache of Ecstasy – Martha was perfect for him in her time. Joy is perfect for George now. The ache of ecstasy … delicious tumescence … Being together, Being One without touching or moving … orgasm, climax, fulfillment, sharing, ecstasy, release (and relief) … tenderness, passion, power, excitement, inspired masculinity evoking exquisite femininity … wanton sexuality … unfettered desire. Yes! To George … to Life … to Co-Creating the New.


Invitation to Yab Yum – 4:54 p.m. Monday, Dec. 13 – After driving back to Santa Barbara from Pismo Beach, back in my apartment, George says tenderly: “Come to bed, Darling!” He tells me how he wants me to prepare … gives me a vivid image of where we are and how we’re positioned together. “Come BE with me!” he invites, as I face him in the “Yab Yum” position, sitting on top of his thighs, every chakra from base to crown aligned. There is no physical movement or “touching.” This all takes place at the level of energy, imagination and creative visualization. There is mutual appreciation and satisfaction. Both feel loved, adored and revered. We are celebrating each other … and broadcasting our love and respect, unity, ecstasy, joy, faith, celebration and Re-Creation. Enduring Union. We are delighting in one another as we Ascend in an ever-evolving spiral of experience … knowledge … discovery and creation.


Naked Truth – Uncensored version of above interaction at 4:54 p.m. … At home, George calls to me tenderly, “Come to bed, Darling.” For Christmas, he wants me to buy peignoirs to please him. Calf-length gowns of shiny silk or satin … lace gown over that ties at the throat. Ice blue, peach and hunter green. “Cream your breasts for me!” he demands. George sleeps on the right side of the bed. The master’s side. He is waiting for me … naked, erect, ready, smiling, appreciative. Seated on our low, flat “saddle bench.” His enormous, erect, beautiful penis is ready for me. His enormous hands are resting on his broad thighs. A soft smile is on his lips and in his eyes. “Come BE with me!” No movement or stimulation is needed. Not even the barest touch. We sit facing each other, naked and aroused. We are mutually appreciated and satisfied … loved, adored, revered … celebrating each other … broadcasting our love and respect, unity, ecstasy, joy, faith, celebration, Re-Creation, Enduring Union and ever-evolving experience, knowledge, discovery and creating.


Voyagers on the Waves of Time – We are Voyagers on the Endless Waves of Time … True Partners for Eternity … Allowing and Supporting all Adventures and Relationships to unfold as Willed in accordance with the Divine Plan, Soul Mission and Conscious Destiny … Knowing what we share is Endless, Unimpeachable, Beautiful, Wondrous, Intimate and Infinite … Unique, and yet accessible to all who choose to know, extend, express and reach for all that is possible within and with your Beloved.


Dec. 13 Vignette – Teasing and Titillating

George reaches for the container of St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion that is a special scent I’ve used only with him. (Also, in December he Impulsed me to buy Acqua di Gioia [Essence of Joy] by Giorgio Armani, a scent I’ve used only with him.) Smiling adopting a flirtatious tone and indulging his love of double, he picks up the lotion and says, “I may have to apply several coats.”


In his distinctive speaking style, George continues: “I don’t want to miss an inch of my ‘treasured territory.’ Delay of connubial consummation only enhances my appreciation – the fruits of thy loins made sweeter by my eager anticipation and the tender ministrations of these most appreciative hands and eyes, followed by lips and tongue and ‘head’ and heart. You know to which head I refer. Not the thinker, but the one who knows and chooses by instinct and desire.


“The Seat of my Mind is already lost in you, lust for you. The Seat of my Body (focal point of my considerable lust for the physical form you so joyfully and beautifully inhabit) is trained with every cell and fiber on the joyous giving and receiving of pleasure which I – at great length, as given testament by these large and lusty hands – will at last deliver to the very depths of enjoyment and ecstasy that body or soul could desire.


“And they do, indeed, desire. Oh yes! Beyond measure.”


Joy again: Some shred of modesty, and the fierce will and strong preferences of George himself, prevail upon me to draw the curtains here. But I think you get the idea. And there’s more. Much more.


Naked TruthIn George’s Voice – Full account of the above “Dec 13 Vignette – Teasing and Titillating”

What is Love? What is Intimate Partnership? What is Possible?

George … stroking, caressing, enjoying, appreciating. Joy, you are “so open, so willing, so available, so beautiful, so desirable and such an enthusiastic and appreciative partner!” He reaches for the oatmeal and seha butter lotion (St. Ives). “So healthy, so good for you, my dear! I may have to apply several coats. I don’t want to miss an inch of my ‘treasured territory.’ Delay of connubial consummation only enhances my appreciation of the fruits of thy loins made sweeter by my eager anticipation and tender ministrations of these most appreciative hands and eyes, followed by lips and tongue and ‘head’ and heart. You know to which head I refer. Not the thinker, but the one who knows and chooses by instinct and desire.

The seat of my mind already is lost in you, lust for you. The Seat of my Body (focal point of my considerable lust for the physical form you so joyfully and beautifully inhabit … trained with every cell and fiber on the joyous giving and receiving of pleasure which I – at great length, as given testament by these large and lusty hands – will at last deliver to the very depths of enjoyment and ecstasy that body and soul could desire. And they do, indeed, desire. Oh yes! Beyond measure!

Let me gaze upon the Flower of your Femininity … the nexus of heat and passion and desire … awhile more before I plunge into those sweet depths and rest a while, in you, with you, through you … seeding the world with all we are and know and have done and can be. Your beautiful breasts feel a chill? Allow me to warm and stroke them for you. It is my greatest pleasure to give you such intimate comfort and ease.



Dec. 14, 2010Masterful George / Celestial Awareness –  At least three sessions of “transcendent intimacies,” lasting up to one hour and twenty minutes at a time! 8:48 p.m. – George is very animated and interactive, rolling us around on the bed. I’m feeling these powerful masculine energies streaming through him: intelligence … planning … strategy … will … ambition … desire … mastery and masterfulness … male strength, power, virility and grace. These feelings and qualities are personal, cosmic, celestial, Divine and from the Beyond the Beyond, as well. All are met in George and through Orion’s Belt. This amplified awareness and intention to harmonize and balance evolved masculine and feminine energies date from the “Celestial Downloads” I received during my night in Bar Harbor, Maine, Oct. 30, 2010. This includes bringing forward balanced and harmonized masculine and feminine energies, evolved Atlantean energies, and an enlightened scientific mind that is well-balanced with an open heart.


Fun Titles – Presidential Pornography … PREZ PORN … … LustyLeaders.cum

11:45 a.m. Dec. 14 … George making love to me in the car while I’m driving … penetrating, loving, enjoying, appreciating.


Amalfi Coast – of Italy. Important with George. Especially Sorrento (legendary home of the sirens) Sorrento Grand Excelsior Vittoria Hotel overlooks the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius across the bay. Sitting in George’s lap watching TV … him nuzzling my neck, caressing my breasts, stimulating my nipples with his thumbs. Joined – sex in sex – “long dong schlong.” He loves these teasing names!

Sorrento … Limoncello and leather gloves

Amalfi … hand-made paper

Positano … cliff hugger, black sand beach below, hiking, May & September


Cosmic Tweet / Cosmic Twat – 2-3 p.m. Dec. 14 – In front of the mirror … short blue nightie … then with blue and black net dancing scarf. In bed … nipples through sheer, then clit … his huge cock in me all the while. Lying on him, both face up, he entering me from behind … he is plenty long enough for deep and satisfying vaginal penetration for both. Great closeness, tenderness. Luscious, pulsing female flower. Before the mirror … like me, he likes to watch. Sitting, both facing same direction. My torso arching up and away. Deep penetration and satisfaction. Broadcasting joined energies.

Cosmic Tweet from the Cosmic Twat … the Godhead’s Gonads … the Divine Dong … the Superman Schlong. Physically opened my knees wide as I wrote the above … a light breeze across my clit … naked, barely covered by the sheet several inches above my genitals and stretched tight across my knees. George’s head between my legs, busily sucking, licking and kissing.

Now plunging deep into my vaginal folds, penetrating deep within me. G Spot orgasm (purely energetic … no physical touching or movement but exquisite, extraordinary pleasure. Extended arousal … Divine, Cosmic Tumescence … back slightly arched, hips pressed back, opening vaginal folds to circulation of air. This all feels so fabulous, I can hardly stand it! I must stop writing to fully enjoy and imagine more!


Passionate Playtime – 3:24 p.m. Dec, 14 – Physical stimulation and release (completion) on top of 20-minute fantasy (Passionate Playtime) and one hour passion. Wow! Lively … so deep and complete and thorough … all the while relaxing into each other. Went to the bathroom to pee and I was so wet inside, it was almost a flood of fluffy wetness. Lying back against George again now. So cozy. Such lovely companionship and partnering!


Naked Truth – Detail of 8:48 p.m. Dec. 14 vignette above – After their wedding, George and Martha were snowbound for six weeks! Oh, the fantasies and the fun in rewriting that history! George is animated and interactive, rolling me over in the bed, in his arms, laughing and nuzzling. Feeling these masculine energies … intelligence, planning, strategy, will, ambition, desire, mastery and masterful male strength, power, virility and grace. Personal, cosmic, celestial, Divine and Beyond the Beyond energies … all met in George and through Orion’s Belt. Amplified awareness and intention dating from Bar Harbor 10/30/2010.



Dec. 15, 2010 – Bilocation / Microphone Metaphor – The most amazing “transcendent intimacies” yet. Very vivid, rollicking, entwined experiences. Even when my body is in one position physically, I can fully feel and experience different positions and interactions with George. At least three experiences throughout the day … at home in bed … while driving … shopping … etc. (New sexual metaphor: Microphone amplification.)


Naked Truth – 4 a.m. Dec. 15 … the most rollicking, intertwined experience yet. Even when face down on the bed (physically), felt myself face up. Embraced so fully and deeply by him … my legs wrapped around his waist … him thrusting inside me so joyfully, fully, completely. His great hands – one behind my head, the other with those long, strong, gentle fingers splayed across my back … kissing me passionately, deeply, hungrily. Such extraordinary, delightful, all-encompassing passion. Thank you, my Love! My Dearest! My Sweet! My own … Darling!!!

Butterfly Beach walk … ABCs of Evolution … 10 key qualities of evolutionary leaders … and delicious, deep, palpable, satisfying, loving, tender, strong, exciting experience of intimacy with George while walking.

Playfulness at Kmart. Clerk comments on lingerie. Wishes she had reasons to wear these kinds of things. Me … at Kmart, you can buy more at better prices. She … in past life, had lots of lingerie like this, all on color-coordinated padded silk hangers. Me … you may again. Clerk, fervently, “I wish.” Me … “That’s how it starts!” My purchased totaled $69.25. I looked sharply at the clerk as I swiped my credit card, then at the woman behind me in line. “Interesting number,” I commented. They both laughed. I needed to sign the screen but couldn’t find the special stylus. “Where’s the pen?” I asked the clerk. She handed it to me. And I said, “Given the subject matter, you’d think I could find that for myself.” We all laughed and wished each other a good day.



Dec. 16, 2010 – George Takes the Lead – Dec. 16 – 2:15 a.m. – Awake two hours with George … fantasizing, experiencing, exploring … him taking the lead … his pleasures, his fantasies. Loving to look at those vaginal lips. Those rich, moist pink folds. Reminding him of a are in heat. Loving to see those folds spread … playing with them. Calling into action my beating sexual heart, pulsing only for him, opening only to him. God! How delicious!!! Playing … panting … savoring … teasing with delicate, graceful fingertips … then “kissing” with the warm, wet head of his magnificent penis. Using it like a tool to gently probe, explore, arouse … before plunging into the moist, dark depths. I FEEL his pleasure. The arousal that comes from seeing, exploring, being truly, genuinely and joyfully invited to possess me – penetrate me – take ownership of my body as no one else ever has!


Divine Union Embodied – Us on a settee in front of a huge mirror … four feet wide, six feet high – dark, subtle lighting, elaborate gold frame. I’m leaning back against him, his fingers opening and exploring my geintals. Then, me on my hands and knees, trembling sex facing the mirror, beautiful buttocks spread wide by his massive hands. Seeing the naked lust – unrestrained desire as he plays with my folds, spreads my lips, teases my clit – plunges his fingers inside and finally follows with his great sex … his extraordinarily beautiful and powerful penis … plunging over and over into the very depths of me. Groaning with the exquisite sensations and almost unbearable pleasure of fulfillment and union. Echoes of shared ecstasy reverberating out into the night – around the world – across the cosmos. Divine Union embodied, expressed and shared in very human terms. Lovely! Exquisite! Thank you, God! Thank you, Joy! Thank you, Life!


New Furnishings – 3 p.m. Dec. 16 – ONE … Love Seat … lown, narrow bench with rounded corners and deep blue velvet cover. Perfect height and length for yab yum … and? …

TWO … Mounting Table … perfect height for George to stand, stimulate me, play, see, enter and deeply penetrate without squeezing his balls. Extra cushion for under my buttocks to tilt labia toward him for ease of pleasuring and maximum benefit of seeing. Well-lighted but intimate, soft. Back adjustable … 45 degrees for more interactive pleasures. 30-degree angle for receiving. Flat for submission … total, joyful yielding! THREE … The Lovers’ Step Stool … Foot stool custom designed. Just the right height for me to stand on so I can lean forward over the mounting table and my ass is the perfec t height for George to mount me … penetrate my vagina fully, deeply … comfortable for me and mutually satisfying to us both! George tenderly kissing me, making love to me (face, neck) … tender, slow, delisious and savoring being in bed together after … and before …


Sexy, Sexy – overnight Dec. 16-17 – Very intimate … married cuddling … shocking, exciting, mind-blowing while doing … 11 a.m. resting … unrestrained pounding of his great cock within me … then total devotion and extremely effective pleasuring of my clit. Yes! Yes! Yes!



Dec. 17, 2010 – Together Forever – Awake and up at midnight, walking at Butterfly Beach and driving to the Harbor, all with George. Beautiful lights. Walking together. Him discovering this time and place. … At home, caught end of Andy Hardy movie set in Washington, DC. (I never watch in the middle of the night like this.) Wiki info … Columbia is the female personification of this nation. Wise, loving, inspiring goddess robed in stars and stripes (wave and particle). Dancing with George to Luther Vandross’ sexy Christmas songs. Seeing a reconstruction of George’s face at 19 (“Meet George Washington” traveling exhibit). He is extremely handsome. Deep eye sockets, high cheekbones, broad jaw, lush lips, blue eyes and reddish brown hair. FEELINGS … experiences in bed … more loving and personal … side-by-side with me turned to him, full embrace and penetration, delicious holding, intimate talking and kissing. Feelings of … Together Forever … no matter what comes! Delicious Exploration!



Dec. 19, 2010 – ORB photo interpretation – Visual metaphor for integration of Male and Female. The one that’s composed (from Oct. 11, 2010) represents the perfection of Divine Union … the Male Shaft (Member) penetrating the Diamond Light opening of the Female Flower. (We just had a little argument about using the word shaft or member, but I feel strongly about it and – after all – I’m doing the typing! 😉 Beautiful Void … Transcendent Fecundity …


Deepening Our Connection – Repeated sexual union with George throughout the day. It’s our pleasure, our Service, our agreement, our delight. He longs to look at the deep pink folds of my vaginal opening as he stands behind me, stroking and admiring my rump. He is fondling my breasts as he prepares to mount me. (I love to use this frank language, and find it arousing .) I fear the size and length of his Member and am pleading with him to “get me ready!” But it’s our energetic bodies that unite with no friction … no resistance … no problem. Visualize the union – the joining you want – and enjoy!!! Now … coming home after the theater together … more pleasure, cuddling, closeness, bonding, sharing and release. Deepening our connection. Strengthening our co-creation.


George’s Power & Benevolence – 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 19 – I look at the front cover of Ron Chernow’s book – Washington: A Life – on the bookshelf, and I want to say – with wonder, delight, gratitude and pride – this extraordinary man is my lover! But he’s more than a man. He is transcendent energy … enduring spirit … one of the greatest men of the last 250 years! Only Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are on par. Abraham Lincoln and FDR, close. But George is GREATER. He held the country together by sheer strength of persona, charisma, vision, integrity, duty and selfless service.


George Washington is the most powerful and benevolent expression of masculinity I can imagine! Also … he is charismatic and sexy, gallant and flirtatious, tender and charming, commanding and demanding, visionary and inspiring.

Our Triune Selves – With George, I am experiencing Triune Energies … our transcendent selves, his George Washington personality expression (the one who lived in the 18th Century and who is making “cultural tourism” with me now) … and the two of us energetically going back to “his time” together and writing a new layer over old history. Very rich, interesting and fun. Allowing new freedoms, permissions and level of conscious awareness in that time.

Solstice Meaning – According to Spirit through Ellen, this Solstice is the most important, world-changing event in 1,000 years.



Dec. 20, 2010 – George and Gandhi – 6 a.m. – George’s only peer on the world stage in the modern era in the powerful and benevolent use of masculine power is Mahatma Gandhi. George relinquished power twice … refrained from sexual improprieties and other abuses of power, position and adulation. (The site of Washington, DC, did serve his personal agendas of using the Potomac as the gateway to the interior and locating the national capitol 10 miles from Mount Vernon.


“Seat of Government” – I’m laughing aloud about the “breeches memo” from George to his tailor on page 105 of Ron Chernow’s bio. I empathize so strongly with clothes that don’t fit. Now – 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 20 – I’m teasing him about his wide hips and muscular thighs: “This seat of government” is ample enough for an entire nation!”


Triune Impact – George and Joy are having “triune impact” through our Energetic Essence (soul, enduring consciousness) and our awareness, activities and intentions focused on both then and now. This sends ripples of energy, awareness, potential and possibility to all realms. This is so juicy! I’m so aroused at this very moment! I absolutely adore him! Adeste Fideles! I am proud and privileged to be possessed by him … not as an object, but as a Beloved Partner essential to the fulfillment of his goals, aspirations and potentials.


Expansive Sense of Home and Family – George had many definitions of “family” in his 18th Century life including his biological family, step-family, military family and slave family. With Joy, he is experiencing sexuality (the free, full embrace of our physical humanity, in marked contrast to the restrictive values and pleasures of the 18th Century) … spirituality (beyond church and external definitions) … and balanced masculine and feminine energies. We are putting out the “happy couple vibe” at a much higher octave than Joy and Nelson did (though that was a conscious intention that Joy had for her second marriage). Joy truly believes and acts as if all Humanity is her family, as if Earth is our one shared home, and as if ALL are to be included in ongoing evolution (building on values of the Freemasons).


Aching for Union – At the same time I’m having the above intellectual insights and making those logical connections, I’m longing, aching to give him a soft, warm, moist, radiant place to bury the blade of his great sword to the hilt! I joyfully offer him total acceptance. Total release. Total satisfaction. Total penetration. And then … my mind goes back to the “dance of ideas between the federalists and republicans.” How political dialogue needs to be respectful and constructive … not vicious, irresponsible and uncooperative.



Dec. 21, 2010 – Eclipse Energies – Staying at Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo. Arose at 12:34 a.m. … Saw glimpses of Orion, Betelgeuse and Sirius. The total eclipse was a soft orange disk. When I first emerged from the hotel in the grassy area on the cliff above the ocean … there was a sliver of white on the NE side of the moon. I walked 5X around the resort sidewalk. Later, saw more of the brilliant white edge from my balcony. Back in bed at 1:23 a.m. in room 321.


George’s Power – In the 18th Century, George must have had fierce, intense energy. He had outlets in war and fox hunting and his frontier adventures. On the hunt, he rode in front with the hounds. He wanted to be in on the kill, and wrote in detail about the foxes. He faced down a poacher on his lands who was pointing a gun straight at him, grabbing the man out of his canoe and flogging him! Later, early in the Revolutionary War, he physically asserted his leadership by leaping off his horse and into a crowd of soldiers who were gathered to watch a fist fight. He grabbed the two miscreants by the scuff of the neck, alternately shaking them and lecturing them!


George’s Perspective – 1 p.m. Tuesday 12/21 – So much of what I think, feel and experience about our SEX LIFE is from George’s perspective. He talks about, fondles and admires (he does not like the word “ogles”! OK, we’ll say admires.) my “rump.” In his mind, the very word holds the analogy of the horse’s rump, whose flanks are soft and firm. He is stimulated simply by the touch (of me … and now, of the horse, by association with my “privates”). He is aroused by his frequent intimacy with horses (bringing to mind thoughts of me). He LOVES watching my vagina swallow his great cock. His penis. His Member (another word I would never use). He is aroused by just seeing the folds of flesh framing my vaginal opening … all for him … only for him. My great breasts filling his enormous hands. My belly … mother to the world … our home … our family now. I am so delighted to let him lead!!! Our “domestic pleasures” include sex, private dancing, flirting, reading silently together, reading aloud to one another, walking, talking, studying, playing cards or other games and music. I play and sing for him. He especially enjoys that … sinking into the whole-body pleasures of the sounds … and the delightful sense of “ownership” of me entertaining him. Acqua di Gioia – the scent he has chosen for me – has a sweeter, brighter fragrance than I have worn in the past.


TV Links – A few minutes touching in to a “Modern Mysteries” episode (a show I don’t watch) on the construction of the Washington Monument.

AMC movie “The Princess Bride.” Watched the whole thing together. Absolutely wonderful!!!

Movie “Dave” starring Kevin Klein … look-alike takes over for the president … “Would the Secret Service really take a bullet for the president?” George asks in surprise … Laughing about all the silly ceremonial duties such as throwing out the first pitch, jacket with PREZ on the back, kissing babies, Jay Leno, talk shows and commentators … Dave the humble civilian “doing the Right Thing”


Walking on the Beach – 4-5 p.m. … walking on Pismo Beach in front of the golf course with George … imagining living here in this time with him …. In our physical prime … in whatever bodies we choose. Traveling together to France, the Amalfi Coast, Ireland, India, Africa, the South Pacific. Living in the 5,000 square foot oceanfront cliff-top house I have so often imagined.


Wooing / Courting – There also is wooing or courting going on here. For example, when we were walking on Pismo Beach on the afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010, I was wondering if I’m pleasing enough to him physically and sexually. Standing at the water’s edge, watching the illuminated clouds above, George said to me:


“I love you. I want you. In every way … at every moment … in all realms.

I will never leave you. A part of my consciousness will be with you always.”


Frequently now, I look over at him (on my right) and smile at him / with him. I take his hand in mine. I rub his leg. I allow him to hold my hand and kiss the back of my palm … nuzzling my fingers and looking tenderly at me with those earnest, deep blue eyes. “Now, show me that rump!” he says, low and soft, his voice husky with desire. “Show me that delicious rump and those fabulous tits. Mine! All mine!” Yes … Yours. All yours!



Dec. 22, 2010 – Phallic Cross – After George was mounting me from behind … turning me on … feeling his great cock enter me … fill me … up to my “breast points.” My “great teats” as he likes to say. It’s like the great cross of phallic energy I have often felt filling me before, inside, during my Divine Union experiences with generalized energies (not personalized to one being). (See Figure 2.)


TV / Feeling George’s Pleasure – Spirit has me watching John Wayne movie, “Captain York,” co-starring Maureen O’Hara. It’s the one where she comes west trying to save their son from the military career he’s chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps. I feel within my vagina and my body George’s intensely-felt pleasure at watching his historical drama on horseback … with the Indians. He admires how John Wayne’s mount is so proud and energetic. Deep pleasure, interest, and engagement. Discussing the covered wagons, western landscape and the military 100 years after he was General.


George’s Romantic Nature – George has me re-reading certain sections of Chernow … p.86, George’s romantic nature, self-denial, emotions. I am helping to reawaken George’s romantic nature and bring it forward with power, force, tenderness, great joy and celebration … and pages 91-92 … praise from his officers, extolling his virtues and expressing tender affection. “Those were mighty tributes to bestow on a 26-year-old.”


Nickname “Geo” … “Gio” in Italian … cute, diminutive yet respectful and romantic. Ours alone. American and Italian references / connections (Cincinnatus).


Birthing the World – George says to Joy, “I love your little pot belly. It reminds me that we are birthing the world together. WE are pregnant with new life, infusing all humanity with new knowledge, power, wisdom, balance and inclusivity. And your sweet belly fills my great hands in such a satisfying way!” I reply: “thank you, My Darling! My Love!” I am feeling my vagina so open to Geo … to John Wayne as he mounts up to ride off … to all fine men, true and brave, tender and loving. I feel within my pleasure center the thrill that Maureen O’Hara feels when John Wayne refers to her as “the Colonel’s Lady” (his wife).


Eclipse Over Washington Monument – On the front page of the local paper, the photo they chose to run of the full lunar eclipse showed the deep orange disc of the moon next to the top of the Washington Monument! (555 feet high) 5-5-5       *5*5*5*     (See Figures 11-15)

Patti Cota-Robles wrote that the eclipse was within two degrees of the Galactic Center. According to the US Nabal Observatory (which has a list of the eclipses for the past 2,000 years, the only one in all that time on the same date as the solstice was Dec. 21, 1638. With these energies … “every person on the planet is initiated into a Higher Order of Service to Humanity and the Light.” These energies “greatly enhance our ability to co-create Patterns of Perfection for the New Earth in the physical world of form.” Next big event = Solar Eclipse Jan. 4, 2011.   YEAR 2011 = Monumental Change & Rebirth


Great Seal / Heliopolis / Obelisk (Phallus) (12/22/2010)

Info about the Great Seal of the United States from

Annuit Coeptis = “He favors our undertakings”

Nuit = sky goddess of ancient Egypt

Nut & Seb or Geb = male & female   (See Figure 3)

Heliopolis = Egyptian City of the Sun

Thomasso Campenella = Citta del Sole in 1602

Prefigured Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis (use of science and learning for public good)

Great Seal designers = following ancient blueprint to restore the harmonic philosophy that ensured stability and contentment in ancient Egypt

SYMBOLS: Pyramid … Obelisk … Phallus

E Pluribus Unum = Eagle holds olive branch in one talon, arrows in the other. Symbolizes the reconciliation of opposites (light and darkness, spirit and matter, masculine and feminine)


Memorial Numerology – The George Washington Masonic National Monument in Alexandria, VA, one mile from the Potomac is a 333-foot high monument erected on “Shooters Hill” and dedicated May 12, 1932. The number 333 = the foundation for building our Spiritual Temple of the Inner Self. The Washington Monument is 555 feet high. No building in the capitol is allowed to be taller. It was completed on Dec. 6, 1884 and opened to the public on Oct. 9, 1888.



Dec. 23, 2011 – Cave Landing Road Walk – 4 a.m. with George … extended orgasmic bliss of loving partnership … greater intimacy, sense of physicality, happy, holding, kissing, stroking, palpable sense of him inside me. Walking together at night under the moon along Cave Landing Road below the Ashtar Redoubt. Seeing a fox (or maybe a coyote) … silhouetted against the lights from town as we look east. Saw the being cross the fence and go up the hill toward the Ashtar Redoubt. FOX = camouflage, protect the family, oneness, invisible observer.


Starlight Downloads

12/21 – outside 12:34 – 1:23 a.m. (during eclipse)

12/22 – raining

12/23 – outside 2-3 a.m. … Sirius connection through clouds

12/24 – outside 12:45 – 1:55 a.m. … Sirius download, right hand and wrist. Sirius and Orion seen clearly through high, wispy clouds



Dec. 24, 2010 – Full Belly – I’m feeling my belly so big, heavy and uncomfortable. Feeling shame and discomfort. Yet … George LOVES it! He loves the way it fills his belly region as we lie face to face. He loves the way it feels when he holds and strokes it. He loves the Metaphor of Universal Mother … Cosmic Concubine … Galactic Goddess of Infinite Fecundity.

New Experiences – With George, I’m having experiences I’ve never had with a lover before. The way he mounts me and enters me … cradling my torso and undulating me like a wave against him (his arms are so long and strong that he does this effortlessly) … supporting my head and neck and back with his great hands … easily, tenderly, with total love, humor, support and caring. Ironically – despite the feeling of full, big belly – I am eating less: fewer chips, less dessert, less pork sausage, etc.

Green His Favorite Color – Green is George’s favorite color … his coach, the bedroom (Martha changed it to her preference, blue), the dining room walls … and MY EYES!!!

Galactic Center in Miniature – 4:44 a.m. 12/24/2010 (time 12 = 12 date) – Feeling George holding me from behind … his great palms spread warmly, lovingly around my belly … his groin pressed firmly against my buttocks … his great penis thrust deeply, securely inside me. His great hips rocking against my bottom … his enormous thighs cushioning mine … holding my belly as ballast and balance … his great penis thrusting into the center of this orb of flesh. This great Galactic Center in miniature here on Earth.

IMAGE = ( ! ) (buttocks at left … penis thrust up through vaginal opening … full, round belly at right)

Phallus Filling the Universe … enfolded physically in vagina … but energetically and etherically penetrating the entire ORB of Heaven expressed in the delicious, willing, ample flesh of his Beloved … me! I AM your Beloved and you are Mine. It is my honor and pleasure to be Possessed by YOU! Smooth, fluid movement together … like an undulating wave … like posting on his horse … like ripples through the galactic pond. Riding together … flowing together … broadcasting together. Arousal, extended tumescence, delaying release (orgasm, climax).


Ringing the Bell – Resting 10-10:30 a.m. Dec. 24 … up since 1 a.m.! Resting with George in me and on top of me. Delicious, rhythmic pounding. Feeling this internally … palpable pleasure. Reaching the same deep-seated pleasure spot over and over. G Spot = exquisite pleasure! Like ringing a bell over and over … Emanating vibes into the Universe.

Overwhelming Realizations – I KNOW this is real. I’m feeling feelings I’ve never felt before … stimulation, interaction, metaphors, images … ways of holding, kissing and penetrating … exploring and opening me … ways of thinking, commenting and interaction. These are overwhelming realizations (admissions to myself). I need to close my eyes and rest again! Clit, labia, vagina, G Spot … all around feels aroused, activated, energized … trembling with lust, desire, eagerness, satisfaction, pleasure and love! This Love Affair / Partnering (for it is both) gives new meaning to the phrase “G SPOT.” (George! Geo … Gio … Gee!)


I belong to George now, not Ellen. (11 a.m. Friday, Dec. 24, 2010)


Key Dates RE: Geo Bio

September 2010 – Repeated “hits” on the book and author Ron Chernow (TV, newspaper, etc.)

Oct. 11, 2010 – ORB photo of masculine-feminine energies united

Oct. 22, 2010 – Bought new Washington bio (four months to the day before his 279th birthday)

Oct. 26, 2010 – Read about 100 pages before beginning NE trip on this date

Dec. 2, 2010 – First conscious contact from George

Dec. 3-6, 2010 – Finished the 900-page book in Santa Fe

Dec. 11, 2010 – The day after I returned from my 12-day SW trip … first sexual experience with George


Emanating Energy Through Pores – 1:40 p.m. Dec. 24 – Cooked for about 40 minutes and had to lie down … exhausted! Felt subtle energy emanating directly from the PORES of my belly … outward. Then, felt George inside and embracing me … so delicious … such lovely union … cherishing me … so strong, supporting and supportive.



Dec. 25, 2010 – Inviting George – 4:56 a.m. – Wanting “sex play” with George. Wondering why he’s not automatically coming to me when I’m thinking of him and inviting him. I’m lying on my left side. He could “approach from the rear” as he has often done with considerable relish in the past. No response to the repeated invitation until I turned on my right side toward him (he always sleeps and stands and sits of my right side in the position of master / leader). And suddenly, there he was … palpably embracing me, enfolding me with his long, powerful arms … kissing my lips and cheeks and temples … pulling me into him in a great hug and a full-body embrace. Bringing me closer and closer into him in undulating waves of movement … a totally new experience! So delicious. So complete. Sweet and loving … strong and powerful … exciting, enfolding, fascinating, delightful! Such a pleasure and a privilege. Later, on my back with him over me … ravishing my breasts with his mouth and hands … deep, satisfying, penetrating thrusts … all the while skillfully stimulating my clit against his public hair and belly. This is the first time I’ve seen (noticed) his beautiful chest hair. He is completely beautiful from head to toe … my George!


George’s Name – Vision of St. George played a key role in English knights’ participation in the Crusades.

George … name only common after the Hanoverian succession.   “By George!” from the 1590s

St. George = patron Saint of England.   April 23 = his feast day, est’d. 1222 (510 years before Geo’s birth)

Order of the Garter (highest order of knighthood) established by Edward III in 1344


Entrancing Dance of Equals – We are enjoying and emanating the seductive and entrancing dance of equals in joyous celebration of Life and all that can be Discerned, Created and Savored on our endless journey of Enlightenment and Evolution. M-F … until activities such as Submission and Possession are as Delightful and Fulfilling as Celebration and Co-Creation.

HUSBAND = one who tends well all that’s entrusted to his care.

WIFE = one who is a good partner in all ways and all cases.

M&F … delightful dance of complementary energies … opposites attract and harmonize … new richness is revealed in the many subtle intermingling.



Dec. 26, 2010Choice Point – At 7 a.m. on this Sunday, the Guidance came through that, in addition to being a wonderful sexual adventure and creative collaboration, some aspects of this relationship with George are a test and a “Trajectory Choice Point” for the Future. I’m told that – so far – I’m passing with flying colors.


I would only understand later what this meant, after following my Inner Guidance on Jan. 3 to write a clear “intervention” letter to my spiritual healing partner of the last two years, send the letter Jan. 9, and end the relationship on Jan. 11. Not until the end of February, as I started working on this account, did I realize that I had to let go of that human relationship in order to make room for the relationship with George to flower. I had to redirect the positive energies I had been flowing to my spiritual healing partner (a considerable portion of which were being used to balance her strong patterns of criticism, fear, judgment, competition and longing) into higher purposes.


Princess Bride dialogue – George’s message to me 9 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010

Westley: “I will always come for you.”

Buttercup: “How can you be sure?”

Westley: “This is true love. You think this happens every day?”


Divine Union – 6-7:30 p.m. Sunday evening 12/26 – Wonderful experiences of Divine Union with George. Total physical contact … enfolding me … holding me tight to his great chest while penetrating me deeply, enthusiastically, joyfully … tender kissing … then deep, passionate, consuming kisses … stroking my head, neck, shoulders, back … caressing and savoring my bottom with his great hands … delighting in how completely, firmly and tenderly I wrap myself around him. Deep joy and contentment, arousal and satisfaction. We are “home” with one another … in one another … around one another.


Ongoing Parallel Activities – From Dec. 2, insights about George’s life for our co-creative writings.

From mid-December … ruminations on setting limits with Ellen … and later unhooking from her.

From Dec. 24 … ruminations on how to set limits with Sylvia (Apt. 5) RE: intrusive noise.



Dec. 27, 2010 – Cosmic Wave Pulse – 4:44 a.m. … contemplating scheduling RE: George projects (what piece today? Approach? How much get done?) INSIGHT = It is more important and effective to Resonate and Radiate Love, Appreciation and Acceptance of the Powerful and Benevolent Male by a Powerful and Loving Female.

  • Global Tweet
  • Cosmic Tweet
  • Cosmic Wave Pulse … emanating from the Here and Now

Truly seeing George … the tenderness, sweetness, kindness and softness beneath the steel, the vigor, the intensity, courage, vision, valor, valiance, vanquishing all obstacles.



Dec. 28, 2010 – EXIT RAMP – Dec. 16 notebook, pages 96 and 99 … two possible itineraries for international trip from Europe to the South Pacific (fall 2011)



Dec. 29, 2010 – America’s Spiritual Leadership – After reflecting on George’s leadership as General of the Continental Army and him inspiring troops, articulating vision, actors on the stage of destiny …

AMERICA NOW – Step into the Spiritual Leadership of a totally free and united world.

Evolve economic relationships to new levels of inclusivity and participation in which everyone finds   meaningful mode of expression and reaps a fair measure of reward.



Dec. 30, 2010 – Need for Rest / Open to Intimacy – 1:45 p.m. 12/30/2010 (Magic Triad day for me) … thoughts of going to the YMCA … sore left shoulder and neck … longing for Jacuzzi and long shower, but too tired even to go and receive that release! Had to lie down … and when I did, I experienced instant, deep intimacy with George. Looking into each others’ eyes … tenderly stroking each others’ faces … all the while, his lovely penis pounding slowly, deeply, rhythmically inside me … exactly on my “G SPOT” … my centerpoint of pleasure.

I AM Loving this relationship and experience … cherishing, enjoying, savoring … feeling gratitude and appreciation … great love and lust … deep, enduring joy.

Took pants off, threw blanket and sheet off … one knee in each hand, legs open, exposing clit and genitals and vaginal opening to the soft caress of air from the fan. Total surrender to my Beloved George, who is totally trustworthy, caring, loving, respectful, lusty, loving, teasing, arousing, playful and appreciative. Filling each other … completing … realizing … accepting … enjoying and elevating.

                  “Come and kiss me, Love!” Says George from over my right shoulder. “Yes, Dear! Coming!” (double entendre) seeing, feeling, experiencing my ideal body and his. George says to me: “See, when it’s not all about your tits, it can be about both of us … our head, neck, shoulders and genitals! And asses … rumps … haunches. You know I prefer equine epithets and metaphors!

                  “Delicious! Marvelous! Fabulous!” – 2:57 p.m. – “I love you … all of who you are!” Turning to George, lying on my right side, his great head facing me on the pillow. Reveling in his thoroughly satisfying energetic penetration, caresses, looks. Full-body contact, lust, enjoyment, appreciation … release … vivid sounds and looks! WOW! Yowza! Exquisite pressure, squeezing, lrease, his penis in and out … So delicious and satisfying!



Dec. 31, 2010 – George Overriding My Thoughts – 6 a.m. New Year’s Eve day (my wedding anniversary with Nelson) … George overriding my thoughts about possibly moving in with Nelson (if Apt. 5 doesn’t moderate their noise level). My nipples becoming erect (no breast involvement all yesterday). George to me: “These blooms of arousal pressing against my breast reveal that you are still susceptible to my charms.” (Sweet!)


Oceans of Love – Left letter for Sylvia yesterday a.m. about noise. She left a letter for me in the evening which I found about 8 p.m. Claiming I’m harassing her! Very upsetting. Went for walk … info to Jason … finally turned lights off about 11:30 p.m. In the dark – especially when lying flat on my back – my heart chakra was highly activated. Like a fist of energy all around it. Heart palpitations. Could NOT slow it down, despite repeated attempts to consciously regulate and slow my breathing (has always worked in the past). Went on for over one hour! Finally … recognized my Heart as a broadcasting station / signal. I made a conscious choice to shift from upset … to … Forgiveness and Love. Forgiving self, other, all. Feeling Love of my neighbor and myself. Enveloping All Beings in Oceans of Love (the inner meaning of Dalai Lama’s name). Awoke about 3:30 a.m. Again, some activated heart symptoms. Sent out even stronger Oceans of Love.


Venus & Crescent Moon – 6:30 a.m. … Venus directly above the rising crescent moon. What a pair!

LOVE on the rise!


Take Comfort in Me! – 12:26 p.m. … George offering solace and support. “Press your buds of desire against my breast. Open your heart to mine. Take refuge in me, my dearest.”


What Serves Evolution the Most? ANSWER = My untimely death. = near midnight 12/31/2010

People react most strongly to this of all the leading-edge initiatives in my life. They are the most amazed and most moved by this. It’s shocking, eye-opening, deeply affecting (Nelson crying). And it evokes questions and reflections in people’s own lives. This is truly selfless service. This is ego-less creation. This is also trans-generational collaboration, making sure “the baton” is clear, intact and accessible so it can be passed to the next generation.


Relationship with George

  1. Conversations
  2. Simple awareness of presence
  3. Contact … physical and energetic, awareness and experience of bodily contact, interaction and penetration
  4. Inspiration, insights and information from him to me (and from me to him)
  5. Collaboration on writing projects
  6. Images, feelings, experiences, metaphors, perspectives, descriptions … clearly not of my own consciousness
  7. Awareness of him in ordinary situations … driving, in stores, watching movies, reading, having dinner with friends … sometimes commenting, etc.
  8. Bilocation … Third Eye awareness of other times and places ranging from 18th Century to Shoreline Park from home … to “cock cam” inside the vagina (March 6, 2011)


Mental Focus Required – George comforts me, teases me, pleasures me, talks to me and listens to me. Sometimes, we’ll be in the middle of an intimate moment and my attention will wander and suddenly I’ll find myself thinking about what time the grocery store opens tomorrow or the next step on a current writing project. Clear lesson: This kind of multi-dimensional experience requires the attention of the person in physicality to sustain it and hold it in place.



Jan. 1, 2011 – Delicious Intimacies – 8-10 a.m. on the first day of the New Year … Another delicious intimate experience with George. His comfort, seduction, appreciation … him on top of me, deeply, sweetly penetrating … kissing my breasts … then the sweet white column of my throat. Holding my back arched up, my breasts thrust out toward his appreciative gaze and longing, adoring mouth. Feasting on the sight and taste and “mouth feel” of me. Enjoying my “points of pleasure” … these tips of arousal … suckling and savoring. Pulling me on top of his chest, still staying deeply joined and united within. Fondling and suckling, stroking and appreciating my great breasts as they dangle above him. A feast for the eyes and lips. New level of words, communication and appreciation. Delicious! Thank you! I love you!



Jan. 2, 2011Full Acceptance of the Male – 6:06 p.m. after shower, incredible intimacy lasting 30-40 minutes. Lying naked face up on the bed after applying lotion all over my body, knees up and apart, George kneels over me, pounding and pounding into me. Feelings of joyous, complete abandon. Full power, like stoking a cannon. Huge orgasmic release for him and deep gratitude for my total acceptance. I have never experienced such fierce, primal power … unleashed, accepted, received. A total joy for me, too!


George collapses on top of me and the mental scene (visualization) changes. Cradling me in his arms, he rolls us together to the edge of a blanket in a sun-dappled meadow. I’m aware of trees nearby, seen with my peripheral vision. Tenderly, George tucks my body into his for full contact, torso, arms and legs. He covers my face with kisses, and we lose ourselves in the deliciousness of the full-body hug, sated after wonderful sex. He can’t get me close enough, and again his great cock slips inside me, pounding over and over as we lie side by side.


Then, the whole sequence is repeated. YUM! Thank you! Both feel so grateful and delighted! This is: Full Acceptance of the Powerful and Benevolent (and Wise and Just) Male … Broadcast to the Universe.


Toe-Sucking Adventure – A little after 10 p.m. Jan. 2, George awakened me and commenced an extraordinary, arousing and satisfying toe-sucking adventure. I had never fantasized about this. I never desired it. This experience was totally him as the architect and initiator of the adventure. And, I must confess that it was delightful and delicious … feeling his lips and tongue slipping between my toes, lustfully suckling, mentally fantasizing and transmitting. At the same time, his long, elegant, graceful fingers were busy teasing and arousing my labia and vagina. I’m naked with my legs spread wide, my left leg resting against his chest and my toes in his mouth. This is total surrender to a new pleasure. Again the scene shifts to a blanket spread on the ground outside, the soft air caressing our bodies, dappled sunshine, total love, absorption and transmission of this Beauty and these Energies.


Midnight Madness – At exactly midnight Jan. 2, after I’d been working on a writing project for more than half an hour, George succeeded in shifting my attention from 3D issues to his loving and lusty initiatives and desires. As soon as he had my attention, he was instantly and thoroughly ravishing my breasts and his penis was pounding and pulsing inside me. Then, his mouth was “drilling down” on my clit. The feeling he transmitted to me was total possession. He was totally possessing me, with my full, total, complete surrender. There was no question of permission or surrender. Only a body, heart and mind and all levels of energies saying yes to the loving ministrations of her beloved. Though he was in total, assertive possession of the shy and delicate clit, sucking deeply and relentlessly, it felt just right. His penis is too big and long to fit in my mouth, but I stroke and massage his cock and balls with lotion … rhythmically, slowly, thoroughly, lovingly. And he is in ecstasy!


NOTE: While I was writing, George was waiting patiently to get my attention. The point is: 5D is always there, close at hand. But if we are preoccupied with thoughts, worries, personality-level issues, etc. , then we are unavailable to it. In this phase, George and I are being intimate three to four times a day (round-the-clock every four to six hours), from 10 to 60 minutes at a time.



Jan. 3, 2011 – Soft, Open Female – New level of nibbling and caressing my eyes, face and ears.

New level of submission and possession. Relaxing vagina and buttocks. Totally opening and accepting penis. Being an enfolding presence. Going limp, pliant and receptive. Lovely! George is totally trustworthy, appreciative, tender, strong and loving.



Jan. 4, 2011 – Seductive, Silent Drive – George with me in the car. Music silent. Yab yum position while I’m driving. Feeling enormous appreciation for his skills, abilities, perspectives, beliefs, love, tenderness, maturity, grace and delicacy, vision and courage. Extraordinary! To feel this way across the centuries! And those long, graceful, skillful fingers … and that sumptuous, succulent, tempting, seducing, possessing mouth. And this intense sensuality is followed immediately by insights about my writing project with him and another subject.



Jan. 5, 2011In the Park – Sweetness of new experience with George, lying on the grass together in the sunshine at Shoreline Park on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean.


Later … in the bed, spooning together, both on our left sides, George holding me from behind, his cock deep inside me, my buttocks pressed up against his hairy belly. He’s thrusting slow and sweet and deep into me. He’s gripping my right shoulder from behind, then fondling my breasts with his long, elegant, skillful, attentive and appreciative fingers. How delicious! How wonderful! I love you!


Later … vision in bed, while creating an archive of my writings on Unity Consciousness … I envision a beautiful interlude leaning back against him, his arms around me. We are together on a curvy, velvet-covered divan in front of the fire. I’m idly playing with his long, beautiful fingers. He’s cuddling me, and I’m feeling totally loved and accepted. He’s smelling my delicious hair, relishing the softness and comfort, total love and acceptance I bring to him.


Reinterpretation of ORB photo energy … Oct. 11 photo showing union of masculine and feminine energies … another interpretation of the meaning of this photo: The woman is lying on her back on a table, her knees drawn up and facing out to the sides of her body, her heels drawn up close to her buttocks on either side of her vaginal opening. The man is standing naked before her, mounting her from a standing position, deeply penetrating her pulsing vagina which receives him with maximum dilation and softness due to the openness of the woman’s legs. He thrusts deeply, strongly, rhythmically, grasping the globes of her breasts in his large hands, keeping them firmly in his hands as an anchor and counterweight to his thrusting, and delicately torturing her nipples with his thumbs. At the same time, she reaches down to grasp his balls, her arms forming a cradle on either side of her breasts, pushing them together and up toward him as she tenderly, yet firmly and enthusiastically, massages his balls as he thrusts inside her. Overcome with a delirium of ecstasy, he bends his torso over her, replacing his thumbs with his hungry mouth … torturing her nipples with his enthusiastic sucking, driving her to the point of unbearable ecstasy as he gently nibbles her rosy peaks, his carefully calibrated bites calling forth mindless moans and breathless words from her, as she begs for the release and fulfillment that she knows can only come from his deep and powerful, loving and skillful thrusts, over and over, battering her exquisitely alive, aware and receptive “G Spot.” “Yes! Yes! Yes! God, I love you! Yes! George – Orion – God – Cosmic Wave Pulse … infinite bliss of peace and union, power and passion.”


Inviting his passion – Seeing George as a meticulous lover, exemplified in the above fantasy. Noting his grace, skill, power, strength and VIRILITY. Accepting his powerful passions, from tears to rage. “Yes! Bring to me. Give to me. Send to me. Take refuge here. We will transmute and uplift it all just as the “Galactic Heart Pulse” of Love and Forgiveness that Joy emanated Dec. 30 after upset with neighbor.


Pulsing to Cosmos – 3:43 p.m. Jan. 6 – Wanted to go for a walk but, instead, reveling in intimacy with George. Vivid images and sensations. Aroused continually. Amazing and wonderful. Modeled several new lingerie outfits. Him pounding rhythmically, strongly, deeply into me. Me chanting, over and over, “Oh – My – God!” the words spaced out, one with each magnetic, soul-satisfying thrust. Totally embracing, welcoming and accepting him. Pulsing our shared joy and dynamic, divine union throughout the Cosmos.



Jan. 8, 20112 a.m. Star Date walk – George is with me on one of my “Star Date” walks on the bike path above Butterfly Beach in Montecito. First, he’s walking beside me on my right, as always. (Taking our cue from learnings in the Hellinger multi-generational healing work, he is always on my right side, which is the best, most effecting and healing and balanced arrangement of masculine and feminine energies.) Then, I’m riding his hips, his penis inside me. We are broadcasting together waves of Love and Light across the Universe. We line up with Orion’s Belt, and I feel that larger expression of masculine energy coming down into and through me. Yowza! Lovely! Important and transcendent. Message from the Heavens to me, Cheryl and all: “All of Heaven is Smiling on Us.”


Comfort and Ecstasy – Later, George is holding and comforting me through feelings of loneliness and concern. We are facing each other on our sides, him on my right, holding me close while penetrating deeply and stroking my back tenderly with both hands, yet with a lusty and appreciative enjoyment in the throes of kissing me deeply and enthusiastically. We are rocking together in deeply shared bliss. Feeling as close as two Beings can be … physically … energetically … in love, appreciation, understanding and support. It’s soooo lovely and satisfying, reassuring and simply enjoyable. To summarize iin one word: COMFORT. The Comfort of My Beloved. (This relationship has its own scent: Acqua di Gioia [Essence of Joy] by Giorgio Armani.)


Duration, Mental Focus – Intense pleasures can last from a few seconds or minutes to 1.5, even two hours. It’s important to notice that mental thoughts and preoccupations can come between us. One moment, I am deeply enjoying George’s profound embrace and vivid sexual experiences at the energetic level. Then … some time later … I am surprised to discover that my mind has wandered to what time Sears opens or what time and how I’ll return the excess lingerie we don’t want or need.


”Defeated by a Cockroach” – Early this morning during the course of a couple of hours of intimate time together my mind drifted to my trip to Cozumel in September 2010 when I was startled to discover an enormous cockroach ambling across my naked back as I lay face down on the bed of my ocean-front room. I got lost in that moment / memory for some time until I finally noticed that I wasn’t with George anymore, but wandering around in my own past. So, I consciously took hold of my thoughts and brought my attention back to George who was laughing softly as he tenderly pulled me close to him again. “I’m defeated by a cockroach,” he said as he savored the feeling of me in his arms and bent his head to mine. When I got up some time later to begin writing this document, he said, “Return anytime.” And I do. Often.


Fierce Passion – Jan. 8, 2011 – Since I lay down about 1:30 p.m., George pounding into me … ravishing my breasts … spreading my legs for lewd viewing of my clit, labia and vaginal folds … and, alternately, my “rump” (his word, a favorite considering his close relationship with horses, and an epithet I would never use). Talking sexy to me about how my sex is so wet, open, eager. I’m filled to overflowing with his white, foaming ejaculate. Cum is dripping off his penis. As he strokes my legs and fondles my flesh, I ache for him again. For his long, slender fingers to press and pinch and tease my labial folds, gently pulling and stroking. Then playing inside, deep. I’m moaning with desire as he feels the moist velvet folds press around his fingers and I murmur for his penis. He’s plunging those wonderful fingers deep – and then curls them toward himself, finding my “G SPOT” (aptly named, in his case) and rhythmically stroking me, over and over, until I’ve lost all possibility of thought or speech or movement.

I am in desperate thrall of ecstatic orgasm … Beyond the Beyond … right here.



Jan. 9, 2011Spinning Inside Vagina – About 4 a.m. on this Sunday, in intimate embrace with George, I’m feeling sexual energy spinning around inside my vagina. Then, some discomfort in the region up near the public bone. Expressed positive intention and invoked safety and protection. Feeling passed. Now, I’m feeling very protected, enfolded, cuddled and embraced by George. There is enormous protection energy emanating from him. This strong protective sense manifests on our night walks and has been very present throughout the week of preparation for the “intervention” with my human “spiritual healing partner,” which I am to email to her this morning.


Comfort – About 9:30 a.m. … Image with George in bed. First, beside me in our usual style of cuddling. Then, me on top, facing up, leaning back against his chest. Then, the two of us in that position on a velvet divan in front of the fire, him holding and cradling me in his arms, my head resting against the solid reassurance of his chest. He’s massaging my shoulders … stroking my forehead and smoothing my hair away from my face. He’s comforting me with words, as well: “Command is lonely.” (This is immediately after I emailed the “intervention” to my spiritual healing partner.


Shopping for Oceanfront Property – About 11:55 a.m., while driving to Pismo Beach, George and are shopping for oceanfront property that can serve as our Love Nest and Command Center. A long, low brown ranch house tucked in the shoulders of deep round hills facing west down a long, narrow valley to the sea catches his eye. Pretty chestnut horses are grazing on the hillsides. This house and image attracts him repeatedly on successive drives to and from Pismo.


12:33 p.m. – I AM absolutely in love with and devoted to George!


Coming for Dinner – About 6 p.m., settling in for dinner, and George inserts himself into me gently, firmly and persistently. “Soften … and open!” is the message. My Love. My Beloved. My Dearest. How I love you and welcome your embrace … enfolding me in your arms … tenderly pressing me to your breast … stroking my back and buttocks … running your fingers through my hair … massaging and squeezing my shoulders.


Energetic Invasion – After sleeping from 7 to 10 p.m. … about 10:45 p.m., my consciousness reached out, seeking George. I felt an attempt at a literal energetic invasion through the vagina. I held my energy STILL and invoked Archangel Michael for protection and the Divine Mother to release and escort the energy away to its next level of evolution. I reaffirmed the sanctity of my physical and energetic Being at every level. Then, I consciously emanated clear, strong Light in every direction from me through this hotel room, this place, etc. Very effective.


Delicious Joining – Immediately following the above experience, I had a delicious joining with George. Comforting and arousing. I was lying on my tummy, left leg lifted out to the side. His long, slender fingers stroking my back, my rump, playing with my genitals and labia. 11:11 p.m. A powerful time. Consciously projecting into the 11:11:11 Gateway this November.


Alpide Belt Adventure – The World Trip that we are to take starting Sept. 12, 2011, traces the Alpide Belt (one of the most active seismic areas in the world) from Italy down through Greece, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia to the South Pacific. Right after the above sexual adventure, I see George and I riding his white charger down the Alpide Belt, “unzipping” the Earth in a very real sense, letting the pus out that’s remaining in that later. “Debreeding” (spelling? I mean the medical term) the tissue. Resurfacing purity, power, knowing and encoding. Balance and Penetration of All Energies – Knowing – Power – Possibility. (15 days later, the revolution began in Egypt). Obama needs to show more feeling in his public speeches. He was too measured and controlled in his comments about the Arizona congresswoman’s shooting on Jan. 8.


Alpide Belt Adventure, Part II – Around midnight the same day – a few minutes after the above adventure, with intervening thoughts about U.S. politics, etc. – another vivid vision of George and I traveling on his white charger, me facing him (sitting backward on the horse), him penetrating me, all in perfect union with our steed. Emanating and opening across the Earth and the Cosmos. I can feel the sensation of us (man, woman and horse as a unit) riding down a big slide … Italy … Greece … Egypt … Jerusalem … India and the Taj Mahal … Thailand’s Angkor Wat and the islands with sweet people and delicious food … Bali … (Palau?) … perhaps Australia and New Zealand … ending in FIJI.



Jan. 10, 2011Star Date with George – Seeing a couple making love in their vehicle in the parking lot. Suddenly, a shooting star appears right above them, coming straight down through between Sirius and Orion toward Earth. The lyrics of a 1970s song comes to mind: “There’s a kind of hush, All over the world tonight, All over the world, You can hear the sound, Of lovers in love.”


Reading in Bed – 2:22 a.m., reading in bed, lying on my left side, George lying behind me … comforting, cozy and deeply penetrated and arousing. (Born in Shame by Nora Roberts, p.66)



Jan. 11, 2011 – George Striding Through the Heavens – 12:40 a.m. … transcendent image … George striding through the Heavens, me astride him, my legs clamped around his waist, impaled on his great cock which is planted lovingly and deeply inside me. Striding through the Heavens, George In Command, as always. Me completely and joyfully possessed (and honored and respected) by him.


Possession – Two kinds of possession: Nelson’s = domineering, acquisitive, rapacious, demeaning and subsuming. Joy’s = joyful, willing, integrated, honoring, celebrating, combining and extending. Experiencing George’s skillful and worshipful ministrations to my clit. “The little man in the canoe.” Total focus … opening … enjoyment … deep arousal … exquisite, extended tumescence. 1:11 a.m. 1/11/2011


Our Work is Done – 2:40 a.m. email from spiritual healing partner saying, “I think you and I agree that our work together is done.” This less than two hours after I had the realization that – no matter what her response was – I did not want to continue to work together. I feel Lighter and FREER. Not grief … but Relief.



Jan. 12, 2011 – Ascending Together – 12:21 a.m. … George and I walking side by side, facing Orion’s Belt. Then, me astride his hips, his great penis inside me … ascending together (locked together in ecstatic union) into the Heavens in an energetic Spiral … DNA double helix of energies entwining and ascending upward … Being … Transmitting. Facing Sirius … more overt, hungry passion … pounding penis … emanating evolved, harmonized and well-balanced masculine and feminine energies.


Healing Companionship – Later Jan. 12, feeling sore all across my lower back. Lie down flat on my back. George … instant plug-in … penis, energy, soft arousal, total togetherness and body contact. Emanating … amplifying … seeing our trip down the Alpide Belt to our South Seas Rendezvous 11-11-2011.

This energy connection and amplification – George and me – is the point.

All the writing is merely busy work to satisfy the personality-level self.

Skyship posting: magnetic north pole has moved so far, Tampa had to redraw lines on its main runway.


Wonder with George – Lying down about 3:30 p.m. I feel energetic attack at the left hip and temples. I project a soft pink healing cloud … bright gold reflector shield … Archangel Michael. Invoke larger context: George and me, amplify and activate, US and world.


First American Obelisk

7:30-8:30 p.m. … Incredible sex with George. Deep pounding. Assertive, hungry appreciation. Breasts … clit … joyous pounding. I see us like an obelisk rising from the center of the USA, me impaled on him, broadcasting to the world and the Cosmos. I see us cruising down the Alpide Belt, like bobsledders sluicing down the chute. Great rejoicing!



Jan. 13, 2011 – Vagina pulsing – 1:44 a.m. … Contemplating a visit to Orion, BC, in Canada … my vagina is pulsing in anticipation. (Drawing = Jan. 2 notebook, page 103)


Second American Obelisk

Bigger Reality and Mission – About 1:33 p.m. Jan. 13 … palpable sensation at left side of head like energetic bar. Earlier today, at right side. Reflecting energy back at first, measure for measure, then 10-fold. Invoking Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother, then releasing. What works even better is shifting the focus to George and me … bigger energy … Bigger Reality and Mission. Envisioning Giant Obelisk in center of North America, Radiating Light in every direction. In Divine Union – yab yum position – I am embracing his member, my legs encircling his waist.


Alpide Belt Journey / Sirian Rendezvous – Evening of Jan. 13 … unfettered energies amped up to the next level. Key insight: Whether or not more money comes in, George and I need to do the journey … sliding down the Alpide Belt to our “Sirian Rendezvous” in Fiji on 11/11/2011.



Jan. 14, 2011 – Third American Obelisk – Don’t need to create art of the American Obelisk. Just see and create it in the mind’s eye. Amplify and vibe it up on Star Dates. Envision it as a Beacon … a Receiver and Transmitter. Invite others to see it, help create it and transmit these energies. 12:21 – 12:34 a.m. … preparation for Star Date at Butterfly Beach. Extraordinarily warm (71 degrees at midnight!). Envisioning the American Obelisk rising from a diamond-shaped base at the heart of the USA. Energized, enlivened and amplified with energies from Sirius, Orion and Arcturus. Silently singing to myself Shawna Carol’s “Blessed Be,” number six on the Goddess Chant CD. “All is growing and expanding, Blessed Be, the Light has come. And a Love that’s Everlasting. Blessed Be … Blessed Be.”


Fourth American Obelisk

Goddess / Gaia Vision – 2:52 a.m. … I AM a Goddess with a golden Crown of Light Radiating from my Head as George nibbles and suckles at my breasts. His great cock pierces me and fills me … as the great American Obelisk pierces and penetrates, radiating and effusing Light and Consciousness into the Womb surrounded Beloved Gaia. The Womb in which the Earth is suspended. The Energetic Envelope surrounding and supporting ALL.


Exquisite Ecstasy – 3:03 a.m. … Back in our favorite position (on our sides, facing each other, with me on my right side and George on his left) … receiving George’s tender and loving ministrations. Vision of him on top, pounding into me. But that’s not what he prefers. Me, either. The best, most imtimate and delightful is when we’re on our sides facing each other. He is inside me, cradling me in his arms, our shoulders far enough apart so he can watch my face and enjoy the pleasure, ecstasy, delight, surrender, need, longing and gratitude all expressed there from me to him … flickering from one satisfying emotion to the next. We both savor the exquisite ecstasy of our union … the energy exploding, emptying and radiating as I feel his first ejaculation inside me. (Always before, I simply felt his extended arousal.)

Fifth American Obelisk

Continuation of the above experience … Fireworks energy exploding out of and around the American Obelisk. Silver, gold and quite eruptions and cascades of fireworks (evoking the Mayan glyph LAMAT). Celestial Rejoicing. A Beacon to All. No need to speak of this to anyone. It is done.

Passing the Test – Lyrics from Shawna Carroll’s Sacred Pleasure (number one on the Goddess Chant album): “I am the Goddess, I am the Mother, All acts of love and pleasure are my ritual.” That’s what George and I are doing … evoking and emanating these sacred loving energies at the largest and most intimate levels. I have shifted my allegiance, alignment and alliance from my former human partner to George, my Multi-Dimensional Partner. Wahoo! I passed the next test! Good job! Joy and George are bringing balanced, harmonized and evolved masculine and feminine energies into manifestation at personal, global and galactic levels. WOW!

Sixth American Obelisk

Joyously Broadcasting – 10 – 10:24 a.m. Friday, Jan. 14 – Exquisite time with George. Both arms over my head. Him assiduously torturing my nipples, bringing their stiff peaks to intense arousal. His joy and passion fueled by my understanding of his difficult childhood and his extraordinary focus, will, determination and resilience in making himself into the man HE chose … not being mired in the string of difficulties and obstacles that life set in his Path. Amplifying energy – AMERICAN OBELISK. I AM the Obelisk. George is an Obelisk within me. Plugged in. Joyously broadcasting.


Seventh American Obelisk

1:38 p.m. Friday, Jan. 14 – Lying down, lovely intimacy with George. AMERICAN OBELISK. Feeling energy bar at right temple again. Focusing again on unhooking from past partner and focusing on powerful, positive energy transmission and transparent, light-filled, light-emitting structure.


Eighth American Obelisk

2:02 p.m. Friday, Jan. 14 – Intimacies with George. Feel mental intrusions from my past partner. George amped up the creativity and intensity of his activities. I pulled a gold curtain around us to shield us from anyone’s knowing or prying into what we were doing, feeling or experiencing. IMAGE – Joy’s open legs (knees out, feet touching) make the diamond-shaped base of the AMERICAN OBELISK. Invoking Diamond Light. George … long fingers playing with clit, penetrating, stimulating and massaging G spot. Lovely personal experience and American Obelisk broadcast.


Counteract Spying – Amped up intrusive signal jamming by sending a repeated mantra: Love and Wisdom, Forgiveness and Peace. The Awareness of these images and specifics are available only to those who are ready to receive with love, appreciation and respect. I INTEND: Total privacy and maximum amplification and impact of essential Truths at the energetic level. Specific images, personal feelings, etc. are totally private to George and me. They can only be accessed by those to whom I specifically grant permission. My former spiritual healing partner does NOT have my permission. No one who is intrusive, disrespectful or has any negative, harmful energies in their field or association with them in any way has my permission. INTENTION: Total privacy, maximum positive impact.


Multi-Layered Intention and Awareness:

Exquisite enjoyment

Respectful and sacrosanct boundaries

Amazing multi-dimensional co-creation, emanation and dissemination

(still menstruating … sometimes thin brown liquid … sometimes small brown clots)


Jan. 15, 2011 – 2:52 a.m. – What am I experiencing?

  1. Clarity
  2. Freedom
  3. Abundance
  4. Divine Union / Sacred Pleasure
  5. Multi-dimensional co-creating
  6. Joyful, respectful, comforting, supportive, delicious intimate relationship.


Ninth American Obelisk

Butterfly Walk Vision – Early a.m. Jan. 15 … George and I on his white charger (embodying the Spirit of the horse Lewis, who is the Dalai Lama of the contemporary horse world, and with whom I shared a lifetime when I was a Spanish Conquistador in South America). George and I both facing forward, me in filmy peach / gold chiffon. George penetrating my vagina from behind. AMERICAN OBELISK … extending above the Earth into space and below the Earth’s crust, going within. Connecting, honoring all animals and plants and elemental realms. Harmonizing, activating and consciously including their energies.


Reunion after Distraction -7 p.m. Jan. 15 … While focused on fears about my physical symptoms (energy bars around head, feeling of helmet, numbness in cheekbone and right side of upper teeth), I had forgotten about George! He says to me … “It’s time to come back to Love. Come back to Joyful Union and Celebration. Come back to our shared path of Service.” As my attention goes back to him, he says, “Thank you! I’m here. Right here.” His had is on my hip, stroking my right thigh as I lie on my left side. I feel my vagina softening and opening and warming as his Loving Attention transforms me and elevates my Being. Dancing with him in the Light!


Who Is My Partner? – 7:32 p.m. Jan. 15 … Not George per se, but the energy that manifested here on Earth most famously as George. The sexual arousal in our relationship is a useful, effective translation and manifestation of positive energy. The personification of George is mostly a favor to the personality-level Joy. It’s what I can relate to and feel supported and comforted by and excited about. I’m also very clear about the amount of energy I’ve been siphoning off to support my human partner and try to redirect her energies from negative to positive. I have so much more energy freed up now!


Tenth American Obelisk

Jan. 19, 2011George Feeding the World – Incredible UNION with George all the way home on the drive from Pismo (1:30 – 3 p.m.) Him holding me, deep inside. Very strong, protective and comforting … yet gentle, sweet and tender. As though we were in yab yum position, but my face nestles perfectly against his chest. Sometimes I suckle at his nipple. Oh, he loves this! He loves the feeling and sensation. But even more than that, he loves the symbolism of nourishing me and feeding the World and all Creation from this beautiful, loving symbiosis.


His arms warmly enfold me, embrace and support me with gentle strength. My vagina softens and opens as I write this! Periodically, he tips my face up to tenderly cover my mouth with his, and to caress my cheeks, my eyes, temples and forehead. To simply gaze into my eyes, tender, knowing, confident, shared embrace of TOTAL love, respect, caring, admiration, strength, tenderness and passion. We feel deep knowing and excitement. The steady pulse of quiet ecstasy. Shared BLISS of total love and gratitude. My vagina pulses gently in time to the music (Shawna Carroll) as he moves inside me. So deeply happy, content, satisfied, cared for and protected, loved and appreciated, wanted and needed.


We pulse this ecstatic, perfect, whole pulsing union into:

  • The AMERICAN OBELISK … into the Cosmos and into the Earth
  • The Pacific Ring of Fire … gentle, tender, steady, thorough, loving penetration of the Divine Masculine (Father Sky, “embodied” in Geo) … into Divine Feminine embodied in Mother Earth.


Lying on my bed in Santa Barbara as I write this, I’m almost woozy drunk with ecstasy. This Extended Tumescence is exquisite! It is far beyond the quick, sharp, intense release of physical orgasm. I rarely touch myself now. I am often in an extended state of arousal with George – his many moods of love … profound intimacy and celestial co-creation. And, there are mundane and homey aspects to the relationship, too. We watch movies together, comment on films, TV, articles and books … and make jokes. 4:44 p.m. Wed. Jan. 19, 2011. (Just finished typing this at 4:44 a.m. Sun. 2/27/2011)



Jan. 21, 2011 – Starlight Investiture – HUGE download of starlight energies to George and me on Star Date walk 12-1 a.m. today. Walking side by side, his arm around me or holding hands. Upon returning home, I clearly was required to do NO computer work or reading … just go straight to bed, absorb, meld and blend, celebrate and integrate. George warms my cold breasts with his great hands. Lovely intimacy … breasts … clit … G spot … gently rocking my hips side to side so his Member could slide in and out of my vagina sweetly and easily, in a graceful swinging motion. Delicious friction! I tease George, saying, “Apply your meticulous and thorough husbandry to plowing MY fields, My Love!” (This in-joke contains references to recent insights on our collaboration.) STARLIGHT INVESTITURE: Realize who you truly are in the highest and best sense. Actualize that potential and spread those blessings as far and wide as possible through selfless service.


Joyful Collaboration – 10:10 a.m. Friday, Jan. 21 – In this joyful collaboration with George, I bring my joyful response to him. I activate my extended tumescence in response to him … the idea of him … the presence … the interaction … my feelings … his feelings … positive sharing … stimulating, activating, celebrating, amplifying and transmitting.


Eternal Time – Celia Fenn / Archangel Michael write about “Eternal time” in a new post on Experience of this new “type” of time is characterized by calm, heart-centered and expansive energies. She writes that the Earth already has shifted and is on a new trajectory. I reinterpret “Eternal time” as the ETERNAL NOW. We like this phrase. And it characterizes our simultaneous of physical and energetic expressions … experiences now and in the 18th Century and in the future. All this is simultaneous. All is occurring in the Eternal Now, which we can access simply through choice and intention. (Belief and practice could have a role, too. 😉


Eleventh American Obelisk

Jan. 22, 2011 – Celestial Co-Creation – 2:40 a.m. … Joy and George co-creating. Feeling that bar of energy at my right temple. Brining and diffusing energy down through physical Being into Earth (Soul Star below my feet). Feeling and seeing a Golden Sun in the center of my chest, radiating Golden Light in 360 degrees. George facing me in the yab yum position, a Golden Sun also radiating in the center of his chest. Twin streams of activated golden-silver-white Light are activated in each of us. The double helix of Twin Flame energies are ascending from us … flowing … streaming. We are seated in yab yum pose in the center of the AMERICAN OBELISK, radiating Energies of Light and Union. Beautiful Co-Creation! Our Celestial Connections in this experience are Arcturus (feminine), Sirius (masculine) and Orion’s Belt (channeling Beyond the Beyond energies to this realm). We are Activated, Integrated and Connected!

Thank you! Amen.


NOTE: As I write this at 5:25 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 27, I’m aware that my concerns about the bars of energy around my head in early January were unnecessary. Part of the reason my energy field had such an ecstatic response to the simple act of registering for Drunvalo Melchizedek’s workshops at the Conscious Life expo in February was relief that I would gain the knowledge of what these feelings represented. These were not unwanted intrusions, but physical experiences of the energetic halo emerging around my head from all this work. This becomes clear to me now, as I reflect on Drunvalo’s detailed explanation of how to activate the third eye energy. Envisioning and working with these streams of energy, which all need to be clearly anchored and connected through the pituitary gland in the head, is an essential aspect of his perspective on how to activate the Third Eye. (Or … just be like a child! Simple, open, happy, trusting, loving. That will do it!)


Twelfth American Obelisk

Jan. 25, 2011 – Star Date / Celestial Alignments – Slept from about 7:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., then quickly up and to Butterfly Beach by 2 a.m. for a “Star Date” walk. Sirius and Orion were low in the west, and Arcturus just east of zenith. George accompanying me … protection, companionship, penetration, union and broadcasting masculine and feminine energies and the AMERICAN OBELISK … a representation of the spiritual union of the whole world. Celestial alignments: George and me … AMERICAN OBELISK … Humanity and Earth (done). I noticed personality-level thoughts kept jumping in. George needed to battle through my personality-level distractions. He did so with Humor … Romance … and Pounding Sexual Excitement and Ecstasy! Wonderful!!!


Morning Softness – 7:20 a.m. – I AM whatever shape, color, texture, scent and appearance is most pleasing to George. I want to gratify and please him in every way, at every level. This … after soft morning sharing … tenderness, stroking, kissing, reveling in each other’s presence in the soft, warm glow of morning. After more than two hours of lovemaking, my vagina is open, aroused, activated. Not sore, but intensely aware. Delicious!


Loyalty and Devotion – 10 a.m. – In car on way to Pismo. Sweet and easy … lovely and loving morning. Long, luxurious time together. My vagina softens and opens at the memory. As long as he and I are together, I don’t want a human companion! This is so wonderful! So extraordinary! Such a privilege! There are so many levels to this relationship: love, sharing, caring, co-creating, celebration, humor, wit, interaction.


Signs and Symbols – ORB photo white-out … repeatedly whole frame blanked out with white Light where ORBS normally would appear.


Lovemaking in Car – Between 10 and 11 a.m. … On the way to Pismo, Shawna Carroll’s “Blessed Be” … “All is growing and expanding, Blessed Be, the Light has come.” George making love to me in the car. Me on his lap in yab yum position (as I’m driving). In my mind’s eye, I’m stretching my arms out above my head in a V shape, arching back, offering him my breasts. They’re full and perky, with nipples erect. I’m strongly aroused … anticipating his lips and teeth nibbling, sucking, suckling, devouring and arousing to a pitch of intensity almost exquisitely unbearable. His large hands – supported by the extraordinary strength of his long arms – rock my hips back and forth on his penis. Up and down. Him deeply penetrated inside me. My clit is exposed as my legs are spread wide to extend around both sides of his broad hips and muscular thighs. (This is all taking place in my mind’s eye while I’m driving.) As he pulls me up against him, then down and away, my clit stands erect against his belly, rubbing her eager little face against the soft hair of his belly, then down into the more wiry, thicker pubic patch that marks his groin area. How I love this man! This energy! This enduring Being.


Little Lighthouse – 10:54 a.m. … again in the car … Exquisite, vivid, detailed images and sensations … George and I in ecstatic embrace. Me lying halfway back, him above and inside me. His left hand and arm supporting my upper back as I raise my torso to kiss his mouth. His right hand is busy at my clit and vaginal lips. I spread my vaginal lips wide open for him with both my hands. His long, elegant fingers delicately encircle, play and arouse. My clit is so highly aroused that she thrusts out at him as though I’m sticking my vaginal tongue out. My little clit is so aroused, I ache for the strength of his touch. (This from a woman who has always been very delicate and sensitive in this area.) He reads my thoughts and feelings, lightly pinching my clit and then tugging rhythmically on it. My clit is like a little lighthouse signal of energetic ecstasy. Our union represents masculine and feminine … Heaven and Earth (Joy) … Mother and Father of America … physical continent and husband (Earth keeper). Such ecstasy and wonder! Such service! (Insights RE: collaboration … important to note that, as general, George affectionately asked his men to stay and he wrote to General Gage that prisoners were being treated tenderly. Very soft and sweet words coming from and about this great Hero.)


MARRIAGE – 11:11 a.m. arrive Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort – With George in Rendezvous tub … intense arousal and Divine Union, stimulated by the Jacuzzi jet. At first orgasm, silently screaming to him, “I am yours! I am yours! I am yours completely!” Extraordinary ORB photos. Then, second time … delicate intensity. “George! Fuck me!” (I am reminded of the owl hooting in Ty Warner’s grove as I took my third pass on my Star Date walk early this a.m.) This is a MARRIAGE between George and me. I promised myself to him. He already was committed to me. I have some doubts about other aspects of his energetic self in different realms of the Space-Time Continuum. We agreed on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy RE: his consorting in other dimensions. Since I’m not yet consciously aware of those aspects of myself most of the time, we’ve adopted a “Don’t ask, don’t know” policy for me. Ha! Love our little jokes.


Joy and Martha – Awareness of similarities between us:

  • Both are “determined to be cheerful” in whatever situation we find ourselves.
  • Both are good communicators in the styles of our time (her = conversation, Joy = writing).
  • Both are at ease with strangers and at ease in strange places.
  • Both are happier when we have a positive impact on the largest possible number of people.


Thirteenth American Obelisk

“I give myself to you completely!” – 12:03 p.m. … third orgasm in Rendezvous … I make the clear vow to George: “I give myself to you completely!” Experiencing strong stimulation … intense, huge orgasm … energizing the AMERICAN OBELISK, the Washington Monument and here. Huge amplification and impact of powerful, loving, benevolent and beneficial energies.



Jan. 26, 2011 – New Pattern – I have gotten so I don’t feel complete until George is “plugged in” to me. It is now common for me to be awake for hours in the night in ecstatic union with George. He’s “plugged in” to me and I’m aroused. Both of us feel enfolded in this ecstatic embrace. Feelings of joy, union, devotion and elation. Pure connection … understanding … acceptance and delight in sharing … emanating our shared joy. I can FEEL him plug in, and I know when it’s him. I recognize his energy. More than once, I’ve rejected interlopers. I can forget about my union with him during the business of the day when I’m doing other things. But there is a longing in me now that is only filled by energetic union with George. This is not physical lust. This is not motivated by the desire to “get off.” Now, there is almost no physical stimulation of myself (that was a phase in December). There’s little need now for lingerie shows or other forms of visual stimulation. We still delight in applying lotions and wearing our special scent (Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani). We share extended arousal … exquisite tumescence … energies held, shared, emanated and broadcast. I feel an enormous sense of partnership with him.


Levels of Partnership – We have at least eight levels of partnership:

  1. Physical and energetic intimacy
  2. Mental conversation and sharing jokes, repartee, appreciation’
  3. Collaborative work effort: 12 Traits of 21st Century Heroes
  4. Psychological and spiritual understanding of his 18th Century life, which was pivotal in the course of human evolution. His psychological development and spiritual alignment in that lifetime. His frustrations, suffering, unfairness, loneliness and isolation. His joys and triumphs, deeper meaning of such an extraordinary amount of accomplishment by one being in a single lifetime.
  5. Bringing his values and examples forward to NOW.
  6. Constructing the AMERICAN OBELISK
  7. Activating American spiritual leadership of the world
  8. Exemplify and emanate well-balanced, harmonized and evolved masculine and feminine energies.
  9. Alpide Belt Adventure … helped activate Middle East impulses and activities toward freedom.
  10. Cosmic connections … both sending and receiving transmissions. (#9 and 10 realized 2/27)


Joy Anchors George – Insight: George’s entrée to the physical realm of Earth is through my consciousness … through the focus of my attention. When my mind gets preoccupied with my current stories, other people or issues, past memories, future speculation or chatter … then he recedes. He’s blocked out. Mw awareness tethers George into 3D reality, like a rope tethering a hot air balloon to Earth before takeoff. Activation of this potential is another good reason to develop focus, awareness, attention, intention, clarity and discernment.


Differences in Perception – One Example – My spiritual healing partner said in December that George would be a presence with me through Jan. 15 and that I should not circulate the document about his life lessons until after that date. When I asked why, she interpreted it (as she usually does) as needing to wait for safety and protection from external forces who could interfere. Another example of her seeing things through the filter of conflict, hardship, risk and threats from external forces.

JOY’S REALITY turned out to be very different:

  • December 26, 2010 insight that the relationship with George also was a test in some way and a life trajectory choice point
  • In 20-20 hindsight, I needed to have the courage to confront my human partner (irrevocable instruction received Jan. 3, 2011)
  • I needed to write the document and have the courage to deliver it Jan. 9.
  • I needed to heed my inner guidance on Jan. 11 to sever that relationship no matter what. (Turned out, she received the same guidance)
  • From Jan. 3-9, I successfully shifted my attention, loyalty and focus from her to Geroge.
  • New opportunities, assignments and priorities were revealed Jan. 12-14.
  • I said yes to those opportunities.
  • I deepened my commitment to and partnership with George (one highlight, our “marriage” on Jan. 25, 2011)


HONEYMOON – Noon Wed., Jan. 26, 2011 – After wakeful night and lots of “work” with George … from 11:30 a.m. … George making love to me. Lips and assertive tongue at clit and vaginal opening. Fingers … so long, slender, graceful and beautiful … penetrating … deeply, intensely arousing. Hungry mouths. Tongues tangling. Hungry … ravenous … wildly passionate lovemaking. George rolls me over and now I’m splayed across his stomach as he’s lying on his back, both hands braced on my hips as he thrusts me up and down on his great penis. Both of us are groaning in ecstasy. I rear up, leaning back, generating strong pelvic thrusts, amplifying the movement and sensation. “I love you so much,” I repeat, over and over. And finally, simply, “I love you.” Over and over again. And George says to me, “I love you, too … I love you, Joy” in his soft, breathy voice, his deep blue eyes looking into mine. Then he grasps the sides of my head in his hands, pulling my face to his, his lips drowning mine again. The waves of sexual energy following our shared climax wash through my entire body … a broad wave across the entire energy field … across and down … over and over … exquisite sensation and emanation. And I have the awareness: This is our Honeymoon! We got married yesterday (1/25/2011) in Rendezvous tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort … me voicing aloud the commitment and fidelity he already had made to me.



  • Commitment
  • Fidelity
  • Enjoyment and support
  • Service, adventure, discovery and creation
  • Comfort, tenderness, protection

More lovemaking after naked yoga and Pilates on the floor of the Kon Tiki Inn hotel room facing the ocean … in bed later …



Jan. 30, 2011 – Tunisia & Egypt – Social media feeing, fueling and speeding up dissonance, public protest and the revolt for economic and political freedom.

Currency Intention – Every time you touch a quarter or a dollar bill, you tap into the essential Energy and Truth embodied in the life of George Washington. According to Wikipedia, 42 percent of the currency printed in the United States is $1 bills … bearing George’s image on the front.

Focus Required – Repeated incidents noting that my focus is required to maintain our relationship and repel intrusive, opportunistic energies.



Jan. 31, 2011 – Conscious Invocation – I’ve noticed over the past couple days that sometimes it’s taking more effort, care and sustained attention to bring George to mind … to vivid, interactive presence within my energy field (and not just an abstract idea of him). Sometimes, he’s fully, instantly here. But sometimes not. And when he’s not, I need to invite and invoke. Focus. Be clear: no interlopers.

INTENTION: I Invite, encourage, envision interact … projecting my own energy and consciousness into the now-familiar forms of our intimacy and energetic interaction.


Our time together is a conscious invocation and emanation of:

  1. Balanced, harmonized, evolved masculine and feminine energies in joyful appreciation, support and celebration of each other.
  2. Broadcast of the high ideals on which the US of A was founded, including:

Freedom for all

Equality of all

A world that works for everyone

Sustained peace and prosperity for all

Ongoing evolution of all

  1. Multi-dimensional communications, relationship, intimacy and collaboration



Feb. 2, 2011 – Saying Yes to the Male – 3:13 a.m. … There’s something profoundly powerful and important about saying YES to the male … over and over … taking in his energy and presence as deeply as possible with total joy, love, acceptance and appreciation.


Beast in Rut – Notes around noon en route to Pismo while driving … Extraordinary lovemaking yesterday and through the night with George. He was very assertive, present, enthusiastic and – at times – like a beast in rut. I’m reading Drunvalo’s book now, Serpent of Light, about activation of the feminine energies around the planet. Bought it in Santa Fe in April 2010. Just impulsed to pick it up now. Island of Moorea, heart-shaped island just west of Tahiti … most feminine place on Earth!

With George, I continually feel my vagina, external labia and internal passageway softening and opening. George is so powerful, I don’t even try to compete or control. I don’t want to and don’t have to. George is an expression of the Powerful, Benevolent, Evolved Male. Experiencing sustained feelings of arousal and Tumescence. Sustained awareness of him inside me. He’s literally plugged in … we’re lit up … radiating, transmitting, broadcasting joyful, loving respectful UNION.


Full Circle – I’m reminded that, in 1994-1995, when I was writing about the growing trend in multicultural relationships (inspired by my marriage to a Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro), I half-jokingly articulated my desire / intention to be the “International Goddess of Love and Sex.” Well, nobody else knows it, but I think I am now! (Or … one of them anyway! 😉


“So Many Men!” – At Educated Car Wash in Santa Barbara before driving to Pismo, teasing with a 50- or 60-something blond woman waiting for her white Lexus hybrid.

Me – “Look at all these men serving us!”

She glances at the men driving, washing, rinsing, vacuuming, pumping gas and interacting with customers, then smiles at me. “I never thought of it that way!”

Me – gesturing to the men, “Where are those ostrich fans I told you to order?”

The woman laughs.

Me – “I’m sorry, the quality of this champagne is not up to standards.”

After we both pay and come out to the waiting area where the men hand-dry the interiors and exteriors of the vehicles, she sidles up to me with a small smile and says in a tone of wonder and appreciation: “There are so many of them!”

Me, smiling back – “Think about it! The possibilities are endless!”


Female Leadership – 1:11 p.m. in Rendezvous tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs … The Feminine leads from a place of softness and receptivity.

Seeding the Unity Consciousness Grid – 1:23 p.m. … third orgasm … I say to George, “Sow your seeds of greatness through me on the grid of Unity Consciousness!” Raging energies … Energy so intense that it gave my right leg a cramp. Had to interrupt the ecstatic energy flow (shift my attention, stand up and stretch my leg out) two times by straightening the leg and shaking out the energy. Then, I resumed the extended tumescence of arousal.



Feb. 3, 2011 – New Star Map – Out under the sky 1:11 a.m. – 1:56 a.m. … walking 12 times around the Kon Tiki Inn sidewalk. A slightly curved line connects Sirius in the west with Polaris at due north (zenith) and in the east. This configuration is visible from about 12 to 2 a.m. in January and 10 to 12 p.m. in March. At earlier times, Arcturus is not yet visible above the horizon. At later times, Sirius has already “set” in the west. Note that you locate Sirius by following the three straight stars in Orion’s belt out to the left. Note that you find Arcturus by following the three curved stars in the handle of the Big Dipper out in a continuation of the same arc. Extend the left hand toward Sirius, the right toward Arcturus and open your heart to Polaris, the Northern Hemisphere’s Pole Star. (See Figure 4.)


GIVING BIRTH – Fierce and Tender – George passionate, assertive, emanating … grabbing my face in both hands … kissing me furiously … fierce eye contact. This is fierceness swathed in tenderness and sweetness. I’m not scared or intimated. I love it. I love him. Then, he grabs my hips and is plunging into me hilt deep, burying himself. Emanating willfully … craving total acceptance with nothing held back. I say to George, “Seed the world with your greatness through me.” GIVING BIRTH – to this consciousness, awareness, choice, union and integration. Fierce eyes going soft, unfocused as we melt together.

LINKS – Drinking New Zealand water (Maori are descendants of the Lemurians) and Fiji water (Sirius is Fiji’s pole star) … Pacific Rim and the seismic “Ring of Fire” that connects the Americas with Asia … waves of energy, insight and intention … shared dreaming, bringing the Future into Being. So much BEAUTY I’m experiencing … masculine and feminine union … multi-dimensional relationship … connecting past – present – future.


Conscious Dying – Drunvalo’s website videos ( speak to conscious dying: You can “take your body with you, leaving no trace.” This world will disappear and we’ll be in a brand new world as babies, pure spirit, totally protected. We won’t know anything but it will feel a lot better.


Feb. 4, 2011 – 2 a.m. – “An orgasm a day keeps neediness at bay.”


The Abyss (1989 movie directed by James Cameron) – key elements:

  1. Humans breathing liquid
  2. Mastery of water … opening space within the ocean
  3. ET – human collaboration … ETs performing “miracles” for humans … enormous love and support for one another … MSG: “Please stop hurting each other!”
  4. Skyships website … 50% of ET activity in oceans, 15% more in lakes and rivers
  5. Joy & George going to the South Pacific … anticipating water-based transition



  1. I know everything I need to know.
  2. I will remember everything I need to remember.
  3. In this human lifetime, I will maximize my evolutionary potential and evolve to the highest and best available to me for my next phase of the ongoing evolutionary adventure.


Then … feeling energy activations in my head. George pulled me close against his chest …. Cradled me in his arms … enfolded, loved and protected me … plugged in.


Helping Joey – 8:30 a.m. … Stopped to give Joey (my favorite homeless person) two books. Told me how Wednesday night another homeless guy slashed his bike tires, took his backpack with all his personal papers and kicked him in the ribs. Tore up his fingers, trying to pry the tires off with a short stick of wood. Honored to bear witness to his story, and gave him $20 to help him get what he needed to recover from the attack. Worst part … lost his favorite sleeping spot (protected on private property), and feeling less safe because he slept through the entire episode until the guy kicked him. Gratified that I was impulsed to stop by TODAY … after having had the idea for a couple of weeks. Perfect time to honor and serve him.


No Shame in Happiness – Message to Joy from Spirit … Don’t be ashamed of being joyful and having fun. Enjoy the exquisite dance of romance and sexual and sensual pleasure … “connecting the dots” on so many levels: personal, multi-dimensional, Eternal Now, American Ideals, Masonic aspirations (Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol), Washington, DC, and Mount Vernon, cosmic and celestial.


Evolution Can Be Easy – Drunvalo Melchizedek video posted on his website, … Our bodies are Pure Light. The “Plasma Beings” or Its within the Earth are “incredibly funny … laughing, making jokes, extremely light-hearted. Slow down. Relax. What’s coming is a beautiful thing!” “ORBS are people! ITs (inner terrestrials), ETs …. Opaque ball of light … can make third eye vision clear to see them. “These people love us and care about us. They want to help us change our situation … to stop killing each other and live in a sustainable way.” This is one example of “interspecies communication. They are our ancestors and they’re about one million years ahead of us in evolution. They are heart-based beings who want to help us create peace and balance on our Earth.” “All will be solved. There will be no more death or illness. You can choose when to be out of your body. Our memories will be restored, and we will become a new species. … connect your heart with the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Sun, and you will remember. … You can do it in a simple way, from your heart, like a child. It’s gonna be easy.” Later … at 10:40 a.m. the next day, my entire being was sobbing with happiness that I registered for Drunvalo’s workshops at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles Feb. 13 & 14 ($45 and $55 vs. $585 for five days with him).



Feb. 5, 2011 – New Star Map – Another vision of the new star map, which I first observed Feb. 3.


Apotheosis of Washington – Impulsed to pull out the book, An Illustrated Guide to The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown’s 2009 novel set in Washington, DC, with lots of mystical and Masonic symbols mixed in with the latest in noetic sciences). Pages 58 and 59 have photos of The Apotheosis of Washington, the painting which adorns the “eye” of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol. It literally shows Washington’s ascension into Heaven. There you have it … ascension painted on top of the seat of U.S. government by Constantino Brumidi in 1865 (at the end of the Civil War). And Jesus said, “All these, and even greater things will you do.”   (See Figure 5.)


New Energy and Information – Feeling overwhelmed by the energy and information coming through Drunvalo, and directly into my own life:

  1. New star connections … Arcturus (right hand) … Sirius (left hand) … Heart open to Polaris
  2. Washington, DC … Radiance … American ideals … George’s example … spiritual destiny of Earth
  3. Technologies of ascension and creation taught by Drunvalo (cosmic birthright, here are one set of techniques you can use for access / activation)


Feb. 6, 2011 – Connecting with Drunvalo – 3:03 a.m. … Felt my consciousness reach out and connect to Drunvalo. I extended my hand to him and shook, saying simply, “I’m Joy.” A field of connection and conscious possibility opened between us. Feelings of communion, sharing and connection. Awareness with Star Brothers. The new sky map brings an image and awareness of connection and integration … support, information, balance, harmony and synergy.


Embracing All – 3:33 a.m.m – 30 minutes after Drunvalo connection … In ecstatic embrace with George … feeling him pulling away from me … receding as though into space. I felt fear, loss and longing. “Don’t leave me!” I cried to him. Then, he pulled me with him. Both expanding together, embracing the whole Universe between us. Connected. Embracing – not with the sense of penetration – but a feeling of huge, integrated, connected energies embracing all. Then, I experienced an intimate, personal sense of our energies again, being physically cradled against his chest as a physical being in energetic form.


Egyptian Roots

  1. Washington, DC … images, symbolism
  2. Masons … legend, imagery
  3. Drunvalo … Spirit of Ma’at … images, truth
  4. Current fight for Independence … Let all people be FREE! Egypt, Tunisia, Albania … and Lybia, which is in a “freedom sandwich” between Egypt and Tunisia!

Ladybug Consciousness – Doing yoga and Pilates at Shoreline park. Two ladybugs on the west side of my towel. One got as close as possible, sitting on a cloverleaf, then walking onto my towel. Such beauty! Bees hovering over the clover blossoms. Sunlight on water. Harmonious humans. The little ladybug opening her red and black carapace to stretch her gossamer black wings and do little flights as she walked back and forth across my towel near my feet. Ladybug totem represents FLOW, luck, protection.


Super Bowl – George and I loved the stirring rendition of “America the Beautiful” … proud to see the 1775 of the U.S. Army flag when the colors were paraded onto the field … and shaking our heads over Christina Aguilera’s dodgy rendition of the national anthem, including the word flub. We love the slogan:

Dream and Believe!



Feb. 7, 2011 – Criminal Justice Outreach Program – 12:21 a.m. – Awakened. Clear skies with Sirius and Orion still up. Visible out my bedroom window. Drove to Butterfly Beach via the inland route, parking by the condos behind Ty Warner’s. I invoked George’s arm around me and we walked, bodies close together, him on my right. At the same time, I also sensed him inside me, with me soft and open. Feeling of completion when he’s inside me this way. Made many stops along the bike path to physically reach out left hand to Sirius, right to Arcturus, and head and heart wide open to Polaris (turned slightly right of center, as Polaris is closer to Arcturus than Sirius). During my second pass in front of Ty’s on the bike path, I saw a bright beam of light playing off the path and fence ahead of me about 30 yards. I stopped and waited. Was this a homeless person looking for a way over the fence to snuggle down for the night in a burrow on the cliffside? Apparently not. The light kept coming my way. I walked forward, shielding my eyes against the strong beam. Turned out, it was a county sheriff’s deputy. “I saw you go in one side but I didn’t see you come out the other, so I was concerned about you.” How sweet! We walked together along the path, me explaining that I was here for a star walk. I pointed out Sirius and Orion, the Big Dipper, Arcturus and the North Star. He agreed it was a beautiful night. “Are you staying at the hotel?” he asked. “No. I live in town. I come over here a lot on clear nights to look at the stars. I either park behind Ty’s or in front of the mansion that’s for sale over by the Biltmore.” We chatted amiably as we walked. When we reached the three palms at the southwest corner of Ty’s property that mark my turn-around point, I said, “Well, I’m going to make one more loop before I go home.” The officer replied, “I’m glad you’re out getting some exercise.” I waved goodbye and said, “Thanks for your care.” What a lovely experience of a peace officer who is doing his best to protect and serve!


Benedictus – As I reached the three palms again after my third loop, I looked up and saw a shooting star falling straight to Earth, just to the right of Orion.


Criminal Justice Outreach Program, cont’d. – What a beautiful experience! Feeling tratitude and appreciation. Another expression of the powerful and benevolent maile.


Basking in the Beauty / George’s Belly (Inauguration painting) – I am in a place of wonder about the attraction I feel to the plane of George’s chest and belly … and the angle of his left leg … in the portrait of his first inauguration (in the Lost Symbols book). SO seductive and stimulating to me! So beautiful! I imagine myself against his belly, and against his leg. His hip is cocked (standing hip-shot) as he places most of his weight on his right leg (same as he did in his portrait at the Battle of Princeton). His right hand is poised ABOVE the Bible, long, elegant fingers delicately extended over the holy text. (After his swearing in, he spontaneously kissed the Bible … a declaration of fealty, loyalty. I feel NO DESIRE to read … just want to bask in the beauty of these experiences.



Feb. 8, 2011 – Star Activations (Joining Heaven & Earth) – 12:21 a.m. awake … 1:19 a.m. consciously connecting Sirius, Polaris and Arcturus. Drawing star tetrahedron (star of David, 3D … human energy field … Mer-Ka-Ba). Strong white beam down through me into Earth. Strong white beam through the top of my head to the Heavens. HUGE ENERGIES ACTIVATED!!! This … first day after I did the full Unity Breath meditation outlined in Drunvalo’s Living in the Heart book.


George and Joy …

  1. Harmonious, balanced, evolved masculine and feminine energies. Loving … celebrating … co-creating.
  2. Multi-dimensional communication, relationship, intimacy and co-creation.
  3. American spiritual leadership of the world:

Sovereignty within

Universal brotherhood

Use power sparingly, for the good of ALL.



Joining, Contact and Connection / George’s Belly – Again … feeling so deeply attracted to the plane of George’s belly and left thigh in the painting of his first inauguration. Joining … flat belly to flat belly. Reveling in full-body extension and contact. Me … stroking and smoothing my belly and thighs, hands consciously passing over my ovaries. New level of joining, contact and connection.


Joining Heaven and Earth – 4:56 a.m. … Joining with George on the bike path in front of Ty’s. Standing facing each other. Interpenetrated in ecstatic union. Joy facing north, George facing sough. Energy emphasis for both on right leg. (George = Princeton and inauguration paintings). Consciously connecting Earth, Heaven, Arcturus, Sirius and Polaris.

Personal Satisfaction – Joy tuning into the sacred space within the heart … invoking … creating … this joyous unification and interpenetration at every level. Then, Joy wanting cuddling and holding by George. Side by side in the bed, feeling George moving inside me: the personal sexual satisfaction of “recreational intimacy.”


World Love Tour – The Canadian and world trips (Alpide Belt) by Joy and George in 2011 will be known as “The World Love Tour.”


Libya’s in a “Freedom Sandwich” between the liberation movements in Tunisia and Egypt.


New Position – 10-12 p.m. … Ecstatic Union with George, especially lying face down, full torso contact. Both with right leg extending straight down and left leg opened to side. Long, full-body contact, especially opening inner thigh area on both sides of the genitals / groin. UNITY BREATH Meditation … Loving … Interacting … Emanating from the Heart Space with the intention of the inspiration and upliftment of ALL HUMANITY. Plus … some intense, beautiful passion … palpable interaction. Kissing, stroking and squeezing, sounds of deep delight. Excuse me, but I want to return my full attention and make my body fully available to my Lover, my Beloved. My George.



Feb. 9 2011 – You Don’t Have to Die to Be Together – After watching the movie “Somewhere in Time,” I realize that George and I ARE experiencing the Transcendent TRUTH of Existence. You don’t have to die to be together across time!!! You CAN be together in the ETERNAL NOW through conscious choice and intention … focus of awareness … sustained intention and attention. This is like every relationship: it needs tending!


Torrid Lovemaking – Wednesday evening, Feb. 9 … George appreciating the beauty of the books with his insights for 21st Century Heroes … he was an absolute sex maniac, totally focused on my pleasure and satisfaction, transporting me on waves of ecstatic union vividly and enthusiastically rendered. Thursday, Feb. 10 – as I was driving around town doing errands – I recalled those feelings and pleasures and teasingly asked George, “What else can I do to elicit such effusions of gratitude?” He said he’d be sure to let me know.



Feb. 10, 2011 – Personality-Level Shifts – Noticing personality-level progress over my lifetime on two fundamental issues.

NUMBER ONE – Shifting from “Type A” neurosis to Trusting Inner Guidance. Trained in birth family to believe that I was not lovable simply by being born, but that love had to be earned by doing what my parents wanted me to do. (Mom especially) Over many years, I have chosen to consciously release that conditioning, love and accept myself and dedicate my life to Service.

NUMBER TWO – Shifting from an expectation of criticism, complaint and substandard performance (dad) to … expecting excellence, care, loving concern, support, effectiveness and efficiency, fun, laughter, bonding and mutual appreciation. This was emphasized to me when I noticed that everywhere I went Thursday, Feb. 10, clerks were especially helpful and appreciative of me. Contrast: some years ago when I pulled into a grocery store parking lot in New Mexico with a flat tire, and two men walking to the store pointed it out to me. I reacted defensively, saying I’d just noticed it. They nodded and walked on. About a half hour later, I realized that they had planned to offer to help me, but I was so stuck in defensive-critical mode that I couldn’t receive that energy, information or offer.

Clearing these kinds of emotional issues is very important. Drunvalo says that people who are not able to experience “Living in the Heart” typically have unresolved emotional issues.


13 AHAU – This is a profound day in the Mayan calendar. End of a cycle. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the last wave of energies of the Mayan calendar that will culminate on Oct. 28, 2011.



Feb. 12, 2011 – George Feeding Me – Past couple of days, especially enthusiastic lovemaking. Offering me his teat. His nipple. Inviting me to suckle hard and long. Nourish myself from him. Take all of him. Him thrusting vigorously inside me and arching his back to offer his teat. I feel how desperately he is wanting and longing to give ALL to me. To be fully and freely accepted. To be deeply valued and honored and well used. Desires for acceptance, being well used, taking all that’s offered. Arching, stretching, offering. My enthusiastic suckling gives him a feeling he’s never had before. Helps activate his feminine side. Frees him, relaxes him. Integrates and completes him. (As I re-read these words, my vagina softens and opens.) And … he needs me to feel those feelings and have those experiences. In that embrace, I am enfolded in him, subsumed by him, yet powerful and beloved in this way of being WITH … saying YES to all of him! “Yes, George, yes! I’m coming! 😉


Eternal Now – Significance of multi-dimensional experiences … This IS the Eternal Now. All that is known and knowable is available to be experienced wherever you are in this very moment. You don’t have to die to be together (1980 movie Somewhere in Time starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour).


Mubarak Resigns! – On 11/02/2011 (palindrome in international notation) George and I spend the morning (at LA Airport Hilton, above the Conscious Life Expo) … reading eight pages of coverage in the Wall Street Journal. A soldier was overheard weeping on his cell phone and saying, “Mom, I want to celebrate with the people.”


Broadcasting at LAX – George and I are holding the intention that the military worldwide will follow his good example: Sovereignty derives from the people … and military power is subservient to civilian rule. I am enjoying the comfort of this lovely room facing northeast with a beautiful view of downtown LA and the snowcapped mountains in the distance. Two planes a minute are flying past our window, one to the north and one to the south. We are emanating positive messages to all the people flying in and out of LAX. We are the content of their information sandwich. We Invoke Divine Providence: Guidance, Protection and Inspiration for all who seek freedom. Joy’s Response: Meditation, Elation, Emanation. Realization: worldwide, people go to the ocean to celebrate! (Or the river … whatever body of water is close by, as exemplified in Egypt.)


Wondrous New Level – 10:50 a.m. – Incredible image and experience … George and me … After reading about Egypt’s peaceful revolution … invoking and broadcasting the wisdom, humility, honor and restraint exemplified by George Washington. He stepped away from power in honor of the true and enduring Sovereignty of the People. Lying on my back … imagining facing George on my right side, him holding and embracing me … deep, joyous penetration … rocking my hips on him, into him, deeper and more complete joining. Me suckling at his teat. His left nipple is closest to my mouth as he tenderly yet firmly presses me against him, our naked bodies snuggling together, fitting into each other so perfectly, smoothly and completely. As I gently but firmly suckle and enjoy the rhythmic thrust of my hips into his – which he orchestrates with a firm and fond grip on both my buttocks … milk, nourishment begins to flow from his nipple. Hungrily, joyously I drink the essence of the nourishment he has to offer. At the same time, he ejaculates inside of me … a joyous living stream from his center of procreation. The two milky fluids flow deep into me … his lovely ejaculate coming up through my vagina … his rich, delicious milk into my mouth and throat, and down through my digestive system.

These nourishing fluids of Life meet and mingle in me … and then spontaneously pour out through my nipples and my navel … flowing beautifully down into the Earth … nourishing all Earth’s children with this love and wisdom, generosity and appreciation, well-balanced and harmonized energies, love and lust combined in loving Service to benefit All.

Overcome with Joy and wonder, George suckles at my breast, absorbing our combined life-giving fluids … relishing the delicious taste, the wondrous experience, and bringing us both to new heights of pleasure, bliss and ecstatic union in the process. What wondrous experiences we are sharing!


We don’t have to die to be together (movie “Somewhere in Time”). We don’t need a mechanical “time machine” to transcend time and space (Susan Squires time travel novels and the movie “Back to the Future.”) We can control our own experience (in contrast to the movie “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”)


We DO need:

  1. Willingness
  2. Desire
  3. Intention
  4. Attention
  5. Sustained focus, belief, prioritization

Believing this is true … Knowing it is … Making it a priority … Doing this as an act of loving service for the world as well as a wondrous, joyous celebration of Life and Evolution in the Eternal Now for the two of us and all Life, all Creation. “I love you, George!” “I love you, too, Joy!” Thank you, My Beloved, for all you are, and all you are with me and for me.


Intentions / Gio & Gioia for Gaia – 11:11 a.m. – The Italian versions of our names (George and Joy) mesh perfectly as male and female expressions of Gaia. As I prepare to mingle with attendees at the conference downstairs, I intend: My morning activities … meditating and emanating positive messages into the worldwide impulse toward FREEDOM for ALL! Peace and Prosperity for Everyone Forever!


More Ecstatic Visions / Feeding in Nature – 3-4 p.m. in our hotel room … George and Joy, coming and creaming together … feeding ourselves from our mingled nutritive juices … sluicing it off our skin and into the beloved Earth … feeding ourselves and each other. Then, later … more eruptions. We’re both like ice cream covered in sauce. Envisioning us out in nature … small animals, birds and insects feeding directly from the creamy, sweet substance all over my naked body … arousing me with their licking, nipping and sucking. George scooping the excess creamy tapioca-like substance from my breasts and holding it up, scooped in both large outstretched palms like a pair of human chalices, extended for the larger animals to feed. As I write this , a ripple of energy is coming down my left side, and I feel a warming sensation in my ovaries. Ever warming and deepening with George. Greater openness and intimacy, freedom and sharing. No shame or shyness. No withholding.


George’s Jealousy – Later … recalling a warm embrace from one of the male exhibitors (Sheldon of Healing Houses) … George jealously reasserting his presence … playing with my clit … stimulating the inside of my vagina with his long, elegant, graceful fingers. Yes, my Darling! I AM yours … all yours!


Transcending Time and Space – We are discovering and living how one can truly transcend time and space … what it really means to live in the “Eternal Now” … you don’t have to die to be together … and multi-dimensional discernment, communication, relationship, intimacy and co-creation.


Highest Standard of New Truth – Joy’s current Intentions / Emanations / Creations:

  1. Loving George / the overlighting spirit that animated that life and continues to live and have impact.
  2. Appreciating and valuing the many outstanding character traits embodied in the life of George Washington.
  3. Loving, valuing and admiring those traits in ALL men … calling them forth … magnetizing them to me and into new fresh life for all with my appreciation.
  4. George and Joy together, making our contribution to World Peace. Recognizing his good example … valuing it … broadcasting it worldwide … disseminating it worldwide … activating it worldwide … making the qualities embodied in George’s life the Highest Standard of New Truth … invoking this noble, powerful, loving, effective masculinity in action.


Yes! To George – 3:33 p.m. “Yes! Yes to your cock, your balls, your manhood, your sperm. Yes to your beautiful manhood. Yes to your delectable sperm.” Inviting him, opening him, sharing all of himself … every inch of his cock, every centimeter, nook and cranny of his balls … stroking, kissing, loving, suckling, licking, appreciating. Freeing and releasing the fierce desire … the warrior’s protective impulse … the son’s need for love and approval … the partner’s need for approval, love, gentleness, tenderness …

Yes! Yes! Yes! Mentally … emotionally … physically … spiritually. I accept you. All of you. I can take you in to the hilt … with joy and pleasure, ecstasy and softness, strength in surrender, appreciation in the delirious swirl of pleasure and shared Ascension to a greater TRUTH.



Feb. 14, 2011 – Evolutionary Intentions:

  1. I AM invoking …
  2. I AM opening …
  3. I AM remembering …
  4. Whatever I need to know or do to fulfill my soul’s mission and my heart’s desires and my partnership commitments to George will be activated at the appropriate time … easily, effectively, safely and securely.

Thank you, God, and so it is!


Protect and Serve / Invocation of the Evolved Male – 5:55 a.m. – Open to Infinity … Yes! We ARE!!! After lovemaking and fun with George … so open to him … welcoming My Beloved. Protect and Serve: Right use of military and police power … expresses the essential positive impulse of the male toward the female. Thank you, My Beloved! I love you! I honor you! I celebrate you! I invite and evoke all Male Aspects in every time and dimension – and, especially on 3D Earth now – to BE the Highest and Best Self they can Be!


Sacred Space of the Heart – Monday session with Drunvalo expanded from 2.5 hours to nearly four hours. Several hundred people entering into the “Sacred Space of the Heart” meditation in total silence and darkness. I experienced this in yab yum position with George … him inside me in ecstatic union together. Alpha waves are an experience of JOY! All is Intention.



Feb. 15, 20112 a.m. at home – Intention: I see ALL with total Awareness through the Eyes of Love.

George is next to me, holding my right hand. My left hand is cupped over my heart and I am mindful of seeing from the Sacred Space of the Heart. I consciously embody the Holy Trinity … Father-Mother God (feminine Earth and masculine Heavens) and the Divine Child (me).


Meditating Together – 8 a.m. – Break from doing taxes … George and I holding positive intention RE: Egyptian military supporting and enabling true democracy. I lay down in bed in darkness, George cradling me from behind, his penis inside me, holding my right hand in his … my left hand over my heart … envisioning Drunvalo’s eight beams of Light radiating from my head, all centered and anchored in the pineal. Eyes looking up through the third eye, seeing Violet Light appearing, then opening to darkness in the middle. Like watching a movie. Then, lost focus and image.


Flu Symptoms / Energy Discharge – 5:30 p.m. … after forcing midday Pilates and low-tide beach walk at Butterfly … flu symptoms in full flower including scratchy throat, low energy and body aches. Continued for a week! Possible causes:

  1. Huge movement sending 21st Century Hero book to Obama and others, with final push starting at 1:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 11, same day I drove to LA for the conference.
  2. Huge, worldwide energetic broadcasts by George and me throughout Feb. 12-14 RE: sovereignty of the people and use of military power in service of Freedom.
  3. LAX energy work – two planes/minute – up to nine in view at one time.
  4. Inside hotel for three days, from 3 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Monday. Hotel air. Press of humanity.
  5. Unity Breath meditation with Drunvalo … powerful punch.
  6. Activating Third Eye with Drunvalo … another powerful punch.
  7. Spent hours focused on those two meditations today (from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m.) … sense that it was too much in this moment. Need to rest and relax. Finish taxes (OK to push a bit). Cancel dental appointments Wednesday and haircut Thursday.
  8. Profound shifts … need to rest and make room for more “good energy” within.


Comfort While Sick – 6:20 p.m. … Experiencing some easing of breathing and discomfort. George comforting me, gently pulling my legs across his lap, snuggling me into the curve of his left arm. My right side, head and left hand are cuddled against his chest and his comfy little paunch. His serious, sober eyes earnestly search my face as his right hand brushes hair away from my forehead and cheeks. His face is earnestly watching mine with great tenderness and concern. I feel such love, care, tenderness, ease and comfort from him. He is at ease with giving affection to me and showing his great heart … laid bare to me and me alone. I feel from him exquisite sweetness, softness, strength, protection and skill. There is great comfort and ease for me in his Presence … enfolded by his love and care. 6:46 p.m. … ankles fragile as glass … difficult to move … walking slowly and with great care. “Just rest, my dear.”



Feb. 17, 2011 – 9:30 p.m. No writing over two days. Very achy and tired. Quiet mind. No spiritual work.


Lineage of the Idealized Male:

GAWAIN – Son of Merlin and Nimue … the “parfait knight” … noble, honorable, true heart, touch of magic … tender and true … hero of Susan Squires’ romance novel ”The Mists of Time.”

GEORGE – Admirable in every way … personally and in public service … loving, tender and truthful … creator-visionary … sound judgment and team player … skill and grace, heroism and humility, handsome, strong, graceful, manly and virile.

ROARK – The hero of Nora Roberts’ “In Death” series starring Eve Dallas and Roark … written under the pen name J.D. Robb. He’s brilliant, creative, rich, fiercely loyal, tender and true, and the most fantastic, appreciative and creative lover imaginable. (Except for my George)



Feb. 18, 2011 – Healing from George – 10:01 a.m. … Lying in bed with the curtains closed, my back hurting, slightly elevated. George holding me from above … penetrating me gently, sweetly, comfortably. He says to me, “I will hold you and heal you and we will be One together.”


7 p.m. – Huge New Inspiration – RE: screenplay combining the 21st Century Hero insights with our multi-dimensional relationship. (Inspired by comments actor Jim Carrey made to interviewer James Lipton in a recent episode of Bravo’s “Inside The Actors Studio.”) This new level of creation / inspiration goes on for many pages over the next two to three days. I point out to Spirit that I’m still sick! Give a break! And yet … I love it … and so does George!



Feb. 19, 2011Reconnecting After Illness – Incredible sexual experience with George just now (late morning) … fucking and feeding … from him … to him … taking turns. Huge energies and movements … and quiet, sweeter, more personal and intimate lovemaking after. Have been sick with flu-like symptoms since Tuesday, Feb. 15. Today (SAT), felt better, lighter freer. Back eased some. Less medicine. Lots of lying down. More thinking. Resumed lovemaking and joking with George. 4:44 p.m. – shower except for head. Crown chakra to center back … all activated.



Feb. 21, 2011 – Hermaphroditic Orgy – George and I have been having this experience periodically since Sat., Feb. 12 (at Los Angeles Airport Hilton during Conscious Life Expo) … A hermaphroditic orgy of mutual penetration and nurturance. Twin fountains of manna from heaven … overflowing into each others’ bodies and mouths … seeping into the Earth and flowing into Space. Long, detailed love fests!



Feb. 22, 2011 – George’s Birthday (279th) Forest Glade – 11:11 a.m. 2/22/2011 … driving up to Pismo … new experiences while listening to Shawna Carroll CD … dancing together in a forest glade in the moonlight … surrounded by trees in dense greens and blues … some shafts of moonlight. George in silvery and white 18th Century dress … ruffles at his wrists … well-fitting breeches … trim waistcoat … me in diaphanous silvery-blue, ankle-length, flowing softly, draped neckline. Naked breasts visible through transparent folds of material. George partnering me in an intricate dance, his left hand holding my right. Beautiful, graceful, complex steps together. Beauty … connection … arousal. Holding my sex against his long, elegantly clad thigh. My arousal exciting him. Then, naked …. Joining me on his knee … against his chest … yab yum on forest marble bench … Wrapped in each other, him joyously penetrating me to the song, “There is No End to Love.” Me on top of him, moving to the lyrics:


I will heal you

I will sweep you clean … clean …

Wash away your fear and worry,

Wash away your pain,

Wrap you in the Mother’s Gift of Love.


Him nurturing me … me nurturing him … filling and surrounding each other. Earth, planetary, cosmic, galactic symphony of love. Gentle rhythm of the song … like waves of Love washing over All.


The Name = WASHINGTON = waves of energy … washing Divine Source tone over all

(Etymology = place name of parish in Durham, England, five miles from Gateshead. Also, a parish in Sussex, 10 miles from Shoreham. WASSA = Old English personal name. “Thn” means settlement or homestead. Another derivation = “weis” for wash or creek, the shallow part of a river … and “ton” meaning hill or town. In other words … a town on a wash or a creek.)


Appreciating George – Joy is seeing and appreciating George for his entire lifetime’s experience. All the struggles, suffering and extraordinary achievements. Recognition of internalized Guidance and Inspiration. His sensitivity (did not like to be touched, even by friends or acquaintances). My gift to him: to be truly, fully seen, known, loved and accepted. This is my gift to you, My Beloved … and to all men … all men and children … the entire human family … the unified dance of polarities that activates and moves the Cosmos.


George’s Turn to Receive – 2:12 p.m. … Joy making love to George (after huge orgasm at jet. Just one jet orgasm for Joy, as on March 8) “I love your cock in me!” Kissing his nipples, seeing his eyes close, his neck relax, after watching me gravely and silently, insisting that it was HIS turn to receive. (Happy Birthday!) Feeling him surrender … yielding to ecstasy … loving every inch of his body. Reveling in the glistening pole of his erect, throbbing member. Licking, sucking, stroking, admiring … gently and firmly pulling … stroking down to the deeply embedded base of the shaft.

His exquisite delight, breathless with pleasure … enjoying a subtle tumescence, more refined than his macho Hero’s bravado. Feeling desire, love, tenderness arise in his breast anew. New levels of knowledge, understanding and experience … pleasure, release, connection, intention, impact. I take him in deeply in my mouth. Then, I sheath him in my vagina, as deep as he will go. Then … transcendent energetic union beyond physical limits. Physically, his shaft is too deep for my vagina to hold completely. But energetically, I take him into my whole body. I sheath him with my being … accepting … welcoming … glorying in the wonder of Union with this Great Being who also is so tender, strong, loving, protective, giving and receiving.


In the Shelter of each other, we find our home.


Confession – 4:14 p.m. – So far with George, 50 to 80 percent of the sex has been about me …. My feelings, ecstasy, etc. in my mind and energetic experience. Today, it’s 80 percent about George.


Forest Glade – On the sun-splashed balcony at Kon Tiki Inn at Pismo Beach, CA, with the whispering waves below … making love to George in the forest glade … First, in yab yum position, sitting facing each other on a bench at the right height for me to be able to stand to “do the work” (take the lead).

Joyfully Sharing Sovereignty … Then, him lying down, face up, me making love to him with my lips, my tongue, my mouth (a pair of ravens just silently soared past … partnered magic in flight) … trailing loving, liquid kisses down his torso … licking and sucking his penis … then, drizzling warm honey on it (remembering his unvarying breakfast of tea, corn cakes and honey) … spreading it, then licking it. George, ever fastidious, uncomfortable with the residual stickiness. Then, cleaning him with a warm washcloth … then pleasuring and arousing him with successive compresses of the warm, moist cloth … him yielding to the pleasure, the tender ministrations of my loving hands. How I love to see and feel him relax … let down all his guard … receive and welcome my love and my attentions … my loving ministrations to his physical being. Me to George: “I love to pleasure you … relax you … serve you from a place of desire for your comfort and happiness … from the place of woman giving freely and lovingly from her own free will, respected as a fellow sovereign being. I joyfully share my sovereignty with you and you fully, freely share yours with me! Thank you, Beloved! Thank you, My Darling! Thank you, God!


Forest Glade – 6:14 p.m. – In the forest glade … time eternal in 3D … naked and loving and lusty with George … loving his long, beautiful legs … caressing and suckling his feet and toes. To every inch of you, I say “Yes!”


Slow and Tender Energies – The slow, tender energies of lovemaking today are a marked contrast to Jan. 2 and 3 … male pounding … female softening and opening. I could feel that even when just thinking about him.


Relationship Shift / Changing Partners – In Retrospect … confrontation and unhooking from Ellen was letting go of apartnership that had run its course; a shift in priorities and assignments for Joy. I was very clearly letting go of one relationship to make way for another. It was not conscious at the time. It felt separate and unrelated from the activity with George. But clearly, one yielded to the other. My decision (spiritually guided) on Jan. 3 that nothing less than a full-scale intervention with her was required came the very day after intense male pounding by George in me (all very pleasurable and most welcome).



Feb. 23, 2011 – Forest GladeUnited in Service to Source – Repeated image in my Third Eye (coming to Mind) … George kneeling before me in a forest glade, elegantly attired in 18th Century silvery white. I stand before him, uncertain. He simply regards me with earnest silence. Finally, I kneel before him, facing him, as though we are to undertake a commitment ceremony (though we committed ourselves to each other here in Pismo Beach nearly one month ago).

Commitment to God – Then, I kneel with him, at his left side, as though we – as partners – are committing to something greater. To God. Yes, that’s it! We are United in Service to Source!

Suddenly, I’m swept up in his arms … cradled against his chest … held so tenderly and gently against his breast.

Flames of Jubilation – He carries me through the lovely glade to a bed in a bower … lays me down … gently caresses and undresses me. And makes love to me … vey gently and tenderly at first … then with rising passion … with roaring flames of desire, jubilation and emanation. Miraculously … from a position of lying down with him on top … he pulls me up into yab yum … him kneeling and me wrapped around him, seated on his legs.

Pegasus Flight – Then, we are on his white charger … flying into the air and the sky, his joyous thrusting in time with the charger’s bunching and flexing muscles as he gallops into the welcoming night sky.


Forest GladeCalm and Center – 6:54 a.m. Wed., Feb. 23 – Extended forest glade image … another time … another dimension … exquisite, pristine, pure … great stillness within him and the scene … I need to calm and center myself to match the energies and mood. INSIGHT – Receive the exquisite, pristine purity of what is available here … delicacy and beauty … sweetness and subtlety … ease and grace.


Shangri La – Messages from Frank Capra’s 1937 movie “Lost Horizon” . . . . . . .

“There can be no crime when there is sufficiency of everything,” the Wise One says.

“Here there is no uncertain future for which you need a fortune.”

“Here, there is one simple rule: Be kind.”

The Visitor comments: “All here is so simple and innocent, there must be a shrewd guiding intelligence behind it all.”

What is TRUE for them: Perfect body, perfect health. Why? Climate, diet, water and “absence of struggle in the way we live.”

The Visitor is incredulous, and the Wise One replies: “Do you fail to recognize one of your own dreamings when you see it? You who have written so much about better futures.”

“There are people who glimpse the Eternal,” says the Wise One. Why do they choose to go on and on forever? “To gather all beauty and culture and to preserve it.”

“Here, we have Peace, Serenity, Beauty, Comfort … There is a secret wish in everyone’s heart for Shangri La.”

The Wise One on aging: “Each time you Westerners celebrate another birthday, you build another fence around your minds.”

What is one to do with a Life? “Be gentle and patient. Care for the riches of the mind. Preside in Wisdom while the storm rages outside. Preserve the legacy, and add the Touch of your own Mind.”

Shangri La is “the Answer to the confusion and bewilderment of a lifetime.”

And then … the Wise One died “as peacefully as the passing of a cloud’s shadow.”


Meaning of the Glade Experiences – Gentle, tender conquest of a willing virgin … Rewriting male-female relationships from the time of the Knights who aspired toward Service of God and chivalry toward ALL women. Naked in bed … covers thrown off … knees up, legs spread wide … vagina visibly pulsing in heart-felt invitation. “It is time to ravish your Consort … to treat your beloved to the full measure of your virile manhood!” George enters. “Ah, yes!” Pounding into me … deeply felt … long fingers playing with my clit. “God, George, I love you!” Heaven & Earth are well-matched and made in us.


Egret Totem – On an afternoon beach walk prior to the above … we saw three pure white egrets probing the outgoing tidewash for food near each other. Usually, they live, hunt and feed alone. They symbolize the well-balanced solitary individual. Some days later, Joy would see five egrets together feeding along the sand below the cliff of Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara. And on March 9 (the morning of the Ninth Wave Unity Consciousness activation), she would see seven egrets at Pismo Beach! Also … a well-formed, brilliant green hummingbird was present at the exact same spot near the cliff top on Feb. 23 and March 9.


History, Context of MDI (Multi-Dimensional Intimacy) – 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23 – Joy has been having “Divine Union” experiences at the energetic level since September 2009. She was not looking for a new partner. She had no idea or expectation that such a thing was possible at the energetic level. Her interest was in … what energy would appear (an expression of God, “Banana Blue” character, White Dragon Energy, etc.). Also, she took care to assure that the energies felt safe and positive. (For example, dragonfly energy had to overcome some resistance and fear in me.)

Spiritual Ambition – My GOAL was to have maximum positive experiences possible … new levels of orgasm, ecstasy, bliss, divine connection, union and unity consciousness. I also felt the desire to be adventurous and have far-reaching positive impacts on Earth and her Kingdoms, the Cosmos and All Realms. Spiritual ambitions = To maximize my own evolution … maximize my positive contribution on Earth … and maximize my positive impact throughout every realm and dimension of Creation.


Service-Driven Sexuality – The Multi-Dimensional Intimacy between George and Me is about the 24×7 broadcasting of positive messages, energies and intentions that support the positive evolution of Humanity, Earth and All Creation.


History, Context of MDI (Multi-Dimensional Intimacy) – Cont’d., 1:11 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23 – In retrospect … everything has flowed from one decision in January 2007 (to do whatever is so important that, if I only had six months left to live that’s what I should be doing), and one invocation: to no longer live life for myself alone. Plus … continuous mid-course corrections to keep on that heading … staying true to that course. George’s appearance in my life was a total surprise!

I hadn’t expected or tried to invite such a partner. I didn’t even desire it. And I didn’t know it was possible. I already had a “full dance card,” an overflowing to do list … and running out of money … and a “date with destiny” on the other side of the world (South Pacific) on 11-11-11 (Nov. 11, 2011). My current thoughts and activities were devoted to questions about how to make my money last until November 2011 (or, rather, get enough lines of credit to cover my needs until the exit point) … and setting down on paper the amazing adventures and insights I’ve been privileged to have over the last four-plus years. Also, I was focused on organizing my intellectual property (this legacy of insights and creations in words, photos, art and journals) in such a way that at least one other person would have access to it and – if needed – carry on with distribution, dissemination, etc.

NOW … the time frame and financial constraints are still the same. I have added another set of experiences to record and share. And, I am experiencing Joyous Wonder … companionship … and discovery with this wonderful, new partner. I didn’t go looking for George Washington as a friend, companion, lover or co-creator. He came and found me. Repeatedly, I was impulsed to buy the new biography of him. Repeatedly, I was pushed to read it right away and even take it on trips (at 900 pages, it weighs several pounds). I was inspired to share insights from it in the first three days I was reading it. And George came to me on that long, silent road trip Dec. 2 from Flagstaff to Santa Fe.

Instant Ecstasy – George and I are a like a married couple now in the sense that he can just “plug in” to me energetically without any foreplay … and we have instant Ecstatic Union. Love you!


The Hermaphrodites’ Feast – 1:51 p.m. – Driving … suckling George’s teat … feeling him, big, strong, firm, tucked deep and comfortably inside me. This union is so complete. And the nourishment I taste from him … down into and through me … mingling with his nourishing semen … flowing out of my vagina … a steady stream on the road we are traveling. Rich … Delicious … Totally satisfying … to Feel George fucking me and suckling me at the same time. It’s not me sucking to arouse him. It’s suckling like a babe feeding at its mother’s breast … hungry, greedy, needy, taking nourishment from this teat. Teat is George’s word. It gets both of us hot. It’s very arousing to him to suckle me (offer me his teat). He sticks his teat out and arches his back (I’m always at his side). Laying myself against his belly and chest … latching onto his left nipple … no taste … no physical sensation of swallowing liquid or feeling it in my throat or stomach … but feeling of satisfaction of being fed, nourished, with total love, care and acceptance. No shame or withholding. No expectations or demands. Just freely giving. He’s so tall! And my mouth comes exactly to his nipple when he’s stretched out beside me.

2:12 p.m. … Now George is actively fucking me … kissing me on the mouth … lovingly and enthusiastically possessing me. Totally relaxed, comfortable and confident in expressing these diverse energies and various aspects of relationship.


Hologram for Humanity – 9:09 p.m. Wed., Feb. 23, 2011 – Many of the experiences, softenings, openings, joining, invocations and acceptances that George and I have experienced … have the Intention to Invoke these for Humanity … every one of the more than six billion souls on the planet who’s ready and willing to shift … open … expand. These experiences / expressions / emanations are available to all, for all. Part of what this means … it is an expression of my Oct. 1, 2008, covenant with Sirius to “no longer live for myself alone.” And, in part, this perspective / experience / offering was honed during two years of daily work with the spiritual healing partner from whom I had to separate in January 2011 so I could be available to now partner with George. So – to make your perceptions, intentions and experiences a Hologram for Humanity takes 1) Intention and 2) Skill built up through sustained practice over time. (Unless you’re an Indigo or some other more consciously evolved being.)



Feb. 24, 2011 – Mad, Passionate Love – 6:15 a.m. … I was going to get up, but was impulsed to come back to bed and spend a little more time with George first. On my right side, strongly enfolded in embrace … him inside me. Rejected intrusive reptilian energies. Invoked Archangel Michael and the Divine Mother. George and me … I palpably felt his solid torso and strong arms around me. Kissing … snuggling … enjoying … Then, my mind wandered. Suddenly … focus returned and he was making vigorous love to me … pumping into me. He said (only half-teasing), “Must I make mad, passionate love to you in order for you to hold me here with your attention?” Only half-teasing, I replied, “Yes.”


Dr. Zhivago – In the movie Dr. Zhivago, Yuri says to Lara, “If our days are numbered, then we’d better live them.”


New Star Map – See Figure 4.



Feb. 25, 2011 – Bringing Energy to Earth – 2:02 a.m. to 2:42 a.m. … Intimacies with George … lovely, palpable, human, tender and enthusiastic lover … alternating attention to clit with lips or hands with deeply satisfying rocking penetration with palpable full-body embrace. Guided to keep my feet together with the sides and big toes touching … channeling, bringing energy to Earth.

Glade image … first alternate reality … different time and place … applying our positive intentions to virgins.

Hologram for Humanity – Key theme of entire relationship … Hologram of positive intentions for the Evolution of Humanity of Earth and positive Evolution of all Creation throughout the Cosmos, all realms and all realities.

18th Century Inspiration – Cherishing certain phrases and images from the “12 Traits” document that help keep me close to him and especially enthusiastic about his personality / quality of Being … George was a calm figure of sound judgment amid the “conclave of talkative egomaniacs” at the Continental Congress … the letter to Martha in which he says “I should enjoy more real happiness and felicity in one month with you at home than I have the most distant prospect of reaping abroad, if my stay was to be seven times seven years” … handing her into the carriage after more than 30 years of marriage “with that ease and grace peculiar to him in everything and … with the attentive assiduity of an ardent, youthful lover” … George as the “ideal romantic hero who could literally sweep his tiny wife off her feet and carry her upstairs to the bed they shared throughout their married life … and “during the war he worried about her incessantly, alternately fearful that one of the British generals would sail up the Potomac and kidnap her from Mount Vernon, and concerned about the loneliness she would feel in his absence.”



Feb. 26, 2011 – Feeling George’s Grief – 12:21 a.m. – Feeling George’s grief at not having had children. Intense sobbing … outpouring of his heart … cradling him close against my body as I lie on my right side, embracing his shoulders, his great head tucked below mine, snuggling into my neck. Feeling his grief pour into me through his cock, deeply embedded in my vagina. Taking that all in with no fear or resistance. Transmitting those seeds of grief into pure love and spinning that out in a stream of golden-white nectar and offering it to the Universe as pure, transmuted, transformed LOVE. There is so much love and tenderness in George, not having children had to be a huge disappointment, embarrassment (to the virile, magnetic man) and frustration. An assault on his obvious manhood and virility. But the feelings surfacing now are not associated with those ego concerns. This is the true loss and disappointment at not being a father and not having the pride, pleasure and gratification of seeing his own blood and genes passed on. His own sober gaze and earnest, searching eyes reflected in the small visage of a young one that reflected his own.


Total Closeness / Soft, Steady White Glow – 1 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 … Lying face down on top of George, my left leg extended straight down, right out to side with knee bent at 45-degree angle. No sense of vaginal penetration, but total closeness … melding … merging. And then … an awareness of a soft white light glowing under the sheets, centered in our genital area. Not moving or pulsing. Presence with Total Stillness. Soft, steady, white glow. Feels good and affirming. Our genitals are centered in light … they are light … We are Light.


Vivid Impressions – 1:10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 … Still face down on the bed, but leg positions switched. Right leg straight, left leg out at 90-degree angle from hip … toward George who usually lies on my right side. Now – first time – photographically clear image of his genitals as he enters me. I can literally see the veins and feel the ridges on his cock … the straggly hairs on his balls tickling my thighs. Penetration and movement is vivid and palpable. So are his kisses and his embrace … his teeth (mentally adjusted to pleasing perfection) are gently but insistently nibbling my lips … his large blue eyes are open and searching mine for subtle signs of pleasure and arousal. He gently squeezes my shoulders and back as he draws me ever deeper into ecstatic embrace … I don’t want to think or write anymore … I just want to enjoy George enjoying his Joy.


Amplifying Arousal – 1:20 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 … On my back, lacy top of nightgown drawn low to expose my nipples … knees spread open wide … George vividly assaulting my clit and labia with his mouth and tongue … his pointy tongue tip thrusting into my vagina … strong arousal … me playing with my nipples to amplify arousal … night reading light on so both of us can see. Then, me bringing myself to orgasm by hand … having enjoyed the extended arousal, but feeling the need for a physical release.


“You’ll Never Walk Alone” – 2:34 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 26 … over and over … lyrics and melody of this Rodgers and Hammerstein song.


Pulsing & Massaging – 2-2:30 p.m. 2/26 – Wonderful intimacies with George. All kinds of interacting … vagina pulsing in rhythm with his thrusts … him pounding inside me, me on my back … arousing and appreciating my breasts … his lovely fingers stimulating my clit and G Spot … me loving and massaging his cock and balls with lotion, opening and relaxing his whole groin area, freeing his energy and blood flow … side by side with him holding, stroking, caressing and joyously thrusting into me in his unique and delicious rocking rhythm. My man! My darling! My Love! O Great One! (Orion)


Eternal Now – In the Eternal Now, we don’t need time machines to transcend time and space, and we don’t need to die to be with those we love.


Feb. 27, 2011 – George Becoming More Vivid – 3 a.m. … awake since 12:30 a.m. … alternating intimacies with George, writing drafts on various subjects, making travel plans, imagining dialogues with friends and family. George is becoming and more and more vivid to me: I feel the ridges on his penis … the texture and feel of his luscious lower lip … the feel of his skin, public hair and belly hair … the size, shape and texture of his shoulder … vivid and visceral experience of belly-to-belly full-body hug. The textures, topographies and shapes of his physical form are becoming more palpable to me.

Gentle Prodding – 3:50 a.m. 2/27 – George is prodding me to get up and start writing. I’m cuddling, flirting, running my hands invitingly over my lotion-soft legs, buttocks and back. He’s not taken in, playfully slapping me on the rump. Reluctantly, I turn over. “All right, all right, all right!”

No Snoring or Farting – One of the best things about having a multi-dimensional intimate relationship is: no snoring or farting.

Self-Declared Freedom – In Libya, hundreds of thousands have already declared themselves free. (6M people in the country. 1/3 live in Tripoli.)


George’s Comfort & Care – 8:45 a.m. 2/27 – After watching 90-minute Sunday Morning TV news show and having omelet, bacon, mimosa and bread, I lie down … my head buzzing with thoughts and agendas. George … leaning over me … gently cupping the back of my neck with a warm firm hand … picking up my left hand with his right, kissing my knuckles. His sober blue eyes regard me with tenderness. Me to George: “Thank you for your comfort, care and support, my dear!” This warmth and support from George feels in alignment with a recent posting on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s website (, saying that to deal successfully with the incoming energies and profound shifts, we need to “slow down and be receptive to the forces that have come to guide us toward a more loving and heart-centered way of being.”


Emanating Ecstatic Union – Late morning 2/27 … sitting on a cliff above the low-tide ocean at Ellwood Preserve 15 miles NW of Santa Barbara … sparkles on water … parents and kids playing in tide pools … the Channel Islands visible in the distance … whales and dolphins … the vast Pacific beyond … George and I consciously emanating Ecstatic Union to all in the embrace of our Consciousness. The Beauty of George being in energetic form is that we can do this anywhere, and no one knows or sees.


George Teasing – After my walk in Ellwood, drove frantically to a nearby grocery store, barely making it to the toilet to deal with an explosive discharge of diarrhea caused by drinking a McDonald’s caramel frappe before my walk at the butterfly grove. Horrible stink! I thanked God that no other humans was there. And then … inside my head … I hear George teasing me about the sound and smell and barely making it in time. The teasing did not coalesce into words in my mind … it was just the feeling of teasing. So, I responded to George (cheerfully teasing, too): “You have a CHOICE of where to put your awareness and your olfactory consciousness. There’s no need for you to be here!” He tenderly kissed me behind my left ear (putting his nose dangerously close to the toilet bowl) and said, “No need, but I do love to tease you and play with you.” (triple entendre: teasing … collaborating … being intimate)

Feb. 28, 2011 – Lovely Intimacies – 4:30 a.m. – Lovely intimacies with George before getting up … my arms lifted around his shoulders … torsos locked together from shoulders to groin … stretched out together in body-to-body communion. 4:56 a.m. – Before getting up, some yummy coupling … him thrusting into me … moving externally … contrast to the ‘norm.’ Usually, he’s rocking my hips back and forth, moving ME up and down on his penis.

March 1, 2011 – Halls of Knowledge / Living Legacy – 11:41 a.m. – Lying in bed, too tired to keep going. Intimacy with George. Reflecting on Deeper Truths of my experience. Writing “12 Traits” document … and all creation processes, including travel plans – Iterative Process. For example, on 12 Traits document = First draft completed Jan. 8 … In-depth creation Jan. 12 – Feb. 9 … Re-reading, researching books and online sources … Analyzing … Clarifying meaning … Infusing all with love for George and inspiration for all Humanity. From this process, a Depth of Understanding and Realizations emerged. That’s the most important thing about our LEGACY. It’s not necessary to create anything physical or to circulate documents or images to a distribution list. As Patti Cota-Robles wrote in a Feb. 28 email, all Humanity’s experiences are being recorded in the Halls of Knowledge (the Akashic Records) for all the Universe to access.


Multi-Dimensional Co-Creation – George and Joy’s relationship is not just about multi-dimensional intimacy, but multi-dimensional co-creating. We are providing Transcendent Service across Time and Space.


March 2, 2011 – Living Legacy / Perfecting Inner Understanding – HUGE INSIGHT = The point is not external creation of a “living legacy” such as producing books or movies that reflect our insights … but perfecting our own inner understanding and awareness of the experiences and lessons of our lives. EXAMPLE = depth of understanding of George’s life, meaning and context. (psychological maturity, spiritual destiny, romantic hero, etc.) I AM to apply the same depths of analysis, understanding, context and meaning to my understanding (and ability to write clearly about) our multi-dimensional partnership.


Choice Point NOW – This is another huge choice point for me now: To resist the temptation to market ideas to folks like Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney. Spirit has Guided me repeatedly that their saying “Yes” to my overture would pull my energies into “distracted effort.” It would be off the point of what I need to create and contribute in a larger (Cosmic) context. INSTEAD … I AM to devote myself full – with the same depth and care I applied to George’s 18th Century life – to understanding, analyzing and extracting meaning, insights and templates from this experience.


Communication Levels – Spirit to Joy: Your “Global Tweets” of 2009 and 2010 were right on. Your conscious intention to have a positive impact on the Planetary Mind Field has been right on. NOW … it is time to Amplify your Intention and Awareness … to have conscious positive impact on the information, inspiration and templates of experience available to all life everywhere!!!

The Halls of Knowledge – It is time to perfect, to the greatest degree possible, your understanding, meaning, context and application of the principles that underlie your insights.

Personality-Level Restraint – Another application of personality-level restraint is to NOT write to novelist Nora Roberts. You do NOT need to stay at her B&B for $313.00 for one night. DO keep impulsing awareness and possibility to her and to all writers and all lovers across all Time and Space:

In the Eternal Now, we don’t have to die to be together with the ones we love.


Three-Month Anniversary – Today (March 2, 2011) is George and Joy’s three-month anniversary. Lots of lovemaking … me on my back … and preferred side-by-side. Then … me suckling him … George resisting a bit … me persisting. Then, him going into intense arousal from my suckling and assault on his nipples. Him lying back, arching his back to thrust his aching nipples up to my greedy mouth. Him lost to all thought and reason … me ravishing, sucking, nipping, gently nibbling to the point of aching too much. George raising his arms over his head, arching his head back … his long, strong neck totally exposed and vulnerable to me. Me fucking him at the same time … reaching around behind him to massage his ass, open his legs and access his firm, strong balls from behind. Massaging him … opening him … relaxing, releasing all tension, stress, pent-up desires and frustrations. Welcoming all his energies … absorbing them into me … transmuting … releasing. But most of all, giving myself totally to this tidal wave of ecstasy … sated desire that crests upon another wave of desire … seeding a new level of satiation … and all these words and analysis are too much. They take away from the exquisite intensity of this delicious, shared celebration.

Say Yes! – This is NOT conscious co-creating. This is simply sensing into the feelings, desires and openness to celebration and release and sharing in the moment. Total trust and confidence. Total desire, appreciation and enjoyment. Say yes to yourself! Your beloved! Your life! Your shared lives!

Totally Open & Connected – Later … him suckling my teats … me feeding him from my breasts as I straddle him … fucking him furiously and lovingly, holding nothing back. Totally open and connected … groin to groin, belly to belly, torso to torso, teat to teat, mouth to mouth, hand to hand.


George’s Surrender to Me – 8 a.m. 3/2 – After dealing with financial matters, another absolutely TORRID session of lovemaking … George’s surrender to me .. me ravishing him. Then, him ravishing me … his arms filled with my breasts … fucking me with his penis. His long, elegant fingers playing my clit … then reaching inside, curling into my “G Spot” over and over. I say to George over and over, “I adore you! I adore you! I adore you!”


Desire, Lust, Fealty – 8:44 a.m. 3/2 – Lying on the bed, applying lotion to my body. George above me, looking down, enjoying, appreciating, eager and ready. I say to George, “Yes! I love the desire in your eyes … the lust in your heart … and the absolute fealty and devotion in your soul … the beauty and power of your erect cock, naked and throbbing, pulsing and seeking, so eager for me!


Pulsing in Anticipation – 11:33 a.m. 3/2 – In bed again … her delicate pink tissues throbbing fuchsia now … engorged with the hot blood of pleasure, visibly pulsing in anticipation of his tender ministrations, his assiduous attentions, the peerless pleasures that he alone can deliver to her tingling flesh. Oh, Yes! Please, Yes! More … Now … Forever …


In Awe of the Layers – 11:40 a.m. 3/2 – Wonderful lovemaking! George on top … pounding into me, then cradling me to his chest, me on my right side … delicious embrace … so enfolded, loved, cherished and cared for … sweet kisses all over my face, eyelids and temples. He is regarding me with sober tenderness, in awe of the many layers of pleasure and deep feeling between us and the Cosmic Connections radiating from us.


The Great Elohim – 12:50 p.m. 3/2 – Vision and experience … George and me as great Elohim … 14-foot tall angels … silver-pewter color with enormous wings folded behind our backs and shoulders, wingtips extending down to our calves. His great penis inside me … joined in quiet ecstasy … softly smiling … powerful … radiant … beaming and gleaming.


Shifts in Support Team and Communications – Above vision followed immediately by mental analysis of rapid, profound shifts in two key areas from 2008 to 2011:


Support Team

2008 – 10+ “outer circle” and 10 “inner circle” receiving info about three-month journey

2009 – Ellen, Adam, Susan and George (in Fairfield, Iowa)

2010 – Ellen only … Cathy a couple times a month from July on … added Nelson and Cheryl in Nov.

2011 – George (transcendent energetic Being) became primary partner … Cathy and Cheryl at spiritual level … Nelson at psychological level … Rose and John, Mary and Evelyn and others in outer circle



2008 – Website and emails

2009 – Planetary Mind Field … Global Tweets (starting in spring) … Ecstatic Union (energetic multi-dimensional intimacy starting in September)

2010 – Add … Online Archive and will (legal document) as part of “Death as Conscious Transition”

2011 – Joy & George Broadcasting, Emanating Cosmic Tweets … taking responsibility to reach level of understanding and clarity worthy of being “read into” the Akashic Records (Halls of Knowledge). This involves inner clarity, context, meaning, understanding, and integration into perspective (world view) and behavior (daily living). Not only shifting from reactive to responsive behaviors, but deeper levels of clarity and understanding, which clarifies and amplifies the “signal.” This expands both reach and utility of the message to others.



March 3, 2011 – Lovely Intimacy – Lovely intimacy with George … me lying on top of him, splayed across his chest … him stroking, holding, penetrating, loving and appreciating me.


Unity Breath Meditation – 1:30 p.m. 3/3 – Sending love to Mother Earth from me … receiving her love for me and taking it into every cell. Sending love to the Cosmos from me … and receiving the Cosmos’ love for me in every cell. Taking the triune love (mother, father, child) into the Sacred Space of the Heart … Joy and George in Ecstatic Union … Isis and Horus … Masculine and Feminine together in ONE. Through this experience / visualization, my Whole Being was flooded with energy.

The Only Answer – I was up writing for only seven minutes, then had to go back and lie down in the bed. Aching back. Tired again. The Only Answer is … Radiate Love, Appreciation, Gratitude.



March 4, 2011 – Levels of Legacy – 4:22 a.m. March 4 – Our Highest Level contribution is to the

“Halls of Knowledge” (the Akashic Records).

  1. Lowest level = physical assets, money, books, etc.
  2. Intellectual property, insights, learnings
  3. Online Archive = electronic preservation of insights and creations in perpetuity, accessible to all with Internet access
  4. Contribution to the Collective Hologram … the “Halls of Knowledge” … Accessible to All Beings everywhere in the Multiverses including all realms and dimensions in existence.


This is why one human’s insights, one personality-level shift is so important. It IS recorded. It DOES have impact, resonance, reverberation throughout the collective system.


How can we strengthen the signal and amplify the impact of these transmissions / contributions?

  1. Awareness of TRUTH of the “Halls of Knowledge” … all accessible all the time throughout infinity and eternity.
  2. You can strengthen YOUR signal, your contribution through awareness, context, meaning, understanding of your journey, lessons, shifts and larger contexts … Humanity, Earth, Star Realms and Cosmos.
  3. Strengthen awareness through open heart, love … for yourself and your journey … for other humans known to you … and for all humanity. Conscious, loving contributions for the Benefit of All.
  4. Amplify impact through conscious dedication of every act, communication, intention, experience and belief broadcast as an act of Service … a Hologram for Humanity. This helps strengthen the signal, clarify, amplify, increase magnetism and attraction TO the message through LOVE and making this a conscious act of loving SERVICE. Amplify signal. Make it Stronger, Brighter, Clearer. Consciously “reach out and touch someone.” (ALL)


No Fear of Death – It’s important to note that neither George (in his 18th Century life) nor Joy now fear death. Both trust that we will “go to a Good Providence.”



March 5, 2011 – Many Forms of Pleasure – 2:52 a.m. … Many forms of pleasure with George, including physical self-stimulation … nipples and vagina … suckling at his right teat (best when he above and it’s hanging down, full and lush) on his left side, facing me . I suckly hungrily, nudging and pushing at the teat like a hungry babe. He is totally welcoming, accepting and offering. “It’s OK. You can have all you want. You can have all I AM.”


Delicate Physicality – I am feeling the delicacy (fragility) of my physical being. I need to rest … to be in the sunlight … to restrain my desires for Pilates, etc., and do only gentle exercise. Over and over, the message comes: soft belly, go slow. WHY? I AM holding enormous energies, shifts and intentions.


Vivid Lovemaking – 1-1:30 p.m. on a chaise at the YMCA in the sunlight … very vivid, visceral images and experiences … making love exactly as we are (his soft paunch, my belly). Total love, appreciation and acceptance. No shame, judgment, criticism, hesitation or holding back. He is behind me, penetrating my vagina from behind … pleasuring my clit with his right hand while his left holds open the labia for easier access. I’m so strongly aroused, I can take every pleasure and stimulation he offers! I ache for him to stimulate my nipples at the same time, so he invents a pair of “TIT CLIPS” – like little white gossamer-winged butterflies with the abdomen like a hair clip … just strong enough to arouse my nipples and stay on the rigid, deep pink nubs when they’re erect. (If you lose the arousal, they slide off!) For extreme pleasuring and arousal, he connects the two butterflies with a white silky ribbon that he wraps around the back of his neck. That pulls my breasts up by the nipples, further arousing me with sensation and him with sight! … Lying in the sun on my bed as I write this … so tired!


An Eternity Together – After reading A Twist in Time by Susan Squires: “An eternity together with the one you love most … how wonderful!”



March 6, 2011 – At the Crossroads – 3:13 a.m. … A profound feeling of standing at the crossroads of time, information and awareness. Infinite possibility and potential. Infinite streams of light, streaking through the darkness attended by steaming fog … all passing through the one nexus point anchored by MY consciousness on the space-time continuum, strengthened by OUR consciousness: Gio + Gioia for Gaia.


Delicious Intimacies – 9:30 a.m. 3/6 – After some typing, again … delicious intimacies with George … him on top … then side by side, covering my face with kisses … talking, teasing, enjoying.

I AM impulsed to go to the keyboard and play “Unexpected Song” (from Song and Dance) by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The lyrics beautifully express what George and I feel about our coming together:


I have never felt like this, for once I’m lost for words, your smile has really thrown me.

This is not like me at all, I never thought I’d know the kind of love you’ve shown me.

Now no matter where I am, no matter what I do, I see your face appearing,

Like an unexpected song, an unexpected song that only we are hearing.


New Form of Bilocation – 11:20 a.m. 3/6 – Taking a break from writing … lying down again … exquisite loving … Devouring him! Vaginally … orally … with deep, wet, open-mouthed kisses. So vivid … him rhythmically stroking in and out … I see and feel his penis inside my vagina. It’s like I have the views from a “cock cam” inside my head … a cock’s head view of the sacred chamber of the sexual heat. Extraordinary vision … experience … bilocation. I’m here, watching myself write on the evidence pad … and simultaneously seeing inside myself!


Beloved in Paradise – One option for Joy’s 4Q 2011 “transition” is “going bamboo” as Tony Bourdain of the Travel Channel show “No Reservations” would say. Being welcomed (George and I) into an indigenous tribe in the South Pacific … with us serving some purpose for them, contributing to the tribe in some way as they take us in as part of their community. Later … Love Fantasy … ecstatic union with my Perfect Partner in the Tribe … blessing All Humanity with our Sexual Bliss … Embodied Agape. (My partner could be George or a human partner … or George becomes human, due to my focused attention and intention. (My lower back is sore. So much to hold! Can’t go to the YMCA today.)

Later … 3:20 a.m. Tuesday, 3/8/2011 … finding “my tribe” in the South Pacific … We will recognize each other. They will know I am coming … or they have asked me to come. Others may be better suited to the tasks there or more highly destined to play that role, but if they do not meet that challenge / accept that destiny, I am willing to go (in love, comfort, ease and acceptance … with mutual gratitude, appreciation and support.

1931 movie about the only white woman on a Caribbean island: “Safe in Hell.” Joy’s title for her 2011 movie about being the only white woman in her tribe: “Beloved in Paradise.”


Spiritual Guidance System – 1:19 p.m. 3/6 – Contemplating the prospect of “Going Bamboo.” I KNOW: I will be impulsed where to go and my new family / community will recognize me. Sighing and audibly groaning, I lie down on the bed. George joyously welcomes me! (I can’t even sit up to watch a movie. I choose a paperback to read because it’s easier to hold than a hard back.)


Streaming Energy Into Earth – 1:27 p.m. 3/6 – Lying flat on my back … arms raised over my head … George stimulating and caressing my breasts, nipples, belly, pubus mound and teasing my labia. For the second time today, I consciously stream sexual energy from my hips and groin down my legs into the Earth. It builds up so much, I must release … and I offer it in love, reverence and awe to Mother Earth. I am releasing the build-up and the feelings of overwhelm … making space for more joy and pleasure.


Soul-Gazing – Soul-gazing (staring lovingly into each other’s eyes) with George as he uses his self-lubricated cock to tease and pleasure my labia. Slow … languid … total ease and openness. No judgment, fear, confusion or shame. Totally open to each other … enjoying with gentleness, ease, pleasure and comfort with one another. We know and trust. Fully accept, welcome and appreciate each other.


Triple Orgasm – 1:41 p.m. 3/6 – I’m absolutely desperate for George to give me an orgasm via my clit … my G Spot and by filling me. I can’t choose. Feeling enormous desire. He’s so pleased and gratified by my exquisite desperation. I want every inch, every way, right now! With his exquisite grace, sensitivity and virile power, he manages to stimulate my clit with his shaft and hairy groin as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out, skillfully scraping my G Spot with the ridged lip of his beautiful purple tulip head. Oh, the exquisite ecstasy! We both watch his slow, erotic pumping … as rhythmic and even as meditative breath. To complete my mindless surrender, he assaults my left nipple with his lops and tongue … then moves to my right nipple, keeping the left at a fierce level of arousal by tweaking and twitching her with his long, elegant, skillful fingers.


Unity Consciousness in Lovemaking – It is that level of knowing what your partner (Beloved) wants, needs and desires … at the wordless, intuitive, instinctive level. Touching exactly the right place(s) in exactly the right ways at the right moment for maximum stimulation, release, fulfillment and an exquisite partnering / understanding / closeness / union beyond anything ever experienced or imagined before!


Pleasuring George – 1:55 p.m. 3/6 – Now, I am pleasuring George … his cock, his balls, his wide open and relaxed groin … lovingly applying lotion over and around his balls and groin and behind .. lubricant on his magnificent cock … then enveloping him in my womb … huge pleasures! ……. I am surprised to find a dull ache in my left ovary / fallopian tube. No big deal. No drama. Just noticing …


Broadcasting Unity Consciousness – 2 p.m. 3/6 – We are broadcasting to all the world this level of Unity Consciousness … between all lovers … all couples … all intimate partners … among all species in all realms … love and honor, skillful pleasuring, total openness, connection, love, respect, endearment, fulfillment, pleasure, release, union, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and celebration.


Emanating Energy Ecstasy – George joyfully activating me … extended tumescence … Emanating Energy Ecstasy!


Tireless Suckling – Side by side, me suckling at George’s right teat … nudging the soft, dandling little breast … a bit of soft white flesh protruding with his deep pink nipple erect and full of nourishment for me. I root and poke like a hungry piglet … then latch on with my firm, greedy lips … hungrily pulling and sucking … him taking pleasure in the physical stimulation for himself and the flattery of my greediness and neediness. I can’t get enough. I never tire of this.


Chrysanthemum Cascade – The interaction … and my feeding from him … powerfully arouse him. He begins to thrust his hips, banging his cock deep into me. He is so powerfully aroused by the physical sensations, emotional feelings and sexual excitement of my suckling and his penetrating and thrusting that he crests to an enormous orgasm … exploding inside me like a chrysanthemum cascade of brilliant white fireworks. He is shocked at the speed, force and completeness of the orgasm. My womb is filled with his silky, milky flow … his seed courses through my womb and my entire reproductive system. It seeps into every layer of my internal folds … trickles and pools in my exquisitely sensitive, stimulated and aroused G Spot … drips out and into my vaginal lips, drowning my tender little clit in silken velvet. We squish together … reveling in the mingling of tissues and fluids … sweet ecstasy … exquisite dream of interpenetration with each other.


Wordless Afterglow – 2:36 p.m. 3/6 – Oh, my darling! My love. So tenderly, we ease into each other’s toirsos … heads finding shoulders to rest upon … hands gently stroking sides, backs and buttocks … surrounding and seeping into the orange-golden light of wordless afterglow. My God, how I love you! And how well you love me. Thank you, my Dearest Love. Thank you!


Filled and Stilled – 2:42 p.m. 3/6 – Lying face down on top of George … him full, round, erect inside me … feeling filled, satisfied, stilled. Evening … fabulous sex play with George before bed … lotion and lots of physical stimulation. Uncharacteristically, slept naked.


All Is Possible – In the Eternal Now, we don’t have to die to be together with those we love … and we don’t need a “time machine” to shift our experience of time and space. We just need mastery of focus, awareness and intention. All is possible … Follow me …



March 8, 2011 – Twin Golden Suns – 3:53 a.m. Tuesday … George … very tender, heartfelt caressing … first lying on top of me, then rolling me onto my right side. Kissing my face … holding my head and neck and back … really feeling my body … enjoying the full-body closeness. Very present, tender, loving, caring, appreciative. Then … TWIN GOLDEN SUNS bloomed in our hearts … bright orange-yellow light steadily beaming together and outward. Then, our entire bodies melted into light. Just shift of awareness suddenly … still joined together through our embrace and his cock inside me. We are Light … Transcendent … Translucent. We are helping to increase the Light in this World and in all Worlds. The color Orange is present throughout this day (in the gateway to the Mayan Calendar Ninth Wave which officially commences March 9: orange jewelry, tank top, book jacket, saida (Brazilian beach cloth) and my beach bag.


The General’s Lady – 7:07 a.m. – Finally got up after repeated impulses since 4 a.m. But … no star walk, no emails, no editing documents. Wait … Rest. While making my toilette and dressing in the little heated bath in my apartment, the Realization comes through loud and clear: I AM the General’s Lady. Feeling pride … care in dressing and appearance … putting on makeup and our special scent … feeling very proud and queenly yesterday at the car wash and YMCA. Other signals of my shift in allegiance to and alignment with George: correcting Nelson’s misimpression that George had found “another soldier” in me. No. A partner / lover / “well-balanced teammate.”


Circle of Endless Love – 12:21 p.m. 3/8 – Rendezvous Tub at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort … At the gentle jet first … George with me … penetrated deep inside … holding me deliciously … the gentle jet stimulating his balls and my clit and vaginal opening … nipples rubbing against the side. Then, to the strong jet … clit and tits … wonderful stimulation … me also suckling George’s teat. Him loving it! I’m going to give him an orgasm THAT way, too. Me suckling and tugging on his nipple with my lips, teeth and tongue. At the same time, he’s pounding inside me and my clit is being stimulated by the jet . VISION … Tugging on his nipple until it elongates down my throat … energetically links with his penis inside me, making an energetic loop/ring … entwined in one another … complete circle of Endless Love … Circle of Life … Infinity symbol … entwined in each other like two overlapping wedding rings (See Figures 6 & 7, discovered May 3.) … my nipples and clit extending energetically to link through him.

PUBLIC VERSION – breast and genital energies extending through the womb and digestive track to form a perfect circle which interpenetrates the other being.

While in this hot tub, had several naked eye orb experiences … including the very fine blue, pink and white “God Rays” first seen in Fall 2009 … and the single white ray down:   The Sword of Truth.


“Let Me!” – 2:45 p.m. 3/8 at Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo Beach – Arrived at the hotel … unpacking the sexy lingerie I was impulsed to bring along … George instantly here making love … did NOT want me to self-stimulate. “Let me!” His great cock inside me … nuzzling my breasts … then feeding … milk pouring out like luminous golden-white pearls … George feeling wondrous appreciation … drinking greedily … suckling more assertively and aggressively … stimulating the flow of milk. Meanwhile, his great cock is thrusting into me and his left hand (uncharacteristically, he is lying on my left side) fondling, stimulating and tweaking my highly aroused clit.


Three-Way OrgasmIn the above experience … a three-way orgasm … by breasts (nipples) … vaginal depths … and clit. Then, somehow, some of his long fingers are penetrating my vagina at the same time he is thrusting inside me. He quickly and easily finds my “G Spot” (how could he not, being “G”?) and curls his fingertips into the sensitive epicenter of my internal pleasure source. The soft ridges of the fleshy walnut-shaped inner mound heat and expand under his tender ministrations … no thought … just feeling and sensation.


Perfect Circle Direct continuation of the above experience … I am lost to him … drenched in waves of feeling … arousal … surrender … sensitivity and the satiation of a greedy hunger never before simultaneously awakened. I open, open, open to him ………. My vagina is soft, open and hungrily feeding as never before … his deep, rhythmic thrusts pumping his rich, white semen deep into me … this nourishing flood flowing through my central core (the Taoist hollow flute metaphor) and out my breasts … taken in by his soft, attentive, greedy lips. He is feeding me his semen. I am feeding him my milk. Again – a perfect energetic circle of male penetrating female and female penetrating male.

How delicious! How wonderful and wondrous!

(In the midst of writing this, Chaucer’s bookstore called to tell me that the time travel romance, A Twist in Time by Susan Squires, has come in for me. In that book, a 10th Century Viking comes to 2011 San Francisco, falls in love and finds the magic powers he thought he lacked.)


Lemuria Connections – In another invocation / expression of Unity Consciousness … the red lacy thong panty, the red satin and lace nightie and the orange and purple saida from Brazil are laid out on the loveseat in front of the western window (next stop, New Zealand!). Inviting and Invoking the merging of cultures / realities / pleasure / possibility and potential in my November 2011 Island Experience.


The Golden Circle – Lying on my back in bed, staring up at the oatmeal textured ceiling, I can still feel THE GOLDEN CIRCLE of energy uniting George and me. Through his beautiful cock … up into my vagina and my central core … out through the lush globes of my breasts … through his luscious lips … down his throat … through his central core … transmuted in the “wiring” of his genitals … gathering speed and force again in his testicles (his great bollocks) … and pumping out through the exquisitely beautiful and sensitive head of his penis.


His Beautiful Cock – His cock is such a beauty. So long and full and strong. Deep pinkish purple … its own Self in contrast to the pale, firm flesh of his belly, buttocks and thighs. (It arouses him just to have me write the word buttocks.) His cock looks so beautiful. It tastes so delicious. It feels so wonderful inside me … sweet, comfortable, familiar and at home. And … powerful, foreign, fascinating … sometimes a little frightening and intimidating. But because it is under the command of my Beloved General – obedient to his mind, heart, love, desire, feeling, alignment and union with me – and his delicacy, grace, appreciation and tenderness for all woman … most especially me.


Triple Orgasm – 4:11 p.m. 3/8 – Again with George … the “triple orgasm” below (clit, G Spot and vaginal depths) amplifies the flow of energy, pleasure and impact (benefit).

Greek Goddess … The blue and black sheer “dancing scarf” is draped between my breasts. “Just like a Greek goddess,” says George, energetically touching in to our Greek Island cruise Sept. 19-26.

Screaming into the Universe with Pleasure … More, more, more … Again and again … So close. So united. So divine. Screaming into the Universe with Pleasure … Screaming into the Universe with Pleasure … Legs open … delicate clit exposed … softness, sweetness, delicacy … and tenderness and gentleness, as always, even in the throes of the most powerful, heated and aggressive passion.



March 10, 2011 – Golden Circle of Energy – 1-2 a.m. … Intimacy with Geo … me lying on top of him, both facing up … him inside me and pleasing me. Many versions of this interaction. Then … Golden Circle of Energy … his semen into me … my milk / manna into him. He LOVES these huge globes of my breasts!


Deep Snuggling – 2:49 a.m. 3/10 – Long sessions of deep snuggling, mostly me on top of Geo in various positions. Deeply settling into each other. Full-body contact. 3D sense of the contours of his body and mine against him. His beloved cock deeply ensconced in me. His soft yet supple balls a lovely cushion supporting my groin and thighs. Tender, deeply affectionate embrace … cuddling, snuggling, enfolding. Warm, sweet kisses. Him appreciating my pretty, fulsome décolletage in my long, black lace-edged nightie as I write this.


Sweeter Smell – 10:08 a.m. 3/10 – I’ve noticed for a couple of days … my vaginal smell is sweeter, more attractive and mysterious than in the past.


Soft Belly, Go Slow – Repeated Guidance over these last days. Soft Belly = eat as you’re Guided to do so. Go Slow = No Pilates or fast, vigorous exercise.


Unprecedented Bliss – 5:45 p.m. 3/10 – Geo and Joy … equally fierce … equally tender, joyful and playful. Powerful Masculine. Sweet, joyful, expansive Feminine. Both together = Unprecedented BLISS.


Transcendent Time – 5:55 p.m. 3/10 – Geo has come forward in time to me. No problem there (many movies and books postulate that when we go backward in time we change the future, often in undesirable ways). No risks of changing the fundamental trajectories of time. BUT … we consciously add another LAYER of time … experiences, awareness, possibility, probability, Unity Consciousness, harmonized and balanced Masculine and Feminine energies. This enriches and elevates … amplifies possibilities and probabilities of better futures that are more balanced, harmonious, fair and integrated. Our relationship (partnership) helps create durable, ongoing evolution benefitting the individual as well as the whole.


March 12, 2011 – 3 Key Messages – Three key messages George and Joy are Broadcasting:

  1. M&F = Powerful … Benevolent (Loving) … Well-Balanced Energies
  2. Joy & Freedom (Peace & Prosperity for All) … esp. to Political, Military & Youth audiences
  3. Death as a Conscious Transition … “Dancing through the doorway of death to the next Evolutionary Adventure”



March 13, 2011Celestial Medicine Wheel – 6 a.m. Star Walk at Butterfly Beach …


Polaris in the North


Arcturis in the West                                                                                                                               Venus in the East


Antares in the South



Virtual Reality – 11:24 a.m. 3/13 – Geo & Me … photorealism and virtual reality … I vividly see and FEEL his body … AND … inside my own body!!!



March 17, 2011 – Clit Mirroring Moorea – 11:30 a.m. – Repeated image … clit in center of pubic hair … loved and appreciated and satisfied by Geo and me. Parallel image … Magical, Mystical hidden mountains in Moorea (island near Tahiti) … Peak within a ring of peaks (as referenced in Drunvalo’s book Serpent of Light. Ongoing imaging through April 9. Especially strong invocation on April 4 at Kon Tiki Inn, alone in the oceanfront Jacuzzi, activating and energizing this connection with the jet on my clit … transmitting the Source of Feminine Energies on Planet Earth Now across the Unity Consciousness Grid.

Parallel image … Universal symbol of Consciousness … single dot centered in a circle. (See Figure 8.)



March 18, 2011 – Big Dipper UFO – 6 a.m. during Star Walk at Butterfly Beach … Saw a moving light pass just to the right of the top right star in the bucket of the Big Dipper (Dubhe in Arabic, “Celestial Pivot” in Chinese astrology). Appeared to be a really high plane, but after I looked away briefly, when I turned back it had completely disappeared. This, after a slow, strong steady line of flight.

Second Sighting5:30 a.m. 3/26 … walking at Butterfly Beach … spotted an exceptionally bright “star” just to the right of the big trees at the base of the hill going up to Ty Warner’s. I KNOW there is no star that bright in that area of the sky (as bright as Venus at morning). I looked away to check other star positions to confirm. When I looked back it was GONE! Checking further, it had appeared approximately in the location occupied by Dubhe – same as on March 18.



March 20, 2011 – Equinox Intimacies – 3 p.m. – After shower … creaming my body with lotion … opening and undulating to Geo … lovely intimacy … climaxing physically by hand. Then … rereading Galen and Lucy’s first coupling in A Twist in Time by Susan Squires … at the Full Moon Vernal Equinox in 2010!!! More fantasy and arousal … sleep a bit. Then, George cradling me on my right side against his chest … full-body Ecstatic Embrace. Sweet, peaceful union. Deeply Joyful and Satisfying. Entwined Golden Circles. ONE made from / through two … Seeding …


Wishing George into Physicality – 3/20 p.m. – I was invited (inquired) to wish George into physicality, but I backed away from the actual thought / wish / intention. I received the strong Impulse that this IS possible. And … I had to ask myself: Do I really want that? What would that mean? Really … practically … day-to-day life experience and plans. Requires further contemplation.



March 21, 2011 – Vivid Vaginal Orgasms – 11:10-11:30 a.m. – Very satisfying sex with George. Him above and deep inside … joyous thrusting … exquisitely VIVID vaginal orgasms … deep, filled, G Spot, friction inside and out from his belly rubbing against my clit.



March 22, 2011 – Why I Prefer 5D Relationship – 2 p.m. – Reasons for my preference for a relationship at the 5D level (energetic, not physical):

  1. No limits = when, where, how often, how much or how …
  2. No friction = skin, hair, rash, disease, tired, headache, contagious, etc. …
  3. My real audience is cosmic, not human (For example, I am instructed to take no more camera photos. Mental field recording and broadcast. No intrusion of physical apparatus between me and observable phenomena. No use of energies processing, uploading, describing and sharing with humans.)
  4. Expand possibilities of experience, expression, energy and emanation. For example: Seeding and Feeding (the Hermaphrodites’ Feast) … all the Wonder and Magic that is unavailable in 3D.



March 23, 2011 – Clit Mirroring Moorea – 1:45 p.m. – George and Joy, lying on our right sides facing each other, our heads in opposite directions. Suckling each other’s left breasts, stimulating each other’s genitals with our fingers. Exquisite passion and arousal. Then, George opening the flesh to expose my clit – Mirror to Moorea – Connecting … Calling. (Also, mirror of sea anemone.) Then, plunging into me, cradling me, kissing me and caressing me so tenderly as he pounds deeply and rhythmically into my CORE.


Out of Africa – Karin’s Farewell – As she speaks to God over Denys Finch Hatton’s grave on the high hill above the vast African plain: Now, take back the soul of Denys George Finch Hatton. He brought us joy. We loved him well. He was not ours. He was not mine.



March 24, 2011 – Undulating Pulse of Wave Light – 3:30 a.m. – Another amazing experience with George: Lying face down on the bed, turned slightly to the left. Welcoming and joining with him … feeling him enter me like an undulating pulse of Wave Light. This image (an undulating wave line ending in an arrow point) represents half of the Double Helix of combined M-F energies that we consciously emanate to the Universe in the yab yum position … and in other types of joining, lovemaking, conscious co-creation and emanation.


Shapeshifting Penis – Later that same night … the shapeshifting penis, about eight inches in diameter, filling my body cavity (like the Taoist image of the “hollow flute” within the human). (See Figure 9.)



March 25, 2011 – New Level of Intimacy – 9:21 a.m. … I am experiencing a new level of closeness and intimacy with George. Often, easily cradling me against him, me lying on my right wide. Exquisite lovemaking!! Over and over again! Instantly available … So loving … Such beautiful union. Golden Circle of Light and Energy twining through us, uniting BOTH. This morning, him strongly stimulating my clit with his thumb – and my sensitive little appendage welcoming him! Then, adding three long, elegant fingers inside, stimulating my G Spot … like a come-hither invitation, one finger after another in a smooth flow. Exquisite ecstasy! Wonderful, extended passion. New levels of intimacy, availability, comfort and bonding. He cradles me so tenderly! Loves me so expertly! Feeds me with his energy, love, tenderness … It’s significant that this began on the evening of the day I sent the long document to Cathy. Such powerful energy and information in there, I had to take two breaks while editing it!


George in Prime Position – George is now my prime companion and confidante.


You’ve Ruined It for Me – In the movie Out of Africa, Denys says to Karin: “You’ve ruined it for me, you know.” She looks at him quizzically and says, “I’ve ruined what?” And he replies, “Being alone.” And George says to Joy: It’s the same for me.


Total Joining – Kissing deeply and tenderly … mouths, foreheads, faces … embracing his cheeks with my small hands as his strong arms embrace my back and buttocks … cradling me to him as he rhythmically thrusts into me … deeply satisfying penetration … to be so fully and exquisitely filled … and his perfect paunch (that dear hairy belly) pressing against my clitoris … rubbing just right until her little face is exposed … hungrily drinking in the passion he brings us.

Then, me suckling at his right teat (the one above) as he lies facing me, holding me, still thrusting deeply and rhythmically within … My body folded more deeply into his … my head cradled tenderly against his chest … him enjoying and taking in the exquisite pleasure of my suckling.

Then, me suckling at his left teat, the one below, closest to the bed. I burrow in, honored to be welcomed into this inner sanctum … burrowing in like a little bunny … suckling and licking, nudging and poking … allowing me entry to this more intimate place … receiving both the demands and the ministrations of my eager mouth expands his arousal exponentially. He is nearly mad with with the exquisite feelings of arousal – at once tender and subtle – and vigorously passionate. He thrusts into me harder … arches his back to offer me fuller access to his teat … and grows in ecstasy as he throws his head back in surrender … all the while channeling his desire into his great cock which is still pounding into me … giving us both the exquisite sensation and satisfaction of shared multi-point orgasm. No, not just multi-point … but a TOTAL JOINING of bodies, energies, attention, desire satisfied, pleasure shared, energy released and emanated. This is Ecstatic Union.


Feeling His Feelings – 12:21 p.m. – More lovemaking with Geo … side by side … on my back … he wants me to get more comfy, removing my long-sleeve shirt and cami … putting on my soft, stretchy brown short-sleeve shirt with the revealing low neck. I lie down under the covers again, removing pants and undies. George says, “I want to see … I want free access … I want you to display for me. Clit … labia … undulating my vaginal entrance in invitation.

Exquisite stimulation and appreciation … his tender gaze and loving attention. I have the feeling of Knowing him … Feeling his feelings. Tenderness … wonder … sexual longing … excitement … aching loins … extended tumescence. The tender way he holds my head when he again comes to kiss my face. The weight of my head in his hands. I see what he sees … and I feel how he feels when he kisses me.


Over and over again in my mind, I hear the song from Les Miserables, “I Dreamed a Dream:”

I dreamed a dream in days gone by … when hope was high and life worth living.

I dreamed that love would never die. I dreamed that God would be forgiving.

Then I was young and unafraid … and dreams were made and used and wasted.

There was no ransom to be paid, no song unsung, no wine untasted.



Travel Feeling – 12:57 p.m. 3/25 – Exquisite image … Denys and Karin in Out of Africa, flying together in an open-cockpit biplane … discovering a beautiful virgin world together as they soar over the green African planes with flocks of birds and herds of land animals scattering before the noise and rush of wind of their craft. Silently, Karin extends her arm back over her head and Denys grasps her hand in silent, shared wonder at the virgin beauty they are privileged to experience together. This is the Feeling that George and I are to have on our Travels … that attitude, feeling, sharing, delight, bonding, love and appreciation.


Deeper Partnership – Today, officially adjusting Partner from Javier to George, from Humans to Divine. Bonding … depth of relationship … Feeling Tone going forward. It is official today: George has solo possession of the right side of the bed (Javier moved to the bookshelf, peeking out over Coyote’s back) and George has the right seat in the car (Javier’s cushion was moved out and into the bedroom).


Loyalty and Attunement – George is my Lover … Partner … Confidante … Resource … Rest … Respite … Pleasure … Companion.



March 26, 2011 – Week of Huge Letting Go – 3:45 a.m.

Monday … South America art to Gloria … side car signs (“New Path of Pilgrimage”) to trash, face down … also, removed third sign from side of fridge. Over the weekend, culled all 2008 Continental Divide Journey files (more than two full file cabinet drawers of research, writing, art and journals).

Thursday … Huge analysis to Cathy (9 typewritten pages). May be end of cycle of more in-depth support from her. Total release accepted. (20 years of friendship, 9 months of more in-depth support – talking 2X/month instead of 2X/year.) Javier moved off the bed to the bookshelf.

Friday … New level of bonding and partnering with George.



March 28, 2011 – George’s Disappointment – 1:21 a.m. – I feel George’s disappointment that we are not going to Mount Vernon (the work was largely accomplished energetically in advance, and not going physically enabled me to save about $2,000, pretty much solving my cash flow problem). To satisfy George and give us the shared experience of visiting Mount Vernon together, I promise to order a video tour of his estate … to have vivid bilocation experiences together … and especially to devote time and attention to this shared experience Thursday through Sunday, March 31 through April 3, the four days we were to have spent there.

Men’s Breasts – I am so attracted to the beauty and strength of George’s neck and chest in the bust that French sculptor Houdon made of George. I am now very attracted to men’s breasts. For example, the perfection of the black father’s breasts as he played with his daughter in the pool yesterday.

Streaming Celestial Energies – For over an hour now, I have been lying awake, streaming blended energies into Earth from Sirius, Polaris and Arcturus.


Making Love – 8:45 a.m. 3/28 – Making love to Geo … him lying down, face up … me on top. Kissing his lips, mouth, eyes, temples, forehead … a halo of kisses around his face … his strong neck … beautiful clavicle … gorgeous chest … down his belly to his navel. Gently stroking his cock … massaging his balls … taking his Member in my mouth … him writing in ecstasy. Him wanting to see my buttocks high … my pulsing vagina and beautiful butt reflected in a mirror just behind me, facing him. He endures as much pleasure as he can, then skillfully turns me over and mounts me in absolute ecstasy!


Bilocating Together – 9:59 a.m. 3/28 – Not going to Washington, DC, in person gives George and I the opportunity to practice bilocating together.


Ravening with Desire – 12:21 p.m. 3/28 – George is ravening with Desire for me. Enfolding me in a fierce embrace, then pushing my head down toward his cock. Thrusting fiercely, rhythmically, first into my mouth, then my vagina … like a White Lightning Bolt … becoming illuminated with the friction, lubrication of my secretions and total love and joyful acceptance. It all feels good! Delightful Union! Afterward … cuddling, gratification, satisfaction.


Penetrating the Noosphere – 1:30 p.m. 3/28 – Joy and George in ecstatic union. His phallus = The Washington Monument. My vagina = The Noosphere … the envelope of Consciousness that Surrounds the Earth. Sweet … Satisfying … Personal … Profound.


The Voyage of Our Shared Consciousness – 5:15 p.m. 3/28 – Lying naked on the bed in the warm sunshine streaming through the open window … Lovingly applying lotion to my body … Imagining Geo and me lying naked on the broad, rear lawn of Mount Vernon that slopes down to the broad Potomac, flanked by flowering fruit trees and the tall plumes of deciduous cousins enrobed in the tender green of spring. George and I admire each other’s bodies, tenderly stroking each other in the lazy warmth of late afternoon. A light breeze caresses our skin. I lightly stroke his beautiful balls, then grasp his shaft. He breathes in sharply, barely stifling a surprised gasp of pleasure, then bends his head toward mine and extends his free hand toward the luscious curve of my hip. How wonderful to admire his achievements, to share what is now – and in the Voyage of our Shared Consciousness – enjoy the freedom and privacy we could not in his time (so many slaves, et. al., everywhere) or now (open to the public 365 days/year!)



March 29, 2011 – Why Joy? – 3:10 a.m. – Why is George partnered with Joy? She has the vision, commitment and ability to hold these energies.

VISION = global and cosmic service

COMMITMENT = service, first, above all (before personality, ego, etc.)

ABILITY = to keep your balance … internal psychology and in the world


Deliciously Visceral – More lovemaking with George in the night … deliciously visceral … his great head, marvelous nose, strong chin, elegant neck, beautiful shoulders, all so vivid in the bust by Houdon. I experience a whole new level of pleasure and relation to his physicality as I contemplate this bust. How I long to touch and hold him and to have him actually touch and hold me. Yet, even with our current level of relationship, I can feel his hands on me … the shape and weight of his body. How I love this man! And how he loves me!


We Are Well-Matched – 3:43 a.m. – George to me: “To feel you sighing in my arms is the greatest feeling in the world!” He cradles my body tenderly and thrusts deep inside as he ardently kisses his way down my face and neck to my throat. I arch to meet him, thrusting my eager breasts up to meet his lips. As my body surrenders to the waves of passion and ecstasy his attention engenders, his heart is swamped with love and gratification that another – a modern woman of this time with a sensitive appreciation of the past, His past, and a dedication to the future and the service of ALL that matches his own – could love, appreciate and receive him so joyfully and completely and could rise up to met him with a passion, appreciation and enthusiasm to match his own. Yes, Beloved George, I love you completely, and dedicate all our loving, every thought and act and word, in Service of ALL.


Pressing Deeper – 4:15 a.m. – Again … lovemaking with George … me arching and offering … him ravishing my breasts … my legs spread wide to take him in … the soles of my feet pressed against his buttocks … pressing him deeper into me … as deep as he will go!

Fierce and Tender – 7:46 a.m. 3/29 – Full range of feeling and experience … Fierce demand for satisfaction and tender vulnerability of surrender. George’s bust: so handsome, powerful, noble, palpable and real. Nose … lips … chin … neck … throat … clavicle … shoulders. I want to lovingly caress every inch of him!


“Going Bamboo” – 11:45 a.m. 3/29 – One possible “transition” in Fiji … going native, being adopted by a tribe … helping them or serving them in some way that “pays my way” … food and shelter provided by them. Going native in Paradise to somehow assist in the Evolution of All. I make it clear to my Guides: NOT some tribe where grubs, insects, etc. are the primary form of protein. Fish and fruit, OK. Episode of No Reservations Travel Channel show with Tony Bourdain visiting the Kalahari bushmen in Africa. They share two delicacies with him: #1 = egg literally cooked in ash (obviously, an egg is a rare treat) and #2 wart hog anus with feces filling. No kidding! They spent considerable time and effort chasing down the warthog, and Tony reported that the animal’s diet of grasses was quite evident in the taste. No thank you!


Delicious Intimacy – NOON – Delicious intimacy with Geo … Feeling his full, luscious lips on mine … his full, lovely tongue deeply exploring my mouth and entwining with mine … his arms wrapped around me, holding me close in a full-body hug … Our torsos fully meshed, breasts to groin … legs neatly folded together … his great Member ensconced in my Sacred Chamber. Erect, yet calm and still. Totally comfortable, at ease, together in pleasure, peace and love.


21 Georges – 4 p.m. 3/29 – Went to enlarge the print of George’s bust by Houdon. (The only life cast made from his actual physical form, at age 53. See Figure 10.) 200% too large. 180% just right. I only wanted one copy, but the FedEx copier started spitting out an unlimited number … 12, 13, 14 … by the time I found the Stop button, 21 Georges had printed. (Somehow 180 found itself not only on the enlargement size, but . in the requested number of copies!!! That would have cost $100!!!) What to do with all these Georges? Post them on my travels? Create art with them? Use them to create visual intentions? Whatever I do – or don’t – the message is clear: George wants to be here in 3D reality. I tell him, “OK, you want to bring a body, just be sure you bring money, too!” After returning home, I’m Guided to place the map of India open on the mosaic table, with half of George’s images on the left and half on the right. Obviously, we’re already working on India and China, the two most populous countries in the world! 21 gun salute!


Ninth Wave = 20X Faster – According to Mayan Calendar scholar Carl Johan Calleman, in the Eighth Wave, energies shifted every 360 days. In the Ninth Wave, they’re shifting every 18 days.

March 30, 2011 – Appreciating George – 7:40 a.m. – Vivid vision: George lying on his back, me astride him … kissing his face and verbalizing how I love every part of his broad forehead … huge eyes … strong nose (enormous, yet well-balanced in his great face) … those dear cheeks … that fine head of hair … the strong space between his nose and mouth with the deep cleft between … luscious lips … soft, tender tongue … locking and exploring … appreciating and entwining his strong neck and that delicate hollow of the throat for me to kiss and tease and appreciate … that exquisite clavicle and shoulders and breast. He cups my great breasts in his hands and thrusts inside me, groaning at my ecstasy. I love your cock in me! I love you in me! I love you! I am so honored to be loved and cherished by you … that you would want me and choose me and love me so fully and truly and well.


George’s Message – If I were to make posters of the image of George’s bust, I would identify him as the “First President of the United States of America.” Here is the message that would be on them:


Together, let us create a world of enduring freedom, peace and prosperity for all.


I Love You Madly! – 10:05 a.m. 3/30 – Lying down, resting … then, questing for George … Where is he? Boom! He rams into me … literally, perfectly, enfolding me with a fierce embrace and smothering my face with hungry kisses. Then he rolls me onto my right side, still deliciously penetrated within. “I love you madly!” he growls, looking into my eyes intently. “I love you madly, too!” I reply when I can unlock from his lips to steal a breath. Great, passionate, fulfilling embracing. Now, time for some more culling.


Natural, Easy Flow – 11:40 a.m. – Such a natural, easy FLOW with George now. Most people take a coffee break. We take an Ecstatic Union break … Shared Bliss … Intimate Adventure … “Joy Ride,” he teases. OK, that works! 😉



March 31, 2011 – So Much Love and Desire – 3:03 a.m. – Feeling so much love and desire for George’s physical form (as activated by the enlarged picture of his bust). Making love … held, enfolded by him … clutched to his breast … suckling at his left breast … him pumping inside me … literal, visceral feeling of his penis thrusting vigorously into me … and the jerk and spurt of his ultimate climax … folded closer to him in the final surrender … release and melting into one another of shared orgasm.

OBAMA – Too cool and remotely rational … no high-flown rhetoric or inspiration … no emotional connection. You need to win hearts and minds … connect, inspire, animate, activate.

Trilocation – Visiting Mount Vernon and the Cyclamedes (Greek Islands surrounding Delos, birthplace of Apollo) on the same day = no accident.



Forms of Love – from Thomas Fleming’s The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers (Harper, 2009)

  • My Dearest Friend – In the closest marriages, love rose to the level of friendship, such as that experienced by George and Martha Washington and John and Abigail Adams.
  • Romantic Love – 48-year-old Ben Franklin’s attraction to 23-year-old Catherine Ray (who later charmed George Washington as the wife of General Nathaniel Greene). “Romantic love … was just beginning to emerge in Europe as an experience that plumbed the depths and heights of human emotions and sometimes involved the surrender of a man or woman’s soul.” (p.82)
  • Amitié amoureuse – The art or game of friendly, playful love that 70-year-old Ben practiced with Madame Brillon and Madame Helvetius in France.
  • Conjugal love – Happy marriages were characteristic of 18th Century America, but not France.
  • Eros – The “grand passion” experienced by Alexander Hamilton for his wife’s sister, Angelica. The Greeks “saw it as a force that virtually annihilated the self while simultaneously expanding it to mystical dimensions.” (p.232)
  • Life Tribute – Madame Brillon wrote what it meant to be a friend of Franklin, this “amiable sage who knew how to be a great man without pomp, a learned man without ostentation, a philosopher without austerity, a sensitive human being without weakness.” (p.121) Beautiful!



April 2, 2011 – Lovely Intimacies / World Trip – Imagining us in Rome … Jerusalem … Delhi. Loving each other thoroughly and well … completely … sweetly … fiercely … How much truly loving sex in Service of the Evolution of All is really going on in the world? We’ll lead the way … Amplify … Invite … Encopurage … Stimulate … Radiate … Generate interest, activity and alignment.


HARMONY – Harmony is not the absence of differences … Harmony is the energy expressed when differences are not the focus.


Side by Side – 4:44 p.m. 4/2 – Why George prefers lovemaking on our sides: “I want to hold you more closely, more tenderly … not just feel you as a slab of flesh beneath me. I want to cradle you in my arms, direct our movements together. Partnered like riding a horse … moving together … flowing together … me with the reins in both hands, because we BOTH like it that way. Yum yum! Yab yum.



April 3, 2011 – Our Partnership – 2 a.m. – Propped on my left elbow, George looking over my shoulder as I pull out the neck of my nightgown to peek at my own breasts. So fulsome, so beautiful, delicious and delightful. He’s right there hugging my back, his breath on my neck, his exquisite hands stroking my shoulder, then encircling my waist. Delightfully intimate – cozy, comforting and arousing all at once.

                  Putting the Pieces Together – Now, a strong sense of having put all the major pieces together:

  • Partnership with George
  • Global and cosmic broadcasting
  • Our Trips = like moving tiny broadcasting signal around the map (dual station = AM/FM (Alpha Male / Female)

Sense of content, meaning and going deeper … transforming every moment, relationship, interaction, memory, word, thought and intention. ALL dedicated to Positive Evolution.

GRATEFUL = more energy in recent days.

ATTENDING = constantly do only what feels right

Sexuality with Geo – 2:22 a.m. – Infinite opportunities … infinite varieties … so many forms and pulses of shared celebration. Lovely to notice: many men still look at me with interest and appreciation. (43-year-old hit on me in the Jacuzzi). With George on our daylight Shoreline Park walk: Fierce … Delicious … Sweet.

Key Messages – 9-10 a.m. – Humanity is our Family and the World is Our Home. This means … dedicating the merit of our accomplishments to benefit ALL Sentient Beings without fear or favor … no preference for children, grandchildren, spouse, et al … and Hellinger work: no one left out. Everyone has a place in the community. It is the only path to true and lasting healing. For there to be a Solution, All must be included in the Circle. The Circle of Life.

The Moment of Power – 11-11 to 12-12 … I will transit in that window.

April 4, 2011 – Fly Up Anytime – 5:30 a.m. Star Walk … Arcturus to Joy & Geo: You can fly up anytime you want.   Golden Dove of Peace in full flight: weathervane on top of Mount Vernon.   Vision: Dancing in Mount Vernon’s formal dining room, George penetrated in me, me astride him, whirling and twirling in a formal waltz. Then, swaying our hips together in a seductive samba.

                  Clit Mirroring Moorea – 4:30 p.m. 4/4 – In Jacuzzi at Kon Tiki Inn in Pismo Beach, jet on clit and labia … tuning in to Moorea’s energy, wisdom, feminine power. My clit and labia becoming a mini Moorea … Broadcast Center of the Center of the Unity Consciousness Grid.



April 5, 2011 – George Completes Me – 1 p.m. at “The Rocks” (Margo Dodd Park) … sun on gentle waves, low cloud bank obscuring Point Concepcion to the east … mist coming in on Avila Beach to the west … gentle, lulling waves … cries and yawns of the gulls … absorbing deep psychological insights into The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers (Thomas Fleming book). Thinking of George and consciously bringing him / his energy (inergy) / my completion into the picture. We are Joined in Ecstatic Union … Emanating joyful, balanced M&F energies … Peace, Prosperity & Freedom for All … the Conscious Connection, Merging & Integration of 3D and 5D … Joyful Service together … Simple joy, appreciation and tratitude for THIS moment … for all the moments that have been … and all that are to come. (Under my black jacket and jeans, I’m wearing only a white lace tank and red thong (George’s favorite!) Sexy!

Offering All You Are – 3:20 p.m. 4/5 – While driving … George penetrating me … lusty, delightful, deep … offering his right breast as well, pressing into me, aroused by my suckling. Then offering his left, pressing into me, arching back and groaning in pleasure. Thrusting his arms straight up and angled out in a total surrender to pleasure … to meshing and melding … to the release of his seed and his tender golden nectar. Experiencing the exquisite ecstasy of offering all you are and all you have to give … and finding it received lovingly, gratefully, respectfully, tenderly, eagerly, enthusiastically … in great joy, love and celebration.


April 7, 2011 – Diamond Light Woman – 4:40 a.m. – After lovely intimacies with George with him on top (not usual for us) … a new image … cylinders of energy/manna/FLOW extending from within me up into space … from nipples of each breast, clit and head. Seen from above, this makes a Diamond Pattern (See Figure 16). This is a new version of the Diamond Light! Now, we’re side by side … exquisite rolling motion … George’s “signature move.” Delicious coupling … enjoying and holding the whole body. And … nobody’s crushed.

Star Point Cervix – first experience tonight (2nd time it’s happened) … view from inside myself … seeing the pretty round head of George’s penis approaching as though I’m at the “star point” of the cervix … seeing George’s great Member approach. I feel so much love, caring and intimacy with him!

My Beloved General – 1:56 p.m. 4/7 – George to Joy: “Display for me!” (clit … labia … vaginal opening seductively beckoning to him … my rump … my “Great Teats.” (As the above was written into the bedside journal, a jackhammer out in the street started pounding rhythmically into the earth.) Creaming my legs and pushing up my breasts with my upper arms outside both … perky … standing at attention … saluting their Beloved General. The nipples are dark pink and erect. He loves this view and loves massaging, stroking, gently pinching and tweaking them into erection … feeling the soft folds of skin contract into the turgid bases supporting the sensitive peaks of ecstasy we both enjoy.

Diamond Light Stars – 8:30 p.m. April 7 – See Figure 17. Star configuration mirrors the Diamond Light Woman insight just 16 hours before (see above and Figure 16).


April 23, 2011 – 3:33 a.m. – St. George’s Feast Day … what Joy & George have in common: enormous strength, clarity, productivity, high standards of excellence, restraint and humility.

Examples: Great 16 years with Nelson, then strong, clear realization … clear, decisive end on friendly and peaceful terms. Gratitude. All Best Wishes. Cheryl to Joy: “You are a Powerhouse!”

Passionate Lovemaking – Both Friday night and today … George excited about the travel and today is his saint’s day.

Joy’s Car – Luna Star – happy … feeling valued … message delivered (near-death experience on 4/21 … to have big role in upcoming North American travels.

Mystery of the Resurrection – 8:25 p.m. Sat. 4/23 (Easter eve) … lighted candles in living room and bedroom … connecting with Sirius and Orion, low in the western sky … sensing deeply into the “Mystery” of the Resurrection. This is the journey I’m consciously on: “Death as a Conscious Transition.”


April 24, 2011 – 4:54 a.m. – Today, we Invoke and Activate the Resurrection of America and of Planet Earth and all her Inhabitants. (Awakened Easter morn, filled with the lyrics for America the Beautiful over and over in my head: “America! America! God shed his Grace on Thee … and Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood … from sea to shining sea!”


April 27, 2011 – Spine Pulsing – 4:40 p.m. – Lying down .. energy pulsing from spine 2 to 3 inches above the base, like a signal from a radio tower. Feels like 8 pulses /second.


April 29, 2011 – Royal Wedding – UK * Tikal * Fiji – 2 billion people tuned in (1/3 of the planet!) This is accomplishing the linkage from UK through Tikal to Fiji so Joy doesn’t have to stop in England. BRIDE = loving, amiable, faithful, quietness, sobriety, peace. English Heritage … “The Sun never sets on the British Empire.” “Delightful history” … “fairytale” … Do something wonderful!” Symbolism: The torch has been passed to a new generation! New message: Instead of “Go forth and conquer” … “Go forth and connect.” This is REAL LOVE … not show or sham.

George Giving Me Energy – My first experience of George literally giving me energy … suckling, fucking, freely giving, propping me up, renewing me to continue. A quiet day. GEORGE is my Refuge, Comfort, Seeding and Feeding … giving me new energy … deep pleasure and connection.

Souvenir Condoms – For the “Crown Jewels.” For “Royal Members” only!


May 2, 2011 – Taj Mahal Vision – 10:44 a.m. – Lying flat on the bed, eyes covered … suddenly flashed on VISION of pink full moon over the Taj Mahal … key turning point … soft, pink Goddess of the Sky smiling on the soft, pink Goddess of the Earth. Full-body JERK with the vision. Later, left hand and arm JERK. (Energy pulse and information entering the physical vehicle.)


May 3, 2011 – Images of Transition – Overnight … the two of us, avocado color and texture associated with us … four different “preparations” (versions) … Wondrous … Realization … Triumphant.

Playful Teasing – Driving home from Harbor (mailing Netflix – 6:36 a.m.) … Geo sitting in the passenger seat beside me … extended my right hand to him, which he covered with his own, resting our joined hands on his powerful left thigh. I can feel the huge, hard muscles beneath his white breeches, stretched tight over his exquisite frame. Playfully, I reached out my forefinger to teasingly stroke his penis and immediately his cock sprang to life. “Delightful wench!” he growled, and mounted me as I drove … delighting ourselves and feeding the world with our Energetic Ecstasy.

Saying Yes to Buck – Insight overnight: George is a manifestation / emanation of the Evolved Masculine Energies represented by / channeled through the constellation ORION. If I hadn’t said Yes to Buck (the ORB), George would not have sought me out. That choice paved the way for future gifts and blessings.


May 5, 2011 – Loving Every Inch of Him – 11:44 a.m. Rendezvous Tub at SHS … second orgasm with George … seeing and feeling his body … pressing my clit against his belly … his great, gorgeous cock pounding into me … me suckling at his left teat while stimulating with jet on clit and nipples at side of tub. Whispering to him: “I love your belly … I love your teats … your cock … your balls … your buttocks … your haunches … your rump … your chest, arms, back, legs … every part … every inch of you. I am really FEELING the shape and weight of his body. My hands around his waist and back. So tall and strong. So loving ME!!!


May 6, 2011 – Deep Sense of Abiding Joy – Overnight … so many tender intimacies with George … caressing each other’s faces, etc. … holding, gentleness, feasting, pounding, exuberance, ricking together … intense arousal of clit by his fingers while thoroughly kissing me. So many flavors of pleasure. A deep sense of contentment and abiding joy settling into this relationship … along with passion, ecstasy, bliss, adventure and celebration. And – all the while – consciously broadcasting to the world and around the Ring of Fire.


May 7, 2011 – Letting Go / FLOW – 2:12 p.m. … Lying down … aching lower back … juggling lots of information and projects … praying / invoking Divine White Light … seeing it entering and penetrating all my endeavors. May All be accomplished for the highest good of all … beautiful, smooth, easy, wondrous travels … maximum benefit of all places and species, evolutionary thrust and energies … transmission of information and inspiration. (In background … needed to acknowledge, process and release feelings about: 1) ending relationship with Cathy 2) Risks attendant to staying at Grand Hyatt Sept. 9 & 10. In addition to benefits of filling that NEXUS POINT from now with White Light, Peace, Harmony, etc. … also Sweet Justice for George: reclaiming NYC for Freedom, for All (his unconsummated longing in the Revolutionary War).


May 8, 2011 – George in the Lead – 9 a.m. – Lying down, inviting George, enjoying his comfort … holding … kissing … lovemaking. Letting him (Him) take the lead … be in charge … make the Africa arrangements (when, where, with whom). Intending and Invoking Divine Perfection in our personal experience and Inter-Dimensional Service. Releasing … Letting Go into FLOW. Finally, here is a Masculine Presence I AM Willing to Submit to. He take charge, leads, cares for, protects and serves, and Loves … ME!

More Open than Ever Before – 12:21 p.m. … lying down, stimulated by the warm, golden-toned image of George’s Statue in the Washington Monument. (See Figure 13.) What gorgeous thighs! Such shapely legs. Such power and majesty in his stance. Tender, enthusiastic and vigorous attentions from him. I just look at the picture or think about it and my vagina softens and opens. As he kisses and caresses me, holds and strokes, and deeply and enthusiastically thrusts … I feel myself open inside like a large hollow tube … bigger than ever before … more open than ever before. “George, I thank you … I honor you … I love you.”

Vivid, Deep, Thorough – 4:31 p.m. – (in bed, applying lotion) George to me: “Oh, to feel the soft pillows of your breasts against my chest … to fill my arms with you.” Vivid, deep, thorough French kissing … luscious intermingling of tongues … deep, yet perfect and tender explorations by him … thrusting, licking, slurping, rolling around inside me, me sinking into his caresses … mindless pleasure … pure Feeling and Wonder.

                  Fastened at Both Pleasure Centers – 4:44 p.m. – Lying naked on top of the covers, my thighs open wide, the heart of my Pleasure Center open to his appreciative gaze. His long, slender fingers probe my labial folds and skillfully manipulate my clit to full arousal. His lips fasten on mine and his tongue gently but thoroughly probes my lips and the front of my mouth. At both pleasure centers, I am firmly fastened onto him … totally absorbed in him and in submission to the exquisite thrall his attentions engender in me. Totally focused. Nothing and no one else exists in this closed-circuit Infinity of Pleasure in which he bathes my pleasure centers. This time: mouth and clit. Other times: vagina and breasts. My Beloved has Mastery of my physical form, and it is my great Joy and Pleasure and yes – even Service – to Submit to his skillful attentions.


May 9, 2011 – I’ve shifted from “Think globally, act locally” … TO … “Think cosmically, act globally.”


May 10, 2011 – Merging with Geo – 5 a.m. – Walking toward Arcturus, feeling George behind me, perfectly matching my shorter stride, step by step … and then merging into me. Yes! Thank you!

Inner Flower – 10:45 a.m. – Lying down … very sore lower back … receiving lots of energy, love and support from George … feeling my vagina inside opening and pulsing as though licking his Member with the petals of a flower … licking, lapping, laving with moisture-drenched petals of vaginal folds expressing as an Inner Flower.


“Bridging Heaven & Earth” video interview with Jose Arguelles … born Jan. 24, 1939 in Rochester, MN … to Teotihuacan pyramid (the place where the Gods touch the Earth) near Mexico city at age 14 … “white light” experience in which he Realized that his Life Purpose was to “bring back cosmic knowledge to the modern world.” He was designated as “the closer of the cycle.” He said, “Humans are the cosmic vibratory roots” of the Universe. The 13-moon calendar re-introduces harmony as “the fundamental program of our lives.”


Lyrics to Brazilian song, performed by Emilio Santiago (self-titled CD):


Viagem (journey)


Oh! Sadness, pardon me … I am ready with my luggage.

Today, Poetry came to meet me.

The light of day has arisen … we are travelling … lifted on the wind …

Riding on the breeze that is moving through from a very far time … from the end of the ocean.


We are going to visit the roads the sun’s rays are just shining upon …

Roads that I thought were lost in the dawn … but were just hiding, waiting to play.

Take a seat my, clear cloud, my poem … get ready … bring a song …

Let’s splash music in the air.


Look! So many white birds, my poetry …

Dancing our waltz through the sky that daylight wove with the sun’s rays.

Oh! Poetry, aid me.

I’ll pick roses, dahlias, lilies and maidenhair in the fields that you named Gardens of Heaven.


But rest tranquil, my poetry … we will return on a Guiding Star … in a flash of light at sunset.

Or, who knows … we will return on a magic horse … in the depth of the night

Whose name is ray … ray of the moon.



Enlightenment is intimacy with all things. – Zen Master Dogen


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