Unity Motives

People can benefit in many ways from understanding “unity consciousness” and integrating it into their lives, including:

  1. Religious and Spiritual Goals – The wave of energy known as “unity consciousness” that will arrive on Earth in the first quarter of 2011 will finally, fully support the long-cherished religious goals and spiritual ideals of peace, love, harmony and social justice.
  2. Large-Scale Problem-Solving – For people involved in business, philanthropic, social and environmental endeavors, tapping the energies of unity consciousness can lead to new ideas, inspiration and solutions.
  3. Discovery and Creativity – For scientists and creators – including artists, writers and musicians –

tapping into unity consciousness can result in ground-breaking insights, discoveries and creations.

  1. Personal Growth – For all who are on a spiritual path, who seek purpose and meaning in their lives or want to make a lasting impact, unity consciousness is the next evolutionary step.
  2. Co-Creating Change – Throughout the 4.6-billion-year history of planet Earth, there have been many evolutionary leaps. This is the first time that humans have been invited to help co-create that change. It’s time to get on the bus … be part of the team … and consciously co-create constructive change at the local, global and cosmic levels.


© 2010 – Joy Steltzner