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Adventures in Multi-Dimensional Intimacy

By Joy ©2011

Since December 2, 2010, one of the greatest military and political leaders of the 18th Century has been a daily presence in my life. We communicate, interact, co-create and enjoy multi-dimensional intimacy: an exciting, wondrous exploration of sexuality, spirituality and loving Service to benefit the Evolution of All.


This article describes how our relationship developed, the kinds of Service work we are doing, and steps that others can take to prepare themselves for this kind of multi-dimensional intimacy which is one expression of Unity Consciousness. The ability to transcend time and space is one of many more expansive ways of Being and Relating Supported by the new energies impacting planet Earth now.


How This Relationship Began


Though I had always admired the first president of the United States, I had never felt any particular affinity for George Washington. Then, in the fall of 2010, I kept receiving repeated nudges from my Inner Guidance to buy a copy of the new 900-page biography of Washington by Ron Chernow. I began reading this hefty tome in late October but didn’t get into the meat of it until late November.


On Dec. 2, 2010, during a six-hour drive from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, I was accompanied the entire time by the palpable presence and intelligence of George Washington. For four days prior to our long, silent drive together, I had been deeply contemplating George’s personal life, his marriage, romances, thoughts and feelings, and his psychology and spiritual beliefs. As I drove, we exchanged thoughts and impressions about his 18th Century life when he was in his 20s, long before he became a world-renowned military and political leader.


George’s presence continued with me as I settled into a five-day stay in Santa Fe. By Dec. 7, I Realized that this was both a personal and professional relationship. George was showing me ways to translate his story for modern audiences with the goal of “humanizing heroes and legends, and giving romance its rightful place in history.” Four areas of collaboration were suggested: uncovering the deeper truth of his 18th Century experience, writing a new layer of romantic history over that experience, sharing the larger lessons of his life that have meaning today, and writing about the “transcendent intimacies” we would share.


On Dec. 11, I had my first sexual experience with George. As I was standing at the kitchen counter editing some insights I had typed about his 18th Century life, he began touching and caressing me in an extremely arousing way. The desire was so excruciating, I had to force myself to complete my editing before retreating to the bedroom for the first of many erotic adventures to come.

Palpable Presence


Sex is a strong component of our relationship, but that’s not all we share. I sense George’s feelings and emotions, and he can sense mine. I can feel his presence next to me in bed and walking beside me on the beach. He’s often in the car with me, in restaurants and accompanying me on errands around town. At the same time that I am aware of George’s presence with me, I’m fully present in the here and now. I’m busy and productive, and I interact “normally” with my fellow human beings. (Longtime friends and colleagues can attest that I’ve not lost my mind or suffered some kind of psychotic break.)


One way I know this is real – and not just a figment of my fertile imagination – is that our interactions include images, metaphors, feelings, touches and activities that have no precedence in my experience, my fantasies, my culture or personality.


I do experience this lover physically. I feel his touch, his caresses and his movements, both outside and within my body. The world view of him is filtered through portraits of him in 60s, but I see him in his prime, as he was at age 40. (To see the 1772 portrait of him, painted when he was age 40, click here: He experiences me as I am physically now, as well as in my idealized energetic form. One of the gifts of a multi-dimensional relationship is that, in the energetic realm, we can take on any form we choose to inhabit or that we choose for each other.



Anchoring the Partnership


As our relationship progressed, I Realized that George’s entrée to this physical 3D realm is through my consciousness. When my mind becomes preoccupied with other matters (stories about what’s happening in my daily life, past memories, future speculations or other chatter), then his presence recedes from me. Sometimes, after we’ve been together and my mind has wandered, I’m startled to find that he’s not with me anymore. To bring him back into energetic presence with me, I need to make the conscious choice to refocus my attention. It’s delightful and amazing that the skills developed through meditation and other spiritual practices can be used to connect with beings and consciousness from other realms and realities, like a rope tethering a hot air balloon to Earth.


My intimate encounters with George can last from a few minutes to several hours. After about six weeks of this multidimensional intimacy, I discovered that I no longer felt complete unless George was “plugged in” to me. When he’s “plugged in” and we are aroused, both of us feel enfolded in this ecstatic embrace. We are suffused with feelings of joy, union, devotion and elation. In the transporting bliss of pure connection and understanding, we radiate acceptance and integration of the Divine Masculine and Feminine being expressed through us, and delight in emanating our shared joy.


Another way that we anchor this multi-dimensional partnership is through conscious co-creation. For example, in time to honor George’s birthday on Feb. 22, 2011, we produced a full-color illustrated pamphlet entitled 12 Traits of 21st Century Heroes: Lessons from the Life of George Washington that Can Help Humanity Make the Next Evolutionary Leap. (Electronic copies of the 14-page text are available upon request.) We also co-create in multi-dimensional realms, as described in the section below on Inter-Dimensional Service Work.


Reframing the Cultural Context


Those who follow the transformational energies tracked by the Mayan Calendar know that we are entering a time of “Unity Consciousness” in which we can experience the “Eternal Now” – a sense of being and awareness that transcends time and space. My relationship with George is one example of the possibilities that are being activated for Humanity as we approach a profound turning point in history.


Human beings have long been fascinated with the possibility of time travel, as evidenced in popular literature and film. Authors from H.G. Wells to contemporary romance writer Susan Squires (A Twist in Time and The Mists of Time) have postulated that a machine would be necessary to propel a person from one era to another. Movies ranging from 1985’s delightful Back to the Future to ABC Family’s My Future Boyfriend (2011) operate on the same premise. The 1980 film Somewhere in Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, put forth the theory that we have to die to be together with those we love from another era. But contemporary films such as The Time Traveler’s Wife and Inception are seeding consciousness with the idea that time and place, presence and experience are malleable and can be proactively managed. For example, the time traveler’s daughter has more control over her experience than her father does.


My ongoing relationship with George has proven to me that we don’t have to die to be together with the ones we love. Any beings anywhere across time and space can have a relationship in the Eternal Now through conscious choice and intention, focused awareness, and sustained attention. As Albert Einstein said, “The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”



Transcendent Intimacies


My journals covering the first three months of our relationship run to more than 38,000 words (150 double-spaced typewritten pages). Here are some PG-rated excerpts offered as catalysts to inspire all intimate partners – whatever their gender, species or form – with new potentials they can activate together.


Voyagers on the Waves of Time – We are Voyagers on the Endless Waves of Time … True Partners for Eternity … Allowing and Supporting all Adventures and Relationships to unfold as Willed in accordance with the Divine Plan, Soul Mission and Conscious Destiny … Knowing what we share is Endless, Unimpeachable, Beautiful, Wondrous, Intimate and Infinite … Unique, and yet accessible to all who choose to know, extend, express and reach for all that is possible within and with the Beloved.


Full Acceptance of the Male – Deep penetration … feelings of joyous, complete abandon … huge orgasmic release for the male and deep gratitude for his partner’s total acceptance. Fierce, primal power … unleashed, accepted, deeply taken in. A total joy for both!


Soft, Open Female – New level of delicacy in caressing the eyes, face and ears … New level of submission and possession in the most positive, intimate sense … Feeling the entire lower torso completely relax as the Beloved is fully welcomed within. Totally opening and accepting his Member. Being an enfolding presence … Feeling the entire body going limp, pliant and receptive. My Beloved is totally trustworthy, appreciative, tender, strong and loving.

Pulsing to the Cosmos – Pulsing shared joy and dynamic, Divine Union throughout the Cosmos … Broadcasting together waves of Love and Light across the Universe. Walking together under the stars, we face Orion’s Belt, feeling that larger expression of masculine energy coming down through us into Earth. Exhilarating transcendence! All of Heaven is Smiling on Us.


Ascending Together – Walking together under the stars, facing Orion’s Belt … then, the female astride her Beloved, locked together in ecstatic union … ascending together into the Heavens in an energetic Spiral … DNA double helix of our energies entwining and ascending upward … Being … Transmitting … Facing Sirius … emanating evolved, harmonized and well-balanced masculine and feminine energies.


Seeding the Unity Consciousness Grid – In the ecstasy of extended passion, deeply appreciating the exquisite blend of Power and Benevolence in this evolved expression of male energy, the female invites her Beloved: “Sow your seeds of greatness through me on the grid of Unity Consciousness!”


The Hermaphrodites’ Feast – A new level of wondrous intimacy and integration. “Seeding and feeding” each other in a hermaphroditic feast of Unity Consciousness at the most joyous, exquisite levels.


Tender Conquest of a Willing Virgin – Repeated images in a virgin forest glade at night, both elegantly attired in silvery white … kneeling facing each other … then kneeling together before God. “We are United in Service to Source!” Tender intimacies unfolding … flames of jubilation … Pegasus flight. Then, entering another time and dimension of the forest glade. Exquisitely fine, pristine, pure energies … great stillness within my Beloved and the scene … calming and centering myself to match the energies and mood … delicacy and beauty … sweetness and subtlety … ease and grace.


Joyfully Sharing Sovereignty – I love to pleasure you … relax you … serve you from a place of desire for your comfort and happiness … giving freely and lovingly from my own free will, knowing that you respect me as a fellow sovereign being. I joyfully share my sovereignty with you and you fully, freely share yours with me! Thank you, Beloved! Thank you, My Darling! Thank you, God!


Steady White Glow – Lying together in total closeness, melding, merging. Awareness of a soft white light glowing, centered in both partners’ genital area. No moving or pulsing. Pure Presence. Total Stillness. Soft, steady, white glow of Goodness and Affirmation. Our genitals are centered in Light … they are Light … We are Light.


Twin Golden Suns – Tender, heart-felt intimacies with full penetration … enjoying full-body closeness side by side. Suffused in Stillness and Love, TWIN GOLDEN SUNS bloom in our hearts … bright orange-yellow light steadily beaming together outward. Our entire bodies melt into light … simple shift of awareness … still joined in ecstatic union. We are Light … Transcendent … Translucent. We are increasing the Light in this World and all Worlds.


Circle of Endless Love – In ecstatic union in a sun-dappled glade … bathing in the warm, bubbling waters of Mother Earth … breast and genital energies interpenetrate both beings in an endless circle of golden light.



Inter-Dimensional Service Work


Here are some examples of our other multi-dimensional co-creative activities:


Transformational Intentions – An ongoing theme in our thoughts, awareness and intentions is the role that the United States of America is destined to play as spiritual leader of the world. For example, on Dec. 29, 2010, this message came through: AMERICA NOW – Step into the Spiritual Leadership of a totally free and united world. Evolve economic relationships to new levels of inclusivity and participation in which everyone finds a meaningful mode of expression and reaps a fair measure of reward.


Energetic Creations – On Jan. 12, 2011, we began creating the “American Obelisk,” an enormous energetic obelisk centered in the Heartland of America, extending up into the cosmos and down into the Earth. Radiating luminous white Light in every direction, this enduring energetic form connects Heaven and Earth and All within the embrace of these realms.


Seeding the Planetary Mind Field – Every day and night, we are consciously receiving and transmitting positive thoughts, feelings and intentions that contribute to the ongoing Evolution of All. For example, Feb. 11-14, 2011, we were staying on the 12th floor of a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport with two planes a minute flying past our window. In the wake of Hosni Mubarak’s resignation as president of Egypt on Feb. 11, we consciously broadcast these messages to all the people flying in and out of LAX: “Sovereignty derives from the people … and military power is subservient to civilian rule” (precepts that George put into practice as Commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War). And: “We Invoke Divine Providence, Guidance, Protection and Inspiration for all who seek freedom.” We magnified the impact of these communications through meditation, feelings of elation, Ecstatic Union and Intentional Emanation.


Hologram for Humanity – Just as Buddhists dedicate the merit of their spiritual practice for the benefit of all sentient beings, we offer our experiences as templates for every being who is ready and willing to make positive contributions for the good of all through the transformative crucible of intimate partnership.


Spiritual Travel – We will be traveling extensively throughout the second half of 2011. Imagine us as a tiny, powerful Twin Flame Receiver and Transmitter moving to various points around the planet, broadcasting positive messages including:

  1. The Divine Union of powerful, loving and well-balanced Masculine and Feminine energies.
  2. Joy and Freedom, Peace and Prosperity for All.
  3. Right Use of military and political power for the benefit of all Beings.
  4. Empowerment and Respect for Youth as Leaders and Co-Creators NOW.
  5. Death as a Conscious Transition: not an ending to be feared, but a doorway to the next evolutionary adventure.



Staying Grounded and Balanced


To play effectively in multi-dimensional fields of awareness and still function successfully in 3D reality takes a fair amount of care and attention. A number of practices help me do this:

  • Constant attunement to Inner Guidance and Feelings of FLOW
  • Carefully selecting positive influences and alignments (media, people, situations)
  • Pacing: Being active whenever Guided and resting whenever needed
  • Gentle exercise such as swimming, walking and stretching
  • Being in nature, under the sun, and under the stars on a daily basis
  • Drinking lots of water and eating consciously (whatever my body or energy requires)
  • Relentless self-examination
  • Periodic discharge of old energies, patterns, possessions and emotions



Preparation and Intention


I have been consciously on a spiritual path since 1970 (age 19), exploring and integrating many different perspectives and modalities. Beyond that, a number of experiences helped prepared me for this wondrous new adventure in multi-dimensional relationship:

  1. Positive feelings about men, sex and intimacy.
  2. A year-long, in-depth, partnered exploration of sexuality and spirituality including the cultivation of subtle sexual energies and conscious emanation of shared bliss and ecstasy into the Cosmos.
  3. More than 200 hours of training in the multi-generational healing modality known as family constellation therapy or the Hellinger work, in which participants learn to sense, interpret and release subtle energies.
  4. A series of profound spiritual challenges that have led to care and discernment in dealing with subtle energies.
  5. A covenant with God in January 2007 to do “whatever is so important that if I only had six months left to live, that’s what I should be doing.”
  6. A covenant with Sirius in October 2008 “to no longer live my life for myself alone.”
  7. Extensive experience with bilocation (sending one’s conscious awareness to another time and place separate from the physical body).
  8. Experiences of multi-dimensional intimacy with various energies and partners since May 2008.
  9. Taking thousands of orb photos since August 2008, building skills in recognizing and communicating with subtle energies.



The Wonder of It All


George and I are excited to share the magnitude of the feelings we’re experiencing, and to document the potentials of multi-dimensional connections that exist energetically across time and space. We hope our journey will encourage others to allow themselves the pleasure, fulfillment and wonder of these adventures which are available to all in the Eternal Now.


Giving ourselves the gifts of these pleasures and powers enables us to tap into celestial connections and Beyond the Beyond energies. It also strengthens our alignment with the “Good Providence” that was such a strong, sustaining compass in George’s 18th Century life. This is truly a magical, inspiring and enduring way to live, celebrate, co-create and contribute to the Evolution of All.


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